6 Best Spikeless Golf Shoes in 2022

spikeless golf shoes

Have you recently replaced your soft spikes or forgot to bring your shoe bag when playing a high-end club? The whole golf shoe process is outdated and unnecessary. Spikeless golf shoes solve the problems that players face regarding golf shoes. 

As we mentioned in our best golf shoes buying guide, the best spikeless golf shoes are comfortable and stylish and will help golfers feel like they can easily transition from the course back into everyday life.

Here are the best spikeless golf shoes in 2022 across several different categories. 

Best Spikeless Golf Shoes Our Top Picks 

Best Overall: New Balance Men’s Minimus Waterproof
Best Value: Adidas Tech Response
Best Traditional Look: FootJoy Superlites XP Boa
Best For Women: Skechers Women’s Max
Best For Walking: New Balance Men’s Breeze V2
Best Waterproof: ECCO Men’s S-Three Gore-tex

Best Overall

New Balance Men’s Minimus Waterproof Spikeless Golf Shoe

$119.95 $109.99

The New Balance Men’s Minimus Waterproof spikeless golf shoe will ensure that you give up no performance. This is an impressive shoe with a comfortable fit and a waterproof warranty. 

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01/29/2023 06:48 am GMT

The New Balance Men’s Minimus is the best overall spikeless golf shoe on the market. This shoe has everything from comfort to performance with a great sporty look mixed in. One of the things that golfers like the most is the waterproof microfiber leather upper that the Minimus features. 

These impressive spikeless golf shoes come with a two-year waterproof warranty. In addition, there is lightweight cushioning that makes it feel as though you are walking on a cushion as you make your way around the course. 

As with all spikeless golf shoes, we always recommend checking out the bottom of the shoe to determine how extensive the traction pattern is. The Minimus has really unique patterns and features on the bottom of the shoe. 

Best Value

adidas Men's Tech Response Spikeless Golf Shoes


The Adidas Tech Response golf shoes offer tremendous value for the golfer looking for a new pair of spikeless in 2022; with a feel similar to a sneaker with plenty of traction, this is an option that should be on your list. 

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
01/28/2023 09:03 pm GMT

The Adidas Tech Response is an affordable spikeless golf shoe that can work for new and more experienced players. The shoe itself will perform and feel much like an Adidas sneaker. In fact, one of the very few complaints players have about these shoes is that they look a bit more like a sneaker than a golf shoe. 

With lightweight mesh inside the Adidas Tech Response, there is much more breathability and comfort. Even if the temperature is really warm when you play, you will not be too hot. With a 91-day comfort guarantee and a wide range of colors to choose from, this is a great option to consider. 

Best Traditional Look

FootJoy Men's Superlites XP BOA Spikeless Golf Shoe


Many spikeless golf shoes look like sneakers or tennis shoes; the FootJoy Superlites XP Boa will have a more traditional look with plenty of performance and comfort. 

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
01/28/2023 11:03 am GMT

The FootJoy Superlites XP Boa is a durable golf shoe with a built-in turf gripping advantage. FootJoy is, without a doubt, the most well-known golf-specific shoe manufacturer. With a FootJoy shoe in play, be prepared for plenty of stability and power in your swing. 

We really like the BOA fit system as it helps to ensure that your foot is secure in the shoe and there is less chance of ankle injury. For those who like to play golf in the morning and have to deal with a bit of water on the course, the FootJoy Superlites XP BOA comes with a one-year waterproof guarantee. 

Best for Women

Skechers Women's Max Spikeless Golf Shoe

$85.00 $49.99

The Skechers Women’s Max Golf Shoe is a lightweight but water-resistant design for a golfer of any playing ability. 

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01/28/2023 12:23 pm GMT

The Skechers Women’s Max Golf Shoe is the best spikeless golf shoe for women. This is a spikeless shoe created from an ultra-lightweight flight cushioning material. If you are a woman golfer that likes to walk the golf course, expect plenty of outstanding performance from the Skechers Women’s Max Golf Shoe. 

In addition, we love the fact that this is a water-resistant shoe, doing a pretty good job of keeping your foot dry in normal playing conditions. For those working on creating more stability in their swing, the Skechers Women’s Max Golf Shoe can do the trick. 

Best for Walking

New Balance Men’s Breeze V2 Spikeless Golf Shoe


Walking the golf course requires quite a bit of comfort, and the New Balance Men’s Breeze V2 perfectly combines the necessary comfort with the premium responsiveness needed in a golf shoe. 

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01/28/2023 02:03 pm GMT

The New Balance Men’s Breeze V2 is a great golf shoe for walking the course. Many players get tired or uncomfortable with a traditional spike golf shog when walking. The traditional spike can end up causing back pain and discomfort, and it often makes sense to have that nice stable spikeless base. 

With the New Balance Men’s Breeze V2, you will get incredible comfort and even a forefoot water guard for extra protection in the toe of the shoe. 

