6 Best Waterproof Golf Shoes in 2022 (To Keep Your Feet Dry)

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For the serious golfer that will play in any weather condition, it is essential to find the best waterproof golf shoes for yourself. Waterproof golf shoes are not only going to help on rainy days, but they also make it easier to enjoy a morning of golf in wet grass without completely soaking your socks. 

Waterproof golf shoe technology has improved through the years, and you can easily find both comfort and style in a waterproof shoe. Let’s look at the best waterproof golf shoes in 2022 and see which ones will work for your game. 

Best Waterproof Golf Shoes: Our Top Picks

Best Overall: FootJoy Men’s Fury
Runner Up: New Balance Men’s Striker
Budget Pick: Skechers Men’s Torque
Most Comfortable: Callaway Men’s Solana TRX
Best Women’s: FootJoy Women’s Pro/Sl
Best Premium: ECCO Men’s S3 Gore-tex

Best Overall

FootJoy Men's Fury Golf Shoes

$169.95 $79.99

The FootJoy Men’s Fury is a tour-proven golf shoe with plenty of comfort, a precision fit, and waterproof technology; this shoe will hold up on any wet day on the course. 

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11/29/2022 01:09 am GMT

The FootJoy Men’s Fury is the best overall waterproof golf shoe. Not only do the PGA Tour Professionals believe in this well-designed shoe, but so do millions of amateur golfers. FootJoy has always been one of the best brands for waterproof technology, which is still the case with the FootJoy Men’s Fury. 

These shoes feature a dual-density foam material that provides more comfort and stability. In addition, this is a soft spike design, so the traction in wet conditions is excellent. Another great benefit of going with the FootJoy waterproof golf shoes is that the waterproof guarantee will last for two years. 


New Balance Men's Striker Waterproof Golf Shoes


The New Balance Men’s Striker golf shoes come with a microfiber upper, lightweight cushioning, and a two-year waterproof warranty. 

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11/29/2022 12:10 am GMT

Although the FootJoy won the top spot for the best waterproof golf shoes, the New Balance Men’s Striker came in a close second. The two-year warranty is what really helps New Balance stand out. If your shoe starts to take on water at any time during the course of the first two years, you can send it in for repair or replacement. 

The New Balance Men’s Striker has a CUSH+ insole that makes it incredibly comfortable. In addition, the TPU outsole will move with your foot to ensure that you have plenty of comfort and stability in your game. This is an excellent option if you like to walk the course. 

Budget Pick

Skechers Men’s Torque Waterproof Shoes 


The Skechers Men’s Torque Waterproof Shoes are lightweight and comfortable and will make sure to protect your foot on those rainy days. 

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11/29/2022 02:23 am GMT

The Skechers Men’s Torque Waterproof Shoes are some of our favorite waterproof golf shoes for the money. Years ago, the pricing was incredibly high when the first waterproof style golf shoes were released. Golfers would have to pay $200 or more for any waterproof technology. 

Luckily things have changed, and this affordable Torque Waterproof shoe from Skechers can help to improve overall feel and performance. One of the things that helps the Skechers Torque Waterproof stand out is the Ultra Flight Foam technology that makes the shoe lightweight and easy to wear. In addition, the replaceable soft spikes mean you can own this show for years to come. 

Most Comfortable

Callaway Men’s Solana TRX Golf Shoes


The Callaway Men’s Solana TRX is a lower profile, sporty men’s golf shoe that features the Opti Dri Waterproof Protection. 

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11/29/2022 02:54 am GMT

A few of the shoes on our list of the best weatherproof golf shoes have been a bit bulky in their style and design. The Callaway Men’s Solana TRX is more of a low profile shoe, with plenty of style and comfort. So if you want a shoe that will encourage you to play that extra nine holes, this is it. 

The Solana TRX features a 7-spike rubber outsole. This helps players who are looking for stability and control in their feet. In addition, the upper leather features Opti-Dri Waterproof Protection. It’s important to have waterproof protection from the top and bottom of the shoe because golfers walk through the long grass. 

Inside the shoe, there is 5mm of the Callaway PLUSfoam insole that helps ensure each step is comfortable. This is the place to start if you have never tried the Callaway shoe line. 

Best Women’s

FootJoy Women’s Pro/Sl Golf Shoes

$149.95 $129.95

The FootJoy Women’s Pro SI is a 100% leather shoe with plenty of stability and comfort. 

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11/29/2022 03:24 am GMT

The selection of women’s waterproof golf shoes can be slightly narrower than those for men. However, companies like FootJoy often stand out as a great option for golfers because of the waterproof warranty, extreme comfort, and excellent overall look of the shoe. 

One of the things that helps the FootJoy Women’s Pro/Sl stand out as the best waterproof golf shoe for women is the Chromoskin Leather used throughout the entire shoe. This durable and 100% waterproof technology will hold up in any playing condition. 

For the woman golfer worried about stability, the Pro SI has a versatile traction pattern combined with the full rounded toe character. Even those with fast swing speeds will have no issue with the Pro/Sl from Footjoy. 

