Best Toddler Golf Clubs (Real & Plastic Toy Sets)

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For true golf fans, there is nothing more exciting than when your children start to take an interest in the game. Although you never want to push a kid into golf, the exposure at a young age can be beneficial. Toddlers want to do what their parents do and giving your toddler their own set of golf clubs has never been easier. 

There are plenty of great options for the best toddler golf clubs in both real and plastic sets; let’s take a look at which could be the best for your needs. 

Best Toddler Golf Clubs: Our Top Picks

Best Overall: US Kids Ultralight 39 Golf Club Set
Budget Pick: EagleStone Kids Toy Golf Club Set
Best Plastic Toy Set: Meland Kids Golf Club Plastic Set
Best For The More Athletic Toddler: Tour Edge HLJ Junior Set
Best For 3-5 Year Olds: Precise Golf Co Precise X7

Best Overall

US Kids Golf Ultralight 39 Club Set

The US Kids Golf Ultralight 39 Golf Club Set is the ultimate toddler golf starter set for the 39 to 42-inch child; with a lightweight carry bag and three easy-to-hit clubs, this is the start to golf all kids should have. 

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US Kids Golf is undoubtedly the leader in the world of kid’s golf clubs. If you are serious about getting a young toddler out on the course and impacting their young golf career, this is the set to give them. 

Players that range in height from 39 to 42 inches will benefit from the US Kids Ultralight set. These clubs are very lightweight and come with a carry bag to make it easier for the toddler golfer to stay organized on the course. 

The clubs include a fairway driver, 7 iron, and a wider blade style putter. Young toddlers with little strength will quickly develop it with the weighting of these clubs and the ability to launch them. One of the best things about the US Kids golf club sets is that they can grow with your child; these sets are available in almost every height option until your children reach adulthood. 

Budget Pick

EagleStone Kids Toy Golf Club Set

$27.99 $23.79

The EagleStone Kids Toy Golf Club Set is the perfect mix of a toy and a tool to develop fundamental skills in a toddler player. 

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/24/2023 12:59 am GMT

When starting kids in the game of golf, it is essential to make things fun. Whether you want to create a lifelong love for the game or simply expose your child, the EagleStone Kids Toy Golf Club set could be a great choice. 

This toy will help create hand-eye coordination, and it makes a simple solution that the toddler golfer can play with by themselves or with the help of an adult. When kids learn to work with the EagleStone, they can develop independence and better motor coordination. 

Our favorite thing about this set is that it allows you to adjust the club height for your toddler. Kids grow fast, and purchasing golf clubs only to have them outgrow them a few months later is a real problem; the EagleStone Kids set will fix this issue for you. 

Best Plastic Toy Set

Meland Kids Golf Club Plastic Set

The Meland Kids Golf Club Plastic Set is fun, exciting, and a perfect choice to develop coordination and an interest in the game of golf. 

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Some kids are not quite ready to manage a set of real golf clubs, which is where this Meland Kids Golf Club Plastic Set could come into play. The set includes a small golf cart with two wheels, four golf clubs, eight golf balls, and the ability to store it all in one simple space. 

We like the Meland Kids Golf Club Plastic set for the child that is about two years of age, and it could continue to be a good solution for those up to about age four. This is not a significant investment, and you can use the set to help your child develop some hand-eye coordination. 

In addition, the Meland Toddler Golf Set opens up some areas of discussion about equipment, the way the game is played, and the different types of clubs found in a golf set. This is a perfect first introduction for the very young child eager to get out there. 

Best For The More Athletic Toddler

Tour Edge HLJ Junior Set


The Tour Edge HLJ Junior Set is a shorter version of a set used by many amateur adult golfers, with impressive MOI, high launching shots, and a low center of gravity. 

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/24/2023 02:38 am GMT

Some kids will take to the game of golf a bit quicker than others. The Tour Edge HLJ Junior Set could be a great choice for a toddler with some natural athletic ability. Young golfers in the 3-5 age range will get a fairway wood, iron, and a putter. 

In this set, the fairway wood functions as the driver, which is excellent from an MOI standpoint. In addition, the iron has a graphite shaft and low center of gravity to help promote getting the ball up in the air. 

We like that Tour Edge included a mallet-style putter with a long alignment line to help the younger golfer that is really trying to start sinking putts. This set will establish great fundamentals and let the youngest toddlers feel like they are playing just like their parents. 

Best For 3-5 Year Olds

Precise Golf Co Precise X7 Junior Golf Club Set


The Precise Golf Co Precise X7 is a great driver for players ready to start hitting some real shots; with four golf clubs, this set will last quite some time. 

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/23/2023 08:24 pm GMT

The Precise Golf Co Precise X7 is a perfect set for a 3-5-year-old with some interest in golf. The bag and the four clubs make this a great set to accommodate kids for a few years. Many junior kids’ sets like this come with only three clubs. 

The combination of a driver, hybrid wood, iron, and putter means that toddlers can learn how to hit all types of golf shots. In addition, this golf bag is easy to pick up and carry, even for the shorter player. 

With Precise Golf Co, you will find that the quality of the clubs is quite good. If a young player can hit a great shot, they will be rewarded with plenty of distance. 