Best Waterproof

ECCO Men's S-Three Gore-tex Spikeless Golf Shoe


The Ecco Men’s S3 Gore-tex are golf shoes with spikeless technology and incredible cushioning and breathability. This is, without a doubt, a premium spikeless golf shoe. 

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01/29/2023 07:08 am GMT

The Ecco Men’s S3 Gore-tex is 100% waterproof spikeless golf shoes. If you have ever had the misfortune of playing golf in the pouring rain or stepping through a puddle to get to the green, you know how uncomfortable it is to have shoes that are not waterproof. 

The Ecco Shoes feature something called traction bars that provide 800 traction angles on the bottom of the shoe. The result is incredible stability without having to have spikes on the bottom of your foot. In addition, the soft Calf Nappa leather makes for an excellent finished and premium look to the shoe. 

How To Choose The Best Spikeless Golf Shoes (Features that matter!) 

Now that you have a better idea of what spikeless golf shoes are the best on the market, it’s time to narrow down which could be the best for your needs as a golfer. The best spikeless shoes have some similar characteristics, and there are some critical factors to keep in mind. 


Spikeless golf shoes are naturally more comfortable than spiked golf shoes. When you step down on a spiked golf shoe, you can feel the spikes, and they will create a unique and sometimes uncomfortable feel. 

However, with the spikeless, you make direct connection with the ground, and it can be incredibly more comfortable. Wearing comfortable golf shoes is especially important for golfers that like to walk the golf course. 

Color Selection 

Spikeless golf shoes come in all different colors and designs. However, since these shoes can be worn on and off the golf course, choosing a color that you will get a lot of use out of can make sense. So pick something that you could potentially wear to work and then head right out to the golf course with it. 

In addition, it’s important to remember that some of the darker colors in a spikeless shoe will stay looking good longer. As nice as a clean and crisp white golf shoe is, expect it to get dirty rather quickly. 

Pattern On Bottom of Shoe 

Every spikeless shoe on the market has a unique traction pattern on the bottom. The traction pattern is there to help ensure that players can feel stable and in control as they swing. Without the traction pattern on the bottom of the golf shoe, it would be a traditional sneaker or walking shoe. 

This pattern is typically quite detailed, and you will want to see some raised bumps and patterns to ensure that you get the grip you need as you swing through your shot. If you have a very fast swing speed, this is especially important.  


Waterproof golf shoes are great for those who play in any weather condition or for the golfers playing in the morning. When you play golf in the morning, the grass is wet, and your shoes can get soaked rather quickly. 

Waterproof technology in golf shoes would typically be priced incredibly high in the past. However, today this pricing has decreased considerably, and it is not possible to get waterproof golf shoes for less than $100. 


Spikeless golf shoes tend to be a little cheaper than spiked golf shoes. However, you will find that the overall pricing is comparable between the two golf shoe types. Expect to pay more for waterproof technology.

In addition, some of the spikeless golf shoes that look more like a traditional golf shoe are typically more expensive. If you wear your spikeless shoes only to play golf, you should not have a problem keeping these for several years. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Making the switch from soft spike golf shoes to spikeless is challenging for many players. It’s hard to make the switch and be fully confident that the technology you will get in the spikeless shoes will be enough. However, you can rest assured that millions of players are making this switch and succeeding. 

Do pros wear spikeless golf shoes?

Golf pros change the gear that they use quite often. However, professional golfers are not using spikeless golf shoes for the most part. Spikeless golf shoes will not provide the same level of stability and balance that a spiked golf shoe will provide. 

Since professional golfers can still use metal spike golf shoes when they play, many of them take full advantage of this technology and continue to use it. If you are a spikeless golf shoe fan, don’t put them away just because of the pros, chances are you get plenty of performance from the soft spikes you wear. 

Do golf courses allow spikeless shoes?

Golf courses are starting to prefer spikeless golf shoes. Players are found to do less damage to the golf course when they wear spikeless. In addition, golfers can be sure that they don’t need to change their golf shoes to go into the dining room or the pro shop. 

At many clubs, golfers have to change shoes after golf before heading to eat at the club. With the spikeless shoes, this becomes a thing of the past, and players can just wear their golf shoes all around.

Why are golf shoes spikeless now?

Golf shoes still have soft spikes, but the spikeless versions are becoming the most popular. Golfers are finding that the spikeless shoes are more versatile, more comfortable, and can even be more stylish. 

How effective are spikeless golf shoes?

Spikeless golf shoes are becoming more effective as the technology continues to improve. The spikeless golf shoes may not have enough traction for those that swing at more than 110 miles per hour. 

Take a good look at how good your balance is in your golf swing, and then pick your golf shoes based on that. 


At this point, you should feel a bit more confident in your ability to choose a pair of spikeless golf shoes. Spikeless shoes are becoming increasingly popular because of their ease of use, value, and overall comfort. Players that use spikeless golf shoes want to wear them as their everyday shoes.

The best overall option is New Balance Men’s Minimus because of the waterproof technology and overall playability and comfort of the shoe itself. The Adidas Tech Response makes a good choice for those on a budget. 

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