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Best Premium

ECCO Men's S-Three Gore-tex Spikeless Golf Shoe


The Ecco Men’s S3 Gore-tex are golf shoes with spikeless technology and incredible cushioning and breathability. This is, without a doubt, a premium spikeless golf shoe. 

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11/29/2022 04:03 am GMT

For golfers on a budget, the ECCO Men’s golf shoes are consistently some of the best in the industry. These ECCO Men’s S3 Gore-tex Waterproof Golf Shoes are made with 100% Leather, and they have impressive technology seen in many golf rain suits. The Gore-tex material allows for better breathability and protection from water. 

Inside the ECCO Men’s S3 Gore-tex, you will find a removable OrthoLIte insole that allows for cushioning without making the shoe too hot. So whether you enjoy playing golf in the cold or warm conditions, the ECCO Men’s S3 is a good fit. 

Golfers worried about traction will appreciate the technology that ECCO has put into this shoe. With the E-DTS Traction System, golfers will have stability regardless of their lie or swing speed. 

What to Consider When Buying Waterproof Golf Shoes

Now that you better understand what makes a great waterproof golf shoe, how will you decide which one is best for your game? With the price of golf shoes, the trial and error method is likely not the best. It’s essential to consider a few of the most critical features and functions of the waterproof golf shoes before making your final selection. 


One of the most challenging parts of purchasing a new golf shoe is finding something that is a great fit. Each of the brands will run slightly differently, and it does help if you can find a size chart on the website to help you with the fit. 

However, we have found success sticking to a brand you already know. For instance, if you know you wear a size 11 in your New Balance sneakers, you should have no issues with the New Balance golf shoes. 

Spikeless vs. Spikes

Spikeless golf shoes are becoming the industry’s most popular type of shoe. As much as we like the spikeless technology for wet conditions, it is not always the best. The traction pattern on a spikeless shoe will have to be really good to stop you from slipping in wet terrain. 

For the golfers that play a lot in wet conditions, it may make sense to purchase the spiked golf shoe. Some players will complain about overall comfort when switching to a spiked golf shoe, but this technology has come a long way in the last few years. 

If you know your tee time will always lead to wet shoes, consider the spiked vs. spikeless golf shoe. 

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Golf shoe brands have come a long way. For years it was FootJoy, Addidas, and Ecco that really ran the show, but now more brands are entering the scene. From a sizing and brand trust standpoint, this is excellent news. It has also helped to lower the overall pricing of golf shoes across the board. 

When choosing a brand, the most important thing to consider is whether or not the company will stand behind the product. When you find a shoe you like, look at the reviews and see what customers say. 

FootJoy, New Balance, Ecco, Puma, Skechers, Adidas, Callaway, and Nike are some of the best brands in waterproof golf shoes. 

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Waterproof golf shoes are traditionally priced a bit higher than standard golf shoes. With waterproof technology, there will be different materials used, and these lead to some extra overall costs. The cost of a waterproof golf shoe tends to run from around $80 a pair to closer to $200 a pair. 

Regarding cost, try to consider how often you will wear your waterproof golf shoes. This higher investment will be well worth the money spent for players that play several times a week. 


Waterproof golf shoes should come with some type of warranty. Most of the time, the warranty is a year, but with the FootJoy and New Balance shoes that we offered as our top two picks, there is a two-year waterproof warranty. 

With a waterproof warranty, you will submit your shoe back to the company, and then they will repair or replace it. This is a tremendous benefit and will help any golfer feel like they got great value. 

FAQs about Waterproof Golf Shoes

Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about the best waterproof golf shoes on the market. There are some great options out there, but having a better idea of what you are purchasing will help you be happier with your purchase. 

Do you need waterproof shoes for golf?

Although waterproof shoes for golf are not entirely necessary, they are essential for walkers, golfers that play early in the morning, and those that stay on the course regardless of weather conditions. Waterproof shoes for golf offer fantastic versatility, comfort, and overall protection from the elements. 

Are waterproof golf shoes worth it?

Waterproof golf shoes are a bit more expensive than standard golf shoes, but this will be money well spent. Players will have the ability to keep their feet dry during the entire course of their round. Trying to focus on your swing and mental game while your soak is soaked is a terrible way to get through a round. In addition, when your feet get wet, there is an excellent chance of a blister developing that will keep you off the course for a few days. 

Does Nike still make golf shoes? 

Nike does not make golf equipment, but they still make golf shoes. If you like how Nike sneakers feel, you know that their comfort and performance are impressive. Nike golf shoes will likely remain on the market as long as people continue to purchase them at the current rate. We really like some of the spikeless Nike designs the company recently put out. 

Are spikeless waterproof golf shoes good? 

Spikeless waterproof golf shoes can be great, but you must be prepared to have slightly less traction than other spiked versions of the same shoe. Spikeless waterproof golf shoes will sometimes slip if you play in wet conditions. Remember that when you purchase a golf shoe, you must consider performance, comfort, and protection from the water. 


The best waterproof golf shoes can make a round of golf in any weather condition much more comfortable and enjoyable to play golf in. The FootJoy Men’s Fury is the best waterproof golf shoe on the market as they combine performance, comfort, and fair pricing to be an excellent solution for players. The New Balance Striker is not far behind and often comes in at a slightly lower price. 

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