5 Best Office Putting Sets to Practice While You Work

Do you ever feel like you don’t get enough time to work on your golf game? If you do, you are not alone. So many of us wish we had more time to practice, but getting to the driving range doesn’t always feel possible. 

Luckily some of the best office putting sets on the market can make it considerably easier to work on your putting stroke while you are at work. With these office putting sets, you can hit a few putts between meetings and start to see the difference it makes on the golf course. 

Best Office Putting Sets: Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Perfect Practice Putting Mat
Best Value: Putt-A-Bout Par Three Golf Putting Green

Best Premium: GoSports 12’x5′ Golf Putting Green
Best For Small Space: ProActive Sports VariSpeed Putting Mat
Best For Portability: True Birdie Indoor Putting Green and Mat

Perfect Practice Putting Mat (Best Overall)

Best Overall
Perfect Practice Putting Mat
$149.99 $117.50

The Perfect Practice Putting Mat is an excellent solution for any level of player as it will reinforce the fundamentals and work on more consistency in the game. 

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01/28/2023 03:58 pm GMT

The Perfect Practice Putting mat is our top pick for the best overall office putting set. This mat is easy to set up and comes in a compact edition 8 feet long. This is the perfect option to have right behind your desk; nobody will even see it. 

One of the major reasons that golfers like this Perfect Practice Putting Mat are that it has a ball return. The auto return system is very well designed and does not make it so that golf balls are flying back across the room at you; it’s a nice slow roll, so you don’t have to leave your spot. 

For those looking to get better at alignment and setup, there are lines and guides all over the mat to help you. Learn to visualize these the next time you go on the course so that you can make your practice even more effective. 

Putt-A-Bout Par Three Golf Putting Green (Best Value)

Best Value
Putt-A-Bout Par Three Golf Putting Green
$49.99 $34.12

This putting green offers golfers the opportunity to practice their putting stroke from any location. Unlike other putt training aids, this one offers 3 separate holes for the golfers to fire away at.

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01/28/2023 04:24 pm GMT

The Putt A Bout Par 3 Putting mat is a very affordable option to have a mini putting green in your office. If you are not a fan of the long straightaway type putting mats, this one could be a perfect solution for you. 

With the Putt A Bout being wider, it’s easier to walk around, and you can feel more like you would on a regular golf green. This is a kidney-shaped practice mat, so there are several different angles that you can practice from. 

The total length of the Putt A Bout is 9 feet, and the width is 3 feet. The non-skid backing will keep it in place to ensure you are not sliding around on wood or tile floors. Overall it’s hard to expect to pay less for a golf putting mat that has this type of quality and consistency. 

GoSports 12’x5′ Golf Putting Green (Best Premium)

Best Premium
GoSports 12'x5' Golf Putting Green
$349.99 $287.57

The Go Sports 10X5 Premium Putting Green has 6 flags, 6 cups, and 6 grass plugs; you can make this setup whatever you need it to be and have plenty of room to walk around on it as you practice. 

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01/28/2023 04:18 pm GMT

The Go Sports Premium Putting Green is a great option for a larger office space with several golfers looking to putt. With this being a bit more of a premium putting surface, you will notice that it is thicker and has a heavy-duty base. 

This particular model lays flat easily and has a customizable setup. So whether you are looking for a slightly longer putt or a series of shorter putts, the Go Sports 10X5 Premium Putting Green is an excellent option to consider. 

With the Go Sports 10X5 Premium Putting Green, expect to be able to work on your putting green on a mat that feels as though you are outside on the course. We love this option for the office space with plenty of golfers, and players can head over to the green at various times throughout the day. 

ProActive Sports VariSpeed Putting Mat (Best For Small Space)

Best For Small Space
ProActive Sports VariSpeed Putting System
$99.99 $91.99

The Pro-Active Sports VariSpeed Putting Mat is an excellent option for small spaces and golfers looking for custom breaks; more than just a putting practice area, this is a short game tool. 

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01/28/2023 04:23 pm GMT

With most of the best office putting sets on our list, there is not much variation in the types of putts. Most are just a few feet and straightforward. This set comes with a break wedge. You can place it to set up different angles and feel like a natural putting green. 

