5 Best Milled Putters in 2022

A milled putter is said to have some of the best feel on the market. Whether you are looking for a milled face putter or an entirely milled golf putter, we have some of the best milled putters on the market in 2022.

There are a few brands that stand out for these types of putters and a few that may surprise you. In addition to giving you the best milled putters on the market, here are some things to look for when deciding which milled putter is for you. 

Best Milled Putters: Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Scotty Cameron Phantom X12
Best Blade Milled Putter: Ping PLD Milled Anser
Best for Customization: Meridian Charleston
Best Value: Cleveland HB Soft #10.5
Most Consistent: PXG Hellcat

Best Overall: Scotty Cameron Phantom X12 

Scotty Cameron Phantom X12 Putter

The Scotty Cameron Phantom X 12 is some of the most impressive technology on the market with aircraft-grade aluminum, improved sightlines, and tour-proven performance. 

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The Scotty Cameron Phantom X12 is the best overall milled putter on the market. This mallet head design features the best technology on the golf market. The new Phantom X 12 is redesigned to have a thinner midsection, more forgiveness, and extremely easy alignment. 

Golfers new to the game and those who have been playing their entire lives will notice the consistency and precision that this Phantom X12 brings to the game. The Tour Prefered 303 Stainless Steel face is a feature we saw in previous models, and it has continued into the Scotty Cameron Phantom X12. 

The rest of the putter is made from 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum that allows for some movement of weight and a higher MOI. One thing to keep in mind about the Phantom X12 is that Scotty tests its products rigorously on the Tour before they release them to the public. 

Best Blade Milled Putter: Ping PLD Milled Anser Putter 

PING PLD Milled Anser Putter

From the release of the original Ping Anser to the newest PLD Milled Line, the Ping Putters set a high standard when it comes to feel, precision, and overall performance. 

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From the time Ping released the Anser to the market to the year 2022, their putters have held a unique position in the game of golf. Ping maximizes feel while improving performance and allowing for tour input in their high-end putters. This new Ping PLD Answer is a milled line of putters designed to appeal to a player’s eye. 

The material is a 303 forged stainless steel, and the deep AMP face technology makes the putter soft yet responsive. Honestly, it’s hard to describe how different a Ping putter is until you play with one. 

Most golfers instantly notice that they are more consistent with Ping putters than any other type. It’s also worth mentioning that the PLD milled line comes in a few different styles, but the blade stands out as our favorite overall. 

Best for Customization: Meridian Charleston Putter

Meridian Charleston Putter

The Meridian Putters Charleston is an excellent option for players interested in customization and decision-making with a putter; the Charleston is affordable and has a classic-looking design. 

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Meridian Putters have done a great job bringing player preference and decision-making into the milled putter market. The Meridian Putters Charleston features a unique Meridian Cut pattern on the face of the putter that is effective in helping promote a better roll. The pattern is considered a fly cut, creating concentric circles across the face of the putter. 

Golfers looking for increased confidence on the putting green will find it with the Meridian Charleston. There are several different finishes to choose from for the Meridian Putters. These can also help you have the visual appeal you want in a putter. 

Don’t be afraid to look into some of these smaller brands regarding technology and performance. The smaller putter companies are making a bit impact on the market. 

Best Value: Cleveland HB Soft 10.5

Cleveland HB Soft #10.5 Putter

The Cleveland HB Soft 10.5 brings a softer feel and a precision-milled face to the market at a very fair price point. 

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Golf putters are not always cheap, and if you are on a budget, you will be in luck with the Cleveland HB Soft 10.5. This is a great-looking and forgiving golf putter with a precision milled face; it is also sold for a fair price. The Cleveland HB Soft is a bit softer than other putters from Cleveland in the past. 

You will notice that the 304 Stainless Steel allows for just enough speed and roll without making it feel harsh. In addition, you will have plenty of feedback to work on your distance control and accuracy. 

One of the more advanced features in the Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft putters is the Speed Optimized Face Technology. This essentially keeps ball speed relatively the same across the entire face of the club. If you miss the center a bit, you will still have enough forgiveness to get your ball to the hole. This one makes sense if you have been in the market for a putter upgrade. 

