6 Best Pitching Wedges in 2022

Many golfers love their pitching wedge because it’s just one of those clubs that’s amazing to hit. Good contact with a pitching wedge will send your ball soaring before it lands on the green and stops quickly. What’s not to love?

The pitching wedge is a great club for beginners because it has a high loft. New golfers usually struggle to get the ball airborne, so the high loft of the pitching wedge helps them with that.

An excellent pitching wedge is essential for every golfer. That’s why we will give you the best pitching wedges in 2022. So be prepared to love this club even more.

Best Pitching Wedges in 2022: Our Top Picks

1. TaylorMade Milled Grind 3 (Best Overall)

Best Overall
TaylorMade Milled Grind 3

You get a soft but solid feel with this wedge. With plenty of versatility, the TaylorMade Milled Grind 3 offers excellent control. You’ll love the consistency this wedge brings to your game.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The TaylorMade Milled Grind 3 is the best overall pitching wedge on the market in 2022. It’s a beautiful golf club that comes in two classy finishes: satin chrome and satin black.

There are heaps of loft and bounce options in this wedge. But for the pitching wedge, you’ll want to go for the 46-degree option with a 9-degree bounce. These are pretty standard specs for a pitching wedge.

In a pitching wedge, you want a solid golf club that will stop the ball on the green from approach shots. And the TaylorMade Milled Grind 3 delivers on those fronts.

The combination of feel, flight consistency, and spin make this the best pitching wedge on our list.


  • Awesome sound and consistent flight
  • Nice turf interaction
  • Flies the ball high
  • Great grip
  • A beautiful, high-toe look
  • Good feedback off the face


  • It might launch too high for some

2. Titleist Vokey SM8 (Runner-up)

Titleist Vokey SM8 Tour Chrome Wedge

From Bob Vokey's legendary design, this is is a premiere, tour preferred wedge—and my top pick. It's what's in my (Joe's) bag. The SM8 grooves are cut to the edge, and the clubface is maxed out for durability. Comes in 23 different loft/grind combinations.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

There’s not much in it, and the Titleist Vokey SM8 is a very close runner-up for the best pitching wedge out there. Although this wedge has a lot of loft/bounce combinations, the 46-degree and 48-degree with a 10-degree bounce are your best pitching wedge options. In addition, both come in F-Grind, the best grind for full wedge shots.

The Titleist Vokey SM8 is a solid pitching wedge and feels impressive when striking the ball. The flight and dispersion are super consistent, and the ball stops on the green beautifully.

Not only does this pitching wedge perform well, but it looks sensational. You can choose from three stunning finishes – Tour Chrome, Brushed Steel, and Jet Black.

If you like solid contact, a buttery smooth feel, and tight dispersion, the Titleist Vokey SM8 is the best pitching wedge for you.


  • Fantastic consistency and control
  • Smooth but solid feel on impact
  • Awesome spin
  • Loads of options to choose from
  • Beautiful finish and clean design


  • Price may be too high for some

3. Callaway Jaws Mack Daddy 5 (Best Premium)

Best Premium
Callaway JAWS Mack Daddy 5 Wedge

This premium tour wedge is part of Callaway's most comprehensive wedge line-up. It’s for the golfer looking for enhanced performance.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The Callaway Mack Daddy 5 is an excellent premium pitching wedge. If you want to improve your spin game, you have to consider this pitching wedge.

The ball zips back across the green like iron filings to a magnet. And that’s beautiful to watch.

For a pitching wedge, you’ve got two options. You can either go with 46 degrees loft or 48 degrees loft.

Both have 10 degrees of bounce and come in S-Grind. This is a medium-width sole that’s best for full shots, a variety of conditions, and different swing types.

So, you can’t go wrong with the Callaway Mack Daddy 5 pitching wedge. No matter your swing type or the conditions you play in, it’ll suit your needs. So, if you like seeing your ball spin on the green like the pros, do yourself a favor and try this pitching wedge.


  • Exceptional spin
  • Great flight control
  • Wide range of options
  • Very consistent
  • Soft but solid feel
  • Looks great at address and in the bag


  • May be too pricey for some

4. Cleveland RTX ZipCore (Also Great)

Also Great
Cleveland RTX ZipCore

This is Cleveland's flagship wedge. A great premium choice for golfer's who want the best performance. My second choice after Vokey.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The Cleveland RTX ZipCore is an excellent pitching wedge. Cleveland is one of those brands that golfers automatically associate with quality wedges. And this pitching wedge fits that profile.

Moreover, three beautiful finishes add to that quality. This pitching wedge comes in Black Satin, Tour Satin, and Tour Rack (Raw). Not only does this pitching wedge look amazing, but it offers fantastic performance.

In the pitching wedge, this performance comes in 46-degree and 48-degree lofts. Both options have a 10-degree bounce and the Mid-Sole grind.

So, if you appreciate quality at a reasonable price, the Cleveland RTX ZipCore is an excellent option.


  • Compact at address
  • Classic Cleveland looks and quality
  • Improved feel on previous models
  • Great spin and control
  • Forgiving and versatile


  • Spins less than other premium options

5. Cleveland CBX 2 (Best for Mid-Handicappers)

Best for Mid-Handicappers
Cleveland Golf CBX2 Wedge

This wedge is great for beginners or high-handicappers. The cavity back design provides more forgiveness, thanks to the hollow cavity design. However, you’ll still be able to get a lot of spin if you do hit it well.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The Cleveland CBX 2 is the best pitching wedge for mid-handicappers. It’ll give you plenty of forgiveness on those mishits. That’s super important if you don’t strike the ball consistently.