This mat is 10 feet long but only 20 inches wide, so it won’t have the same large putting green feel you get with other options. However, with four different speeds, this is a very customizable design. 

Perhaps one of the most attractive features here is the visible ball tracers. These will make a mark where your ball is moving on the putting surface. Then you can watch the way it ends up moving. If you have wondered if your stroke is putting the proper roll on the ball, the ProActive Sports VariSpeed can help make all the difference. 

True Birdie Indoor Putting Green and Mat (Best For Portability)

Best For Portability
True Birdie Indoor Putting Green and Mat

The True Birdie Indoor Putting Green and Mat is a great portable solution when you can’t keep your putting mat out all day long; with a travel bag included, this is the perfect secret solution to practicing at work. 

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
01/28/2023 04:24 pm GMT

The True Birdie Indoor Putting Green and Mat is our favorite choice for the office that can’t always be set up like a golf course. If you find you have more of a flexible working space and need to be able to move around with your putting green and mat, the True Birdie can do the trick. 

This particular model has various cup sizes. You can work on trying to practice to a smaller hole if that helps your game. In addition, the silicone golf club will make it feel like you’re putting it into a real golf hole. 

The travel bag is what helped sell us on this being one of the best options for the office. You can simply fold this up and put it in the closet when you are done with it. The total length is ten feet long by 16 inches wide. This True Birdie mat has plenty of room to work on the putts that matter the most on the course. 

What to Consider When Buying a Putting Set for your Office

Buying an office putting set can bring a little bit of your passion to the workplace. You will notice the difference on the golf course when you can take just a few minutes in the middle of the day to work on a few putts and encourage some better consistency in your game. 

Here are a few of the most important things to consider when choosing an office putting set. 


The size of the office putting set will determine the length of the putt you can practice. Most golfers like something with at least ten feet of length because those difficult 8 footers can be practiced as well as the shorter putts. 

Putting greens vs. putting mats will vary in size, with the greens being considerably larger. Both options are good; you will have to find something that works with the space you have in your office. 


Some offices are large enough to accommodate a putting corner. Others will need something more portable. Many putting mats can be rolled up and moved around, but it will sometimes take a little while to straighten out their wrinkles. 

Maneuverability is something that all golfers should consider when shopping for the perfect office putting sets, as you may want to take this mat home at some point. 

Lines vs. No lines

Some putting mats have lines on them that help you see what you are working on. Sometimes the lines are helpful. Other times they can be distracting. There are positives and negatives to both sides. 

If you have time to practice on a real putting green, in addition to working in your office a bit, we recommend choosing something with lines. This way, you can work on mechanics in the office and feel out on the course. 


Office putting sets will vary from around $50 to more than $500. The key is finding something with green speeds that feel real and the ability to work on several different length putts. 

If you want to get something a bit larger that accommodates several people practicing at once, see if a few coworkers will chip in on one together. These indoor putting greens for offices can get quite large and function almost like an outdoor green. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

A lot of personal preference is involved in choosing a perfect office putting setting. However, here are a few things that you may want to think about before making your purchase. 

What types of putting mats are there?

The two main types of putting mats are long, narrow putting mats and putting greens. Putting greens will allow you to walk around and make putts from different angles. Putting mats are usually just one rectangular strip that enables you to work on straight putts. 

How long should a putting mat be?

Most putting mats are at least 8 feet long. With an 8-foot mat, you will probably only be able to work on a seven-foot putt. Many golfers prefer the 10 or 12-foot mat so that there is more room for their stroke and distance control practice. 

What is an office putting set?

An office putting set is just an artificial putting green or putting mat that allows players to work on their putting while at the office. Playing great golf means investing time into your game, and this putting mat makes it considerably more manageable. 

Final Thoughts

The Perfect Practice Putting Mat is our favorite office putting set on the market. This is just a model that checks all the boxes with its automatic ball return, impressive feel and speed, and alignment lines that are easy to work with. When choosing a golf putting mat, don’t forget to ask your coworkers if they want to go in on the purchase; maybe somebody’s office could even fit a golf simulator! 

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