What to Consider When Buying Toddler Golf Clubs

Now that we have given you a rundown of the best toddler golf clubs on the market, there are a few things that you should be considering before you purchase. Each of these toddler golf club sets has some great features, but as a parent, only you know what will work best for your kid. Here are the things to keep in mind. 

Height vs. Age 

Some golf club sets for toddlers are sold based on age. This means that you will pick a club set for a three-year-old or four-year-old. However, not all three and four-year-olds are the same height. This brings up the idea of whether or not it makes sense to purchase based on height or age. 

In the end, you will want to make sure that you check the height recommendations for any of the clubs you purchase. You may notice that some of these recommendations have a large gap, and this can become a problem as the young players have difficulty managing the longer clubs. 

The more premium kids golf club sets like the US Kids set will narrow down the player’s height to a very small recommended gap. Choosing a set with a wide height range can become a problem. However, if your child is in the middle of the suggested height range, there should be less of an issue.

Number of Clubs

Most toddler golf club sets come with about three golf clubs. There will be some type of driver or fairway wood, an iron, and a putter. The three clubs should be more than enough until your kid starts hitting great golf shots. 

The sets with only two clubs should be avoided as kids will eventually need to learn how to hit with a wood, an iron, and a putter. If a set also has a hybrid type club or an additional wedge, this is just a bonus. 

Weight of Clubs 

The number one thing that keeps toddlers from being successful at golf is a club that is too heavy. Some kids are naturally stronger than others, but if you know your child needs to work on physical strength, pay close attention to the total weight of the clubs. 

Toddler golf clubs should be extremely lightweight and have graphite shafts and lightweight grips. The driver is typically a bit lighter than the irons, so if this is a club that makes more sense for your kid to start with, that is entirely acceptable. 


Most of the toddler golf club sets will come with a golf bag. This is a great way to start teaching your child how to take care of the clubs they play with. Many bags will also have pockets where young players can store all of their gear. In addition, there are often a few headcovers that go with the set. 

For the very young toddlers in the 1-2-year-old range, the best sets tend to be the plastic sets that have a few clubs, a hole to hit into, and colorful golf balls. The idea at this age is to attract your child’s attention. If they show interest in swinging the clubs and playing the game, you can move on to something more substantial. 


The price of toddler golf clubs will vary considerably. Some of the plastic sets are around $20 to $30. This is a great starter option to see if there is any interest. If you plan on taking your kids out to the golf course with you, chances are they will need real toddler golf clubs. 

The real golf clubs start in the $100-$200 range. This is standard, and the more recognized brand names will typically cost more. For this $100-$200 range, you can expect a toddler-sized bag and about three golf clubs. 

One thing to remember here is that toddler golf clubs are typically not used for a very long period. Therefore if you want to pass this set on to a sibling or sell it after your toddler is done, that should not be hard to do. 

Different Types of Golf Clubs for Toddlers (Toys vs. Real Clubs) 

As you can see from our list of the best toddler golf clubs, there are two basic types of clubs for toddlers, real clubs and toy clubs. Many parents are worried about real clubs in the hands of their children because they can certainly be dangerous. Here are some things to keep in mind. 

Real Golf Clubs 

If you are a golfer and have the time to teach your kids how to play the game correctly and take care of golf equipment safely, then real golf clubs are the best choice. These real clubs will help them start to actually develop a golf swing that they can use for their entire lives. 

Plastic Golf Clubs

Plastic golf clubs are more of a toy; they can be used with very little supervision and may be a great way to introduce a child to the game. At first, start to show your child some of the basics of the game and help them understand what a golf club is used for. Next, switch to real golf clubs to see how they do. After all, real golf clubs are the ultimate goal.

FAQs on Toddler Golf Clubs

How do you know when a toddler is ready for real golf clubs? 

Most of the time, a toddler will be able to make contact with the plastic golf ball and get it up in the air, and you will likely realize it’s time for real golf clubs. In addition, it makes sense to purchase real golf clubs for toddlers who enjoy playing the sport. If your toddler follows you around the entire time you practice and play, get them some clubs with which they can work on their own game. 

What’s the best age for the first set of golf clubs?

Years ago, the age for a first set of golf clubs was around 5 years old; however, with better kids’ golf equipment and technology, that age has lowered considerably.

The average three-year-old can easily learn to make contact with a golf ball if given the right gear and the proper instruction. However, if you are a golfer yourself and eager to get your kid into the game, don’t hesitate to go for the real set for a two-year-old. 

Can two and three-year-olds play golf?

Two and three-year-olds can play golf as long as they have someone that spends some time with them teaching the fundamentals of the game. We all think of golf as such a difficult sport that it would be too difficult for a young child to learn; however, this is not the case. Typically, young kids have excellent hand-eye coordination, and they can learn at a much faster pace than adults. Starting your child early in the game of golf is doing them a great favor. 


Hopefully, you now feel you can purchase the best toddler golf clubs for your child. The US Kids Ultralight 39 is hands down the best set of toddler golf clubs on the market. Chances are you have seen many other young golfers with this small set of red golf clubs out on the range. Some kids are a little older before they take to the game. In the end, if your kid cares about the sport and shows interest, get them the equipment they need as soon as possible. 

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