Best Ping Irons in 2022 (For Every Player Type)

Ping irons are known for incredible feel, consistency, and holding their value. Many golfers feel like they are customers for life once they play with a Ping iron.

If you are looking for the best Ping Irons in 2022, we have you covered. Ping has been pushing out a few extra designs in the last few years, so it can be hard to keep up.

Here are the models that you must know about, broken down by who should be playing with them. 

Best Ping Irons: Our Top Picks

Best Game Improvement: Ping G425
Best Player’s Distance: Ping i525
Best for High 70’s or Low 80’s Golfer: Ping i59
Best For Low Handicapper: Ping Blueprint
Best Ping Women’s Irons: Ping G425 Women’s
Best Looking Ping Irons: Ping i500
Best Ball Speeds for Mid Handicapper: Ping G710
Best For Beginner: Ping G410

Best Game Improvement: Ping G425 Irons

Best Game Improvement
PING G425 Irons

The Ping G425 has a face of a metal wood, variable face thickness, and incredible spin for stopping the ball on the green. 

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Game improvement irons are those for the average golfer ready to play a great round of golf, with a bit of help from a set of high-performing golf irons. The Ping G425 has a perfect mix of distance and forgiveness. We were also impressed with the ability to stop a ball on the green with the G425 in hand. 

For a game improvement iron, this is not a bulky or obscure-looking club; in fact, it is streamlined from other previous Ping irons. The G425 has a higher MOI than G410, and the ball speeds are noticeably different. Ping also put the Arccos grip on the G425, making it considerably easier to track your performance. 

Best Player’s Distance: Ping i525 Irons

Best Player's Distance
PING i525 Irons

The Ping i525 has a forged maraging steel face, an EVA polymer for better sound, and the hydropearl 2.0 finish for distance control, and feel this is a perfect choice. 

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We know that Ping makes some of the best-looking and feeling golf irons on the market. However, it’s important for some players not to give up distance for feel. The Ping i525 is a new release with very impressive distance. The distance, however, is not achieved by sacrificing feel and workability. 

The thinner face on the Ping i525 lets golfers launch the ball considerably higher than previous players’ type irons. This is an excellent choice for the mid-handicap player ready to transition into a more players-like club. 

Best for High 70’s or Low 80’s Golfer: Ping i59 Irons

Best for High 70’s or Low 80’s Golfer
PING i59 Irons

With a solid feel and a thin topline, this club has everything a low handicapper needs, with a mix of forgiveness that a low two-digit handicapper will enjoy. 

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The Ping i59 golf irons feature multi-material construction with a 1025 carbon steel body and a 17-4 stainless steel laser-cut face. The combination of materials allows players to hit more precise shots and get the ball close to the hole. In addition, the aerospace-grade aluminum insert only further increases MOI. 

The i59 irons also feature the MicroMax Grooves that have helped to create more spin across the entire face of the golf club. Players that often struggle with stopping their longer irons on the green will have no issues with the i59 in the bag. 

Best For Low Handicapper: Ping Blueprint Irons

Best For Low Handicapper
PING Blueprint Iron Set

The Ping Blueprint is the cleanest and most impressive Ping irons on the market; with a muscle back design and tungsten toe weight, this is the club every lower handicapper needs. 

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If you are a fan of how Ping golf clubs feel and perform, you should try hitting a shot with a Ping Blueprint iron. These Blueprint irons feature everything a player needs regarding feel and workability. The muscle back design allows for a pure feel at impact and the ball flight you want. 

Across the face of these Ping Blueprint irons, you will notice machined grooves. These grooves are precise and do a tremendous job of keeping your golf ball from rolling across the green. The Ping Blueprint irons have a noticeably shorter blade length and a narrow sole to help golfers want that compact look. 

Best Ping Women’s Irons: G425 Women’s Irons

Best Ping Women’s Irons
PING G425 Women's Irons

The Ping G425 irons are vastly improved from the G410 with a hotter club face, cleaner-looking design, and easy launch for the female golfer. 

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With the Ping G425 golf irons, women golfers can get a good idea of the impressive feel that Ping golf clubs bring to the market without sacrificing any distance or forgiveness. The Ping G425 is our favorite for women because it will appeal to many women players, not just the higher handicapper. 

The G425 has a higher MOI than the G410, something that most women golfers will significantly benefit from. If you are tired of hitting iron shots with high dispersion rates, the new perimeter weighting on the G425 has helped to create very tight dispersion. Women golfers also benefit from the ability to stop a ball on the green. 

Best Looking Ping Irons: Ping i500 Irons

Best Looking Ping Irons
PING i500 Irons

Ping i500 irons have a compact head and minimal offset, golfers that like a traditional muscle-back iron will enjoy what the Ping i500 has to offer. 

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The Ping i500 iron is known for being a player’s distance iron; however, it is not the newest release from Ping. However, the ball speed and overall distance that Ping brings to the table with this club are pretty impressive. The C300 maraging steel face increases the ball speed at impact and helps players get a higher trajectory. 

If you are a golfer with high swing speed but struggle to get the ball high for those approaches to the green, the Ping i500 makes a brilliant choice. When you look at the Ping i500, you will quickly see that this is a premium-looking club with an efficient design. 