If you don’t strike this pitching wedge out of the screws, you can be confident that it won’t fall too short of the target. So, you’ll still be in a good position to make that precious par.

The Cleveland CBX 2 comes in 46 degrees and 48 degrees for the pitching wedge. Both offerings come in a V-shaped grind with 9 degrees of bounce.


  • Forgiving
  • Good feel and feedback
  • Easy to hit the sweet spot


  • Some may not like the larger head

6. Cleveland Smart Sole G 4.0 (Extreme Forgiveness for Beginners)

Extreme Forgiveness for Beginners
Cleveland Smart Sole G 4.0 Wedge

Extra-wide sole and Feel Balancing Technology, providing maximum forgiveness. Great for beginner and high-handicap golfers.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The Cleveland Smart Sole G 4.0 offers extreme forgiveness for beginners. A wide sole moves the center of gravity to the middle of the clubface. Therefore, it gives you heaps of forgiveness.

The pitching wedge comes in 42 degrees of loft. This is slightly lower than the usual range of 44-48 degrees.

So, that’s something to consider with this pitching wedge. You want to check the loft of your other clubs and make sure 42 degrees fits that progression.

But if extreme forgiveness is your bottom line, this is the best pitching wedge for you.


  • Super forgiving
  • Wide sole offer optimal bounce for beginners
  • Consistent, even on mishits


  • Loft might not gap properly with your other clubs

How to choose the right pitching wedge?

To choose the right pitching wedge, you’ll want to consider loft, grind, bounce, forgiveness, distance, gapping, shaft, and price.

1. Loft

The loft for pitching wedges usually ranges from 44-48 degrees. It depends on the brand, but the lofts typically fall into this range.

These days, you’ll find that pitching wedges are in the lower range. But traditionally, the lofts were higher. For example, the classic Ping Eye II plus had a pitching wedge with about 48 degrees of loft.

2. Grind

Unlike approach and lob wedges, pitching wedges have a pretty standard grind. You’ll find that most pitching wedges have a mid-grind. This means they’ll be suited to a wide range of swing types and conditions.

3. Bounce

It’s the same with pitching wedge bounce. You’ll find a mid-range bounce in pitching wedges. They’ll usually have a 10-degree bounce, suitable for a broader range of players and conditions.

4. Forgiveness

To choose the right pitching wedge, you should consider forgiveness. This is especially the case for beginners and high-handicappers.

It’s pointless getting a bladed pitching wedge if you don’t strike the ball consistently. You’ll fall well short of your target when you mishit a shot. No good.

5. Distance

Distance is another important factor in choosing the right pitching wedge. If you use a 44-degree pitching wedge now, it might not be a good idea to go for a 48-degree one.

That could mess with your distances. So, it’s something you’ll want to consider before choosing the right pitching wedge for you.

6. Gapping

Gapping must be taken into account when choosing a pitching wedge. This is the loft progression between each club. You’ll want to keep the same loft between each club.

Say, for instance, you have a 37-degree 8-iron and a 41-degree 9-iron. You don’t want to go for a 48-degree pitching wedge then. That gap would be too big.

In this case, a 45-degree pitching wedge would be perfect. That keeps a consistent 4-degree progression in lofts between each club.

So, consider that when choosing the right pitching wedge. It’s always a good idea to know the lofts of your other irons for that purpose.

7. Shaft

Getting the correct shaft is essential. If your swing speed is 75 mph, using a stiff shaft won’t be optimal. Your performance will suffer drastically.

Make sure you get the correct shaft when choosing your new pitching wedge. Golf is hard enough. Don’t make it harder on yourself by choosing a shaft that isn’t suitable.

8. Price

Price is always something to consider no matter what you’re buying. So why should a pitching wedge be any different?

You want the features and performance to match the price tag if you’re buying premium. That’s why our premium options are top performers. If you choose to go down the premium road, you’ll get value for your money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you know about the best pitching wedges in 2022 and how to choose the right one for you, we can consider a few more questions before you make your purchase.

What degree loft is a pitching wedge?

The degree loft of a pitching wedge usually ranges from 44 degrees to 48 degrees. Most brands these days fall within that range. However, there isn’t a universal loft for a pitching wedge, so it differs from brand to brand.

What is a pitching wedge for?

A pitching wedge is for hitting approach shots into the green. Usually, a pitching wedge is used for full shots. So, for example, if you’re 120 yards from the green, you might hit a full pitching wedge for your approach shot.

How far can you hit a pitching wedge?

The average golfer hits a pitching wedge about 115 yards. But the standard range is anywhere from 100 yards to 140 yards. You’ll likely fall somewhere between this range.

If you’ve got a fast swing and strike the ball well, there’s a good chance you hit it further than the 115-yard average.

Is a pitching wedge better than a gap wedge?

A pitching wedge is better than a gap wedge in certain situations. If you’ve got 120 yards into the green and your gap wedge goes 100 yards, then your pitching wedge is going to be better.

Think of your golf clubs as tools for different scenarios. One will better suit one situation, while another will serve a different situation.


And that’s our list of best pitching wedges in 2022 and advice for choosing the right one. Many golfers fall in love with their pitching wedge, so picking the right one is important. Now, you should be confident in finding the best pitching wedge for you.

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