Most Consistent: PXG Hellcat Putter 

PXG Hellcat Putter

The PXG Hellcat Putter is a pleasant surprise in the milled putter options of 2022; the milled face, alignment aid, and increased consistency make this a smart choice regardless of player handicap. 

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
11/27/2022 12:07 am GMT

The PXG Hellcat Putter is another excellent option for players looking for a custom design. In addition, this putter is offered for a fair value that provides plenty of consistency. In years past, the blade-style putters were not nearly as forgiving as they are now. Today, you will get a slightly heavier feel, a higher MOI, and good control. 

There is a reason that players like blade-style putters, and that is that you can improve alignment and make more putts. The blade putter within those first few feet of the club can be really solid when you get confident with it. 

However, one of our favorite features of the Hellcat putter is the Pyramid Face Pattern technology. When you strike a ball coming off the clubface, it rolls end over end towards the hole. Pyramid Face Pattern improves the consistency of the roll. 

What is a milled putter?

A milled putter is made out of one piece of solid material to help golfers feel as though there is more stability and a better feel in the putter head. Many putters on the market will also come with a milled face, and that is where you see great technology in the body of the putter, as well as a pure hitting surface or face. 

What to consider when buying a Milled Putter

When purchasing a milled putter, there are some essential features to consider and keep in mind. Similar to any other putter on the market, you will want to look at length and grip options, but here are a few other things to consider specifically for the milled putter design. 


The MOI or moment of inertia is a measurement that essentially tells us how forgiving a putter is. With a high MOI, a putter is forgiving; a lower MOI means a putter will make you contact the center of the clubface to really see the results you want. 

MOI should be considered with all putters you purchase, as it can make or break your scoring. On a day when you struggle to find the center of the clubface, a high MOI putter can save you. In addition, MOI technology has come a long way and no longer creates issues with lack of feel.

Blade vs. Mallet

There are both blade and mallet options for milled putters. Most blade putters are better for golfers with an arc-style stroke. Mallet putters are a good match for the straight-back and straight-through style. Both blade and mallet putters can have a great feel and consistency. 

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Putter Shaft 

More and more golfers are paying attention to the shaft they choose in their putter. If you like your putter head but don’t think the feel is quite what you need, the putter shaft selection needs to be considered. 

As soon as Odyssey Stroke Lab started diving into the world of putter shafts, it changed how people looked at this part of the game. A custom putter fitting can help you narrow down which shaft is best. 

Milling Pattern 

The putter face will have a milling pattern that helps to keep the ball rolling on a true line towards the hole. The milling pattern significantly impacts how the golf ball comes off the putter’s face. In addition, golfers will feel as though the putter is harsh, fast, soft, or even a bit rubbery based on this milling pattern. 

Testing out a few different putter designs is one of the best ways to see how a milling pattern can impact the roll of your golf shots. 

What is the benefit of a milled putter?

Most golfers will tell you that their favorite part of the milled putter is the ability to feel a pure and stable hit at impact. Milled putters don’t have much room for error when they are produced, and you will notice that when you make contact with the ball. Milled putters are known for being favored by great players that care very much about feedback from the putter head. 

Are milled putters less forgiving?

Milled putters got a bad name for a while as being less forgiving. However, if we look at this from a marketing standpoint, it’s very easy to see how this happen. When insert putters first started coming to the market and becoming favored by players, they were thought of as more forgiving. 

This sales tactic made people think that milled putters were not as forgiving. This is luckily not the case. After quite a bit of product testing, it has been shown that milled putters and insert putters have about the same amount of forgiveness. Of course, from one brand or putter model to the next, you may not see this, but for the most part, milled putters are not less forgiving. 


Milled putters have come a long way since the early days, but golf manufacturers are still offering this milled technology both as an insert and in the clubhead itself. With the milled putter design, you will notice an impressive feel and a pure roll coming off the ace of the putter.

The Scotty Cameron Phantom X12 has a milled face, a modern mallet design, and some impressive MOI. We like how this putter sets up from an alignment standpoint, and it makes a big difference on the course when you are having those rough days. Golfers of all handicap levels can play with the Scotty Cameron putters. Even though you see professionals with these clubs in their bags, the performance is there for any golfer. 

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