6 Best Straw Golf Hats in 2022

Keeping the sun out of your eyes while you’re golfing is an absolute must. You want to be able to see where you’re shooting and how to best line up your shot. Most golfers tend not to wear sunglasses while golfing, so they have to find other ways to block the sun. Some people, like Ian Poulter, prefer a visor. Others, like Rickie Fowler, prefer a flat-brimmed hat. But another great option, especially for hotter rounds, is a straw golf hat.

Straw golf hats can provide you with plenty of sun protection as well as wick away sweat. The straw and ventilation allow heat to escape from your head and a cool breeze to work its way to you.

So, if you’re interested in upgrading your headwear, how should you know which are the best straw golf hats on the market? I’ve done the homework and found the best options out there. Here are the picks for the best straw golf hats.

Best Straw Golf Hats: Our Top Picks

If you want our recommendations right away, here they are. Read further for the complete list and individual reviews.

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1. Scala Men’s Raffia Gambler Hat (Best Overall)

Best Overall
Scala Men's Raffia Gambler Straw Hat

Made with golfers in mind, this provides cooling coverage for you during those hot rounds. It’ll keep you cool and come in different sizes to fit you best.

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01/28/2023 06:43 pm GMT

This is a hat that makes you look like a golfing pro. It features Coolmax coverage that helps optimize your performance and keep you dry. Made from organic raffia and palm fibers, this allows wind to come through to keep you cooler. The golf ornament on the web band adds a little flair. It blocks the sun with more than a 3 ¼” wide brim. 

This straw hat is UPF 50+ protective and is proven to block harmful UV rays. You can choose between a small/medium size or a large/x-large option. You can wash this by hand only. It will stay in place while you swing. If you’re not interested in bucket or sun hats, this is a solid straw golf hat to consider. 

2. Rising Phoenix Industries Palm Leaf Straw Trilby Wide Brim Fedora (Best for Smaller Heads)

Best for Smaller Heads
Rising Phoenix Industries Palm Leaf Straw Hat Wide Brim Fedora Golf Sun Hat
$62.95 $59.95

Made for small to medium-sized heads, this will fit those with hat sizes up to 7 ⅜. With a deep brown faux hatband, it’ll look stylish on the course.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
01/28/2023 04:49 pm GMT

If you have a medium to small head, this is an excellent choice for you. Fitting sizes up to 7 ⅜ in US hat sizing, it’s elastic and form-fitting. This has a low crown lined with a soft fabric and features a soft elastic flex fit sweatband. You’ll have no problem wearing this for 18 or even 36 holes, as this remains comfortable. It is a Panama-style fedora that provides UPF 50+ protection.

It is made from 100% natural palm leaf straw. The deep brown faux hatband is stylish, and the metal grommets on both sides of the crown allow heat to escape and keep you cooler. The elastic closure sets it on your head more easily. This is great for golfing, hiking, fishing, and a day at the beach.

3. Panama Jack Matte Toyo Ribbon Safari Sun Hat (Best Unisex Hat)

Best Unisex Straw Hat
Panama Jack Matte Toyo Ribbon Safari Sun Hat

Great for male and female golfers, this blocks the sun to keep you cooler. This comes in two different colors and is offered in medium or large.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
01/29/2023 02:34 am GMT

Both male and female golfers will enjoy wearing this during a round. That’s because it is crafted out of matte toyo straw material. It will keep the sun out of your eyes and protect your skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays. It is comfortable to wear because of the lightweight material. It’s almost like a sun sleeve for your head. 

It features a teardrop pinched crown and an inner sweatband that absorbs for you on hot days. You can pick between brown and white for the color, depending on your style. It is offered in both medium and large sizes. 

