4 Best Waterproof Golf Bags of 2023

Golfer on a Rainy Day Leaving the Golf Course

If you play a lot of golf in the rain, buying a waterproof golf bag may be something to consider.

Imagine the scenario. You’re playing golf, and it’s one of the best rounds of your life. You had heard that, later on in the day, you might encounter rain. But you forge on. As you’re finishing up the 17th hole, you realize that if you birdie 18, it will be the best round you’ve ever had. Just then, the rain starts to come down.

As you’re racing to finish your round, you toss your scorebook into your golf bag and keep going. Even though you ended up parring the hole and tying your best score, you reach back into your bag to find that it is soaked and your scorecard is ruined. Now, no one will believe that you played this well. 

Even if you are a decent golfer, shooting as low as you did is an outlier. This could all have been avoided if you listened more closely to the weather report. Of course, your score would have been recorded if you had a waterproof golf bag. This is an outlandish scenario, potentially, but it drives home the point of wanting a waterproof golf bag.

Why do you need a waterproof golf bag? Because you don’t want to have a sopping wet bag while you’re playing. You’re always going to want rain gear, and having a waterproof bag is part of that. We’ll help you find the best attributes of a waterproof golf bag and which bags are our favorites. Keep reading to find out.

Best Waterproof Golf Bags: Our Top Picks

Titleist Players 4 StaDry Stand Bag (Best Waterproof Stand Bag)
Callaway HyperDry C Waterproof Golf Bag (Best Lightweight Waterproof Bag)
Founders Club Waterproof Golf Cart Bag (Best Waterproof Cart Bag)
Tangkula Golf Stand Bag (Best Value)

Best Waterproof Stand Bag: Titleist Players 4 StaDry Stand Bag 

Best Waterproof Stand Bag
Titleist Players 4 Sta Dry Stand Bag
  • Waterproof construction
  • Four full-length dividers
  • High-quality aluminum legs 
  • Advanced technology hinge for ease of use 
  • Six total pockets with a full-length apparel pocket
  • Waterproof technology makes the bag expensive 
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Feel free to set this up wherever you need to. It has a highly stable stand mechanism that will remain upright, even in the harshest of playing conditions. You won’t have to worry about it falling over and into any puddles. This is made from patented nylon fabric that is 100% waterproof. The way the pockets and zippers are shaped helps keep water away from all of the essential items in the bag.

The zippers are seam-sealed to lock out any water. The shoulder straps are premium double straps for added support. They can become a bit saturated, so you’ll have to be careful tossing them over your shoulders. There is a magnetic accessories pocket that allows you quick access to your items. The advanced hinged bottom delivers fantastic performance on all surfaces. It is impressively light at just around four pounds. The external water bottle pocket lets you store a beverage or two in the bag.

Best Lightweight Waterproof Bag: Callaway HyperDry C Waterproof Golf Bag

Best Lightweight Waterproof Bag
Callaway HyperDry C Waterproof Golf Bag

You can toss this over your shoulder with ease. Picking it up and bringing it with you as you’re walking through tougher conditions is a breeze. Water won’t get into your different compartments, thanks to the seam-sealed dividers.

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Taking this with you throughout your round is so simple. It weighs four pounds without clubs in it so that you can load it up, and it’ll still be light. But it’ll also remain light because it is waterproof and won’t take on much saturation. This features a four-way top divider that lets you spread your clubs out. The bag is made from 50 Denier coated fabric to make it waterproof.

The dividers are seam-sealed, and the zippers keep water from entering different areas. This features a padded comfort strap design for increased comfort while you’re carrying your clubs from shot to shot. The bag will balance on itself, whether the legs are extended outward or not. The X-Act Fit Strap System is updated on this. The grab handle is improved from previous models. It allows you to pick it up and move seamlessly.

Best Waterproof Cart Bag: Founders Club Waterproof Golf Cart Bag

Best Waterproof Cart Bag
Founders Club Waterproof Golf Cart Bag

This has a ton of storage space, thanks to the nine different pockets and 15 dividers. It is relatively lightweight for a cart bag and has a place for you to store wet gloves. 

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You’ll be ready to drive through rain or sun with this bag. It has waterproof construction with seam-sealed pockets. It also includes a rain hood that snaps on to keep your clubs from getting wet. The zippers are also waterproof to protect your valuables and what you’re holding in the pockets. It weighs only 5.5 pounds without anything in it.