Best Ball Speeds for Mid Handicapper: Ping G710 Irons 

Best Ball Speeds for Mid Handicapper
PING G710 Irons

The Ping G710 irons are a great combination of a forgiving golf iron and a player's iron; with high MOI and impressive feel, this is an iron that all mid handicappers should consider. 

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The Ping G710 irons feature higher MOI and impressive ball speeds. If you are a player that struggles with generating enough ball speed, the Ping G710 is a great choice to consider. The steel face of the Ping G710 will help improve ball speed and increase the stopping power on the greens. 

One of the things we like the most about the Ping G710 is the wider sole. The iron looks like a club that a player would like, but it has the forgiveness that a mid-handicapper needs. With the Ping G710, you will also get an Arccos Smart Grip to track your overall performance on the course. 

Best For Beginner: Ping G410 Irons

Best For Beginner
PING G410 Irons

The Ping G410 has a higher MOI than the G400; it looks like a cleaner blade-style club but offers all the forgiveness needed in a game improvement golf iron. 

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The Ping G410 is the best Ping iron for a beginner. These clubs are not the newest release, so beginner players will save money and have an easier time affording higher-quality golf clubs. In addition, the Ping G410 also has tremendous forgiveness. 

With a Ping G410, the ball speed is really high, and the apex of the ball flight is high as well. This means that players can get their shots to go higher, even when they are new to the game. The sole on the Ping G410 is progressive, so as you get closer to the 4 iron, the sole will get wider, and the ability to launch the ball gets considerably easier. 

Which Ping irons are best for you?

Now that we have given you the best Ping irons on the market, it’s time to narrow down which could be the best for your game. There are some distinct differences between certain Ping irons, but others are very similar. Here are a few of the things to keep in mind when choosing a Ping iron. 

Construction/Iron Type

Ping makes muscle-back irons, forged golf irons, and cavity-back golf irons. All three of these irons are well constructed and have that tremendous feel we expect with Ping. However, there is a significant difference in the performance of each of these types of golf irons. 

If you are a lower handicap player, something like the Ping Blueprint is the muscle back style you need. However, mid to high handicappers will likely benefit more from a Ping G425. The added forgiveness in the Ping G425 makes it easier to launch the ball and stay on the green even if you took a bad swing. 

Spin Characteristics

Some of the new Ping irons feature the new Ping Micromax grooves. This is a unique design that adds more grooves to the short irons. The result is a higher spin on the irons that you need the most. 

Even the Ping G425 irons, the latest game improvement release from Ping, have increased stoppability on the greens. There are positives and negatives to spin, but when your short irons can spin, it is much easier to score. 

Distance and Loft of Irons

Not all of the lofts of Ping golf iron sets are the same. Before purchasing a set of Ping golf irons, make sure that you check the lofts. Something like the Ping G425 will have lower lofts than other irons like the Blueprint

The lower lofts help improve overall distances, and with the low center of gravity, the ability to get the ball up in the air is not compromised. Distances on the Ping irons are known for being competitive but not the longest on the market. 

The new Ping i525 has excellent distance capabilities for golfers who don’t want to give up feel or precision. 


Ping golf irons start at a slightly higher price than some of the other options on the market. The Ping golf irons also hold their value considerably better than other golf clubs on the market. Players that sell used Ping irons can still get great value for them. 

The forged golf irons from Ping will be the most expensive, whereas the cavity back irons are the more affordable. Ping’s technology is very advanced, and you should be able to use these irons for at least 7 years. 


Many golfers that choose Ping irons are looking for workability in the club head. If you like the ability to hit a draw or a fade into the next green, chances are Ping will be a good brand for you. The more the irons start to look like muscle back clubs, the easy they will be to work the ball. 

Workability may not be the biggest concern if you are a beginner golfer. However, those investing in Ping golf irons to try and take their game to the next level should consider clubs like the i59 or i500 to improve overall workability. 

FAQs about Ping Irons

Which Ping irons are the most forgiving?

The Ping G425 irons are the most forgiving, but other options like the G710 and the G410 also offer a good amount of forgiveness. The Ping irons, although known for tremendous feel and precision, are not typically unforgiving. If you like playing with a workable club that also has your back on a missed hit, Ping irons are a smart choice. 

Which Ping irons are best for beginners or high handicappers?

The Ping G425 irons are the best overall option for beginners or high handicappers. One of the things we love about Ping is that even the clubs with more forgiveness and increased consistency still have a great look and overall feel.

Higher handicappers looking for this club to improve their game will have great success, but nothing is stopping the mid handicapper from playing great golf with the Ping G425. 

Which pros use PING irons?

With the feel and precision that the Ping irons bring to the table, plenty of great players are currently playing these clubs. The most notable are Cameron Champ, Stewart Cink, Corey Conners, Harris English, Tony Finau, and Tyrell Hatton. 

The Ping G425 driver and the Ping Blueprint irons have been popular choices. In addition, Ping makes some incredible putters that professionals often consider using. 


At this point, you should feel you have a good handle on the differences between the best ping irons on the market. The great news about the 2022 lineup from Ping is that you can’t go wrong. There are so many great choices for feel, precision, and distance that all players will find something that works for their needs.

The Ping G425 is the most popular of the Ping irons because it can help the largest group of players. Carefully consider the type of performance you are looking for when you decide which iron is the best for you.

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