6 Best Sun Sleeves in 2022

best sun sleeves

The warmer summer months are some of the best times to play golf. Finding time to get out, enjoy the sun, and hit some balls can be difficult, but the weather tends to make it worth your time. However, if you’re out there on sunnier days, you could develop some unsightly tan lines. You can also get a nasty sunburn if you forget to put suntan lotion on. Sun sleeves are an excellent option to protect yourself against bad tan lines and sunburn. The best sun sleeves are the ones that cover your arms from where your polo ends to your wrist.

Sun sleeves can also keep your muscles warm in between shots. They allow your muscles to feel loose, especially for those who have arm and shoulder trouble. While you have gear for rainy rounds, why wouldn’t you have it for sunny rounds? If you’re interested in sun sleeves to wear while golfing, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve highlighted six of the best sun sleeves for golf to help you stay protected on the course. Don’t worry about those awkward tan lines anymore.

Best Sun Sleeves in 2022: Our Top Picks

If you want our recommendations right away, here they are. Read further for the complete list and individual reviews.

1. Tough Outdoors UV Sun Protection Arm Sleeves (Best Overall)

Best Overall
Tough Outdoors UV Sun Protection Arm Sleeves: UPF 50
$12.95 $8.95

These offer excellent protection against the sun but also deliver a cooling sensation while you’re wearing them. You can wear these for all kinds of outdoor activities.

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09/23/2023 12:35 pm GMT

These are ideal and comfortable to wear on any typical day. But they are incredibly effective when you’re playing a round of golf. They will stay put while you’re are playing during a round, so you don’t have to worry about them sliding around. Made from 90% nylon and 10% spandex, wearing one of these will block out over 98% of harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Offering UPF 50 protection, they are made for being worn for long hours in the sun. It can be worn while golfing, biking, fishing, cycling, hiking, or playing basketball. These are incredibly stretchy and durable. The care for these is simple as you can wash them in the washing machine and hang them to dry. You’ll receive a pair of them in a package, and they are great for both men and women. There are eight different colors to choose from.

2. Nike New Solar Sleeve with DRI-FIT Technology (Best Premium)

Best Premium
Nike New Solar Sleeve with DRI-FIT Technology

The name brand that delivers stellar results, this wicks away sweat to keep you drier. You’ll also be able to choose your size.

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09/22/2023 12:15 pm GMT

Whenever anybody thinks of Nike golf, they immediately think of Tiger Woods. Tiger helped Nike’s brand surge in quality golf apparel for many years. The Solar Sleeve is an excellent example of premium golf essentials from the brand. Frequently respected as one of the best options for sun sleeves, this is made from sweat-wicking material. It protects against UVA and UVB rays, so you’ll be safer at all times of the year. You can choose between multiple sizes to guarantee a more customized fit. It comes in small/medium and a large/X-large. 

There is No-Slip Tape that keeps it snug. The stretch fit helps keep it snug throughout an entire round. You can toss this in the washing machine and hang it to dry to keep it fresh. You’ll receive two sleeves and a storage bag, allowing you to store them in your golf bag with ease. The sleeve will stay in place, even if you’re swinging a lot through 18 holes.

3. Aegend 2 Pair Sun Protection Cooling Arm Sleeves (Best Cooling Sleeves)

Best Cooling Sleeves
Aegend 2 Pair Sun Protection Cooling Arm Sleeves
$8.99 $7.99

Handling all of your sweat and moisture, these provide a cooling sensation to keep you comfortable while you’re in the middle of a round. They’ll keep you fresher for longer.

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09/22/2023 12:00 pm GMT

Wanting to work your way through a round without having to change up your equipment can be difficult. With these sun sleeves, you’ll be cool and comfortable as you try to play composed. You won’t have to worry about blisters or peeling skin, as this has new UPF 50 protective technology. They will remain on your arms even through your swing. They are also great for cycling, biking, fishing, and more. They are made from 92% nylon and 8% spandex. 

They are made from a seamless weaving technique and high-quality articulated seaming. The fabric is reinforced, so it won’t rip and will continue working over many rounds. It also absorbs sweat and wicks away moisture, leaving you cooler to enjoy your round. You’ll feel the difference of your arms staying fresh all day. One size fits all, as these adapt to all shapes of arms. They come in multiple colors, including beige, crisp white, black, and more. 

4. OutdoorEssentials UV Sun Protection Compression Arm Sleeves (Best Compression Sleeves)

Best Compression Sleeves
OutdoorEssentials UV Sun Protection Compression Arm Sleeves
$18.95 $15.95

For a tighter fitting sleeve that supports your muscles and joints, this is a good pick. It offers a four-way stretch that makes it easy to slip on.

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09/22/2023 08:20 pm GMT

Forget about tired muscles and achy joints. Wearing the OutdoorEssentials UV Sun Protection Compression Arm Sleeves will reduce the amount of pain and soreness you’re in while playing. If you have a history of arm, elbow, and shoulder problems, this can help you feel normal while you’re swinging. The sleeve is made from 100% nylon to stretch four different ways. So you won’t struggle putting it on. In addition, it boasts a UPF 50+ rating for uncompromising sun protection. 

