6 Best Mallet Putters in 2023 

A mallet putter helps golfers be more consistent and have better distance control. For the golfer that has a straight back and straight through putting stroke, finding the best mallet putter is essential.

We have tested and researched all of the best mallet putter options in 2023 to compile a list that will work for various golfers. There are options for beginners, low handicappers, and golfers on a tight budget.

Let’s look at the best mallet putter in 2023. 

Best Mallet Putters: Our Top Picks

1.Best Overall: Odyssey Eleven Triple Track 

Best Overall
Odyssey Eleven Triple Track DB Putter

With incredible alignment technology, impressive feel, and a forward center of gravity, the Odyssey Eleven Triple Track moved towards the top of the list in 2023 for the best mallet putter on the market. 

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The Odyssey Eleven Triple Track is the best overall mallet putter in 2023. This is a brand new release from Odyssey, yet it has the classic White Hot insert we have come to love. Even Odyssey realized that golfers couldn’t get enough of this White Hot insert, and they brought it back to the market after years away. 

One thing that sets the Odyssey Eleven Triple Track apart from other golf putters on the market is consistency. All golfers want to have a more consistent stroke. Odyssey ensures that the consistency you are looking for does not have to be developed by you and that a putter can help. 

Although the Eleven comes in a few different models, the Triple Track really helps with alignment and confidence. The Eleven Shape has a very high MOI and a forward center of gravity. Odyssey moved the center of gravity forward an extra ¼ inch, making a significant difference in the roll that you can get coming off the club face. 

The Odyssey Stroke Lab red shaft is available with this putter. Although it adds a little bit of money to the total price, the feel and stability that the Stroke Lab shaft offers will really stand out. 


  • Very lightweight TPU insert for better feel
  • Forward center of gravity with high MOI 
  • Very consistent speed 
  • Improved performance and spin control 


  • New release priced at the top of the market 

2. Best Value: Odyssey DFX Two Ball 

Best Value
Odyssey DFX Putter 2-Ball Putter
  • Very soft feel 
  • Classic head shape
  • Oversized grip options
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The Odyssey DFX putters are a much more affordable version of some of the best Odyssey putters we have seen in the game. With the DFX style Two Ball, you can get the legendary Two Ball performance from an affordable and easy-to-hit golf putter. 

When you look at the DFX Two ball putter, the head will stand out as it is an all-black design and has a very unique-looking finish. In addition, there is an insert that helps players feel a bit more consistent with their putting. The insert is even softer than the Odyssey original White Hot. 

This putter comes in a few different styles, but we like the Two Ball design the best from a value standpoint. Whether you are playing with the premium Two Ball or the value version, you can’t deny the technology, stability, and ease of alignment that a Two Ball putter brings to the game. 


  • Great Odyssey feel for a fair price
  • All black putter head sleek design 
  • Affordable and easy to hit


  • Not the same precision as a premium Odyssey
  • No option for the Stroke Lab shafts 

3. Best Premium: Scotty Cameron Special Select Flowback 

Best Premium
Titleist Scotty Cameron Special Select Flowback 5.5 Putter
  • Premium feel 
  • High MOI putter 
  • Clean and seamless looking setup position 
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The Scotty Cameron Special Select Flowback is the best premium mallet putter in 2023. It should come as no surprise that the Scotty Cameron putter comes up as one of the best on the market. Scotty Cameron puts a lot of time and money into the materials and technology used in their putters to try and stand out as the best on the market. 

With the Special Select Flowback, you will get a modern-looking putter with a classic mallet shape. If you are switching from the traditional mallet to a more modern mallet design, this is a golf putter worth considering. The Special Select Flowback comes with interchangeable sole weights. 

In the world of mallet putters, there are those who like inserts and those who want something milled from one solid piece of steel. The Select Select is milled from a 303 stainless steel and does not have an insert. 