A glove storage compartment allows you to keep a wet one in place while swapping it out for a dry one. There are 15 dividers for your clubs and nine pockets. You’ll be able to keep shoes, gear, balls, drinks, valuables, and more in them. There are also six different handles, allowing you to bring it from your car to the cart quickly. A one-year warranty backs it. The umbrella holder ring, beverage storage, and D-clip are excellent added features.

Best Value Waterproof Golf Bag: Tangkula Golf Stand Bag

Best Value Waterproof Golf Bag
Tangkula Golf Stand Bag

This stands sturdily in all types of bad weather. It will help out your wallet in a pinch, as it is the most affordable option on the list.

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It’s hard not to like this golf bag. It is made from 420D Nylon and is water-resistant to ensure liquids won’t permeate into the bag. This features an adjustable umbrella ring, allowing you to adjust it to fit around your golf umbrella. Whether you want to throw it over your shoulders with the padded straps or carry it from the reinforced handle, you can pick it up without much hassle. It is moderately priced for a golf bag of its size, giving your budget a break.

It has an eight-way divider, which surprisingly offers you enough space to accommodate your clubs. There are seven zipper pockets for additional storage. It takes up minimal trunk space for a golf bag. The standing mechanism is sturdy and durable. You’ll be able to balance it with its legs extended or without. This is a bag that is built for the long haul. It is also a bag that men or women can use.

What to Consider When Choosing a Waterproof Golf Bag

What you can find about the best waterproof golf bags is true about any golf rain gear. It has to have some form of waterproofing to work the best. Many golf bags aren’t waterproof, and you don’t necessarily need a waterproof bag. But if you play in a climate where it frequently rains, it is highly encouraged that you get a waterproof bag. Trying to hold slick grips can be tricky. If you have a wet glove on top of that, good luck keeping those around you safe as you take a swing. Here are some of the things to keep in mind when you’re in the market for a waterproof golf bag.


Some golf bags are made from 100% waterproof material. But you have to remember that even if a bag is 100% waterproof, it doesn’t mean it won’t get wet and won’t be slippery to the touch. Also, water will go into the top of your bag unless you put a cover or rain hood over it. You’ve probably seen people open their golf umbrella to place it in their bag and cover up their clubs. This is also helpful when you’re riding in a cart, and you can pull back the club cover to keep your clubs drier. 

The waterproof material is usually a nylon type of material. It will wick away moisture mostly. This allows you to play longer when the weather turns for you. You don’t have to buy a waterproof bag to get your deserved level of waterproofing. You can also achieve this by using a waterproofing spray. You can keep it handy with you and use it quickly if the rain comes quickly. Having the right material or making your fabric waterproof is a great way to keep your clubs and bag drier.

Rain hood or cover

You need to have a rain hood or rain cover for your clubs. Usually, when you buy a new bag, this is included. It is a waterproof cover that will attach to your bag and allow your clubs to be covered. That way, the grips will stay dry, as will the club heads. You’ll still be able to grab them and go when you get to your ball. Even if you’re experiencing the rain as the Bishop did in that famous scene in Caddyshack, you’ll still be fine if you have a rain hood. You can typically snap on the hood and then zip it to cover up your clubs. 

Style of bag

Whether you have a stand bag, a carry bag, or a cart bag, there are waterproof bags in all of them. Some people only ride, so they need a cart bag. Others will play with a caddy, so a carry bag is necessary. More will walk or ride, so a stand bag makes the most sense. You’ll be able to find a waterproof bag in any style. You won’t need to focus on one of them if you’re wondering how to get a waterproof bag.


This isn’t a characteristic for a bag but instead for where you play golf. If you happen to live in the Pacific Northwest and see a lot of rain throughout the year, you should consider finding a waterproof bag that is known to be durable. The same goes for areas like England or Scotland where you’ll see more inclimate weather. For those who live in the Southwest of the United States, you may not worry as much about the rain. But for anyone who has played a round in Florida ever, especially in the summer, you know there is a chance that you’re going to feel rain at some point during your four- to five-hour round. So having a waterproof bag makes all the sense in the world.

Wrapping it Up & Heading to the Clubhouse

While you may have a golf bag you like and realize that it is not waterproof, you can add some waterproofing spray in the moment to help it out. But a nylon bag is going to be your best bet. It should mention that it is waterproof, but it’s wise to read the reviews to see how it will hold up in harsher conditions.

You’re going to want seam-sealed pockets and zippers to make sure water won’t permeate into the bag. You want to keep your valuables safe, especially when a sudden rainstorm hits that you weren’t prepared for. Getting a rain hood is a must. While you don’t need a waterproof bag, you’ll be happy you have one when you need it.

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