Your circulation will improve, as this compression aids in blood flow. The sweat-wicking fabric generously lets air in, allowing you to feel cooler as you play longer. This is a unisex sleeve that can be worn during plenty of activities. It also makes a great tattoo coverup. You have plenty of options when it comes to picking pairs, packs, and colors. You can choose up to six in one color or vary up the amount and shade.

5. Hopeshine UV Sun Protection Cooling Arm Sleeves (Best Value Pack)

Best Value Pack
Hopeshine UV Sun Protection Cooling Arm Sleeves
$15.89 $14.99

Make sure you have plenty or just enough to last for your next golf trip when you choose this pack. The different sizes and colors will help you stay covered.

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09/22/2023 01:50 pm GMT

Delivering tremendous value, you can get more sleeves for your money. This pack nets you four sun sleeves, and you can choose the size and color. These come in a pack that’s either S-XL or XXL-XXXXL. They are made from 92% polyamide and 8% spandex, which are incredibly elastic. Providing UPF 50+ protection, they are cooling on your bare skin. You’ll also enjoy UVR, UVA, and UVB protection against up to 99.8% of rays.

The three-dimensional seamless weaving design is more comfortable than other options. The sleeves won’t feel itchy or leave any mark on your skin. They will dry quickly, so even if you are a heavy sweater, this can remain cool for you. Using these promotes faster muscle recovery and circulation. The colors range from purple to dark blue to grey to white and more.

6. Under Armour Adult Performance HeatGear Compression Arm Sleeve (Best for Circulation)

Best for Circulation
Under Armour Adult Performance HeatGear Compression Arm Sleeve

Perfect for hot days, this will feel like a second skin. It improves performance and keeps you cool at the same time.

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09/22/2023 02:05 pm GMT

If you’re familiar with Under Armour’s HeatGear collection, you know it is made to be worn on hot days. Dressing like Jordan Spieth may help you play like the multiple-time major champion (but probably not). The HeatGear Compression Arm Sleeve will not disappoint if you’re looking for an arm sleeve for sweltering days. It is made from 80% polyester and 20% elastane, so it has stretch and comfort built in. It feels like a second skin, as it is tight and stays put while you swing.

The compression technology increases circulation in your arm muscles. This is proven to dry quickly while wicking away sweat. You can pick a small/medium, large/x-large, or one-size-fits-all option. There are also multiple color options for you to choose from. You’ll only get one per pack.

What to consider when purchasing a sun sleeve?

Picking the best sun sleeves for your golf round can come down to a few aspects. If you aren’t sure exactly what it feels like to wear one, you should definitely grab one in the store to try it on first. If you think it’s worth giving a shot for your golf game, here are some features to consider when deciding on the one for you. 


You want a sleeve that is going to wick sweat. Finding one that is mostly nylon or polyester makes the most sense, as those are the best options against sweat. Spandex is frequently seen, as it delivers the elasticity to conform to your arm comfortably. They will also be the ones that keep you cooler on hot days. 

Cotton sleeves should not be considered, as they will not stay put consistently and will hold onto the sweat. The fabric is also essential for sun protection as many of these fabrics block out damaging sun rays. 


Adding in a compression aspect will keep your muscles warmer. It will fit more tightly to your skin and allow your joints and muscles to feel more supported. The increase in compression also improves circulation, allowing your blood to flow better to the area. This will help you recover faster and keep your muscles from becoming injured. Compression isn’t a must, but it can be helpful.

Sun protection

The most crucial factor for a sun sleeve is to protect against damaging UV rays. This will keep you from developing a sunburn. You want to find a sun sleeve with a minimum UPF of 50+ protective. There are so many options up to those standards that it makes sense to reach them. You will also want it to cover enough of your arm that there aren’t any gaps left to get potentially sunburnt. Finally, make sure it protects against UVA and UVB rays if you can confirm it. Sun sleeves protect against sunburn, so it is a no-brainer decision if you are worried about damaging your skin.


You’re probably wondering what size to get. Each company sizes its sleeves a little differently compared to its competitors. You should read if they have a sizing guide, as it will likely give you measurements in inches or centimeters. If you want to measure your bicep, that may help decide what the best for you is. You want to make sure it will stay in place the entirety of your golf swing. Remaining in place is the best way to decide if you bought the proper size or not. Certain brands opt for one-size-fits-all sizing, while others give you the option to pick a size. 

Do sun sleeves work?

Sun sleeves can help you keep your muscles ready for an entire round or weekend of golf. They provide multiple benefits, including easing joint aches and increasing blood flow to sore areas. But most importantly, they give you protection against the sun. They can feel like a second skin, so you’ll barely know that you’re wearing one. Finding one that wicks away sweat makes the most sense, as that will help you remain cool during a round. Sun sleeves do work to keep you from getting burnt.

Wrapping It Up and Heading to the Clubhouse

Finding the best sun sleeves for your golf game won’t be too tough of a task. You need to make sure you find the right size and fabric for your liking. The sun protection needs to be at least UPF 50+. If you want to opt for a compression sleeve, it can help keep your muscles loose and minimize your soreness. It also can keep you cool on hot days and wick away sweat. At the minimum, a sun sleeve will keep you from getting sunburnt on the course. If you’re worried about coming away with red and painful burnt skin after a round of golf, a sun sleeve is a wise investment. 

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