4. Wallaroo Hat Company Men’s Palmer Fedora (Best for the 19th Hole)

Best for the 19th Hole
Wallaroo Hat Company Men’s Palmer Fedora – UPF 30+, Adjustable, Packable

As stylish as they come, this is sleek and has sophisticated lines. The black ribbon band makes it great for the course and around town.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
01/28/2023 06:59 pm GMT

Don’t be afraid to wear this to the clubhouse and the bar after your round. It is a classic fedora for sun protection and adds a stylish punch. The black ribbon band complements the sharp, sophisticated lines. This is made from a 100% paper braid fabric, so it’s lightweight and easy to wear. 

It reduces your exposure to UV Rays, as it is UPF 30+ protective. Offered in two sizes, this has a 3 ½” brim that provides solid protection. Made for playing, hiking, and even swimming, it can be used all the time. It’ll match well with your outfits too.

5. Dorfman Pacific Co. Men’s Rush Gambler (Best Value)

Best Value
Dorfman Pacific Co. Men's Rush Gambler Straw Hat

This will fit into your budget and fit your head, as it is offered in four sizes. It is durable and comfortable to wear during many sunny activities.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
01/28/2023 10:28 pm GMT

Find a hat that can do more when it’s hot out. This delivers value and durability, as the 100% rush straw is firm and holds up under multiple uses. There is a 3″ brim and partial sweatband to provide proper protection. The oval crown delivers the ventilation you need during June and July golf rounds.

The faux leather hatband is made tough for high heat situations. The design delivers strong ventilation that will provide a cooling feeling. It’s the same price in any size, so it won’t matter which one you pick.

6. Brooklyn Athletics Men’s Straw Sun Lifeguard Beach Hat (Best with a Drawstring)

Best with a Drawstring
Brooklyn Athletics Men's Straw Sun Lifeguard Beach Hat Raffia Wide Brim

Made from 100% other fibers, this features intricate braiding of raffia straw fibers. The adjustable drawstring helps you fit it to your head.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
01/28/2023 07:18 pm GMT

Make sure your hat stays on your head with a drawstring hat. This has an extra-wide 4.5″ brim and a pinch crown that is practical for many outdoor activities. The raffia straw fibers are built to last and keep you cooler.

It is a flexible hat that is comfortable to keep on your head. The adjustable toggle on the drawstring allows you to customize it better for you.

It is one size fits all for the sizing. You’ll only be able to wash it by hand. A woven label lets you tell it apart from other straw hats.

Can You Wear a Straw Hat Golfing?

You can absolutely wear a straw hat golfing. Greg Norman made a living out of it for years on the PGA Tour. While you may think you’ll see older men wearing straw hats, it is a beautiful piece of apparel to wear on the course.

You can wear one on the course and then wear it during other outdoor activities. You don’t need to find a specific straw hat for golfing. But you can wear one while you’re playing.

What to Consider When Buying a Straw Golf Hat?

When trying to find the best straw golf hat for you, you need to remember that it has to protect you from the sun. That is the most crucial part of a golf hat.

  • Blocking out UV rays is a must. Try to find one that is UPF 50+ protective.
  • It should be made from durable materials like raffia that are flexible and remain comfortable.
  • The sweatband should absorb sweat to keep you drier.
  • There should be ventilation holes as well to let the heat dissipate.
  • The brim will be wider to give you shade from the sun. 

Straw hats are typically between $20 and $50, so you don’t need to spend more than that. There are plenty of options in terms of sizing. Some are only sold in one size fits all iterations, while many let you pick the size that suits you the best.

Others have drawstrings that let you adjust the fit to keep it on your head. With a drawstring hat, you can also keep it on your back if you want to take it off for a second. 

Wrapping It Up and Heading to the Clubhouse

Wearing a straw golf hat can give you the comfort and ventilation you want during your round. It should be comfortable and flexible to stay with you as you line up and hit. Straw hats can provide you with protection against UV rays and keep you cooler while you’re playing.

Wearing one can also be a fashion statement, as it completes a golf outfit look better than many hats. It allows you to enjoy the outdoors and keep the sun out of your eyes. 

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