  • Very easy to look at
  • Interchangeable weights
  • Can work for an arc style putting stroke
  • High MOI


  • Not as forgiving as other mallet putters 

4. Best For Beginner: Spider EX Platinum/White #9

Best For Beginner
TaylorMade Spider EX Platinum/White #9 Putter
  • Three dot alignment
  • FOrgiving and stable club head
  • Deep center of gravity and great distance control 
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The Spider EX Platinum is the best mallet putter for a beginner. The Taylormade Spider putters are known for having an incredible feel and impressive performance in the last several years. In fact, many major champions can attest to how great the TaylorMade Spider putters are. 

The EX Platinum features the white reflective shape and design to help players clearly see the contrast between the putter head and the putting green. The end result is much easier alignment and control. In addition, the Spider EX Platinum has a forward center of gravity and a higher MOI. 

This head shape makes beginners feel as though they have a chance at making a putt. If you want to get yourself started in the game as a great putter, the Spider EX Platinum is a perfect choice. 


  • White True Path technology 
  • Stable putter 
  • Three dot alignment system is effective and not distracting
  • Tungsten back weights 


  • With all the different Spider putter models, it is hard to pick the best one 

5. Best For Women: Ping G LE Echo Women’s Putter

Best For Women
PING G LE 2 Echo Women's Putter

Mallet putters are typically the better choice for golfers that struggle with consistency; the Ping G LE 2 Echo provides a consistent and soft feel and an adjustable golf putter length. 

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The Ping G LE Echo Women’s putter is the best mallet putter for women in 2023. Ping is known for its incredible feel, and with the release of the dual durometer face insert, they will still be known for this feel. The Ping G LE is a very precise golf putter with exceptional consistency for a woman golfer. 

Our favorite thing about the Ping G LE Echo Women’s putter is that it is adjustable in length. When you can change the length of the putter from 31 to 35 inches before the start of your round, the customization and the attention to detail are unmatched. 

If you have ever felt uncomfortable over a putter and wondered what it was, it was most likely the length. This putter fixes that. 


  • Comes with midsize grips to eliminate excess hand action 
  • Firm but responsive feel from the club head 
  • Adjustable length customization 


  • Tough design for a putting stroke with a wide arc 

6. Best For Alignment: Cobra King Nova Putter

Best For Alignment
Cobra KING Nova Putter
  • Enhanced stability at impact 
  • Adjustability in the club head 
  • SIK Aluminum Face Insert 
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The KING Vintage Nova putter features a fang shape with a single bend hosel suitable for players with a straight back and straight through putting stroke seeking enhanced stability. This is a brand new line of putters from Cobra, and the technology stands out from anything that we have seen from Cobra in the past. 

With an aluminum face insert, players can get a consistent roll and launch angle from one putt to the next. The King Nova putter has an adjustable weight system that allows players to dial in a feel that works well for them. 

Each King putter comes with the new Cobra Connect Grip to track performance and overall progress. Each putter has an adjustable weighting system, and combining that with the Cobra Connect Grip, you can really see what weight combination is the best for your needs. 


  • Adjustable weights
  • Cobra connect grip to track performance
  • Stable feel 
  • The impressive look makes alignment easy 


  • Large putter head takes some time to get used to 

What To Consider When Choosing A Mallet Putter 

As great as all of these putters on our list of the best mallet putter in 2023 are, they won’t all be the perfect fit for your game. In fact, there are some important features that you will need to work out to narrow these putters down and then get the perfect specifications in your final choice.

Let’s look at a few of the things that all golfers will need to consider when choosing a mallet putter. 

Putter Length 

The average putter length is 34 inches. This is the size that most average men will choose for their golf putter. It is also the average length of a golf putter on the PGA Tour. However, if you fall outside of the range of what would be considered average height, your putter may need to be a bit shorter or longer. 

In fact, sometimes golf putters will need to be adjusted for length even if a golfer is of average height. Some players will have a stance that encourages a shorter putter or simply have longer arms that impact the putter length. 

Going for a putter fitting can be a great way to help determine overall putter length. 

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Modern Mallet vs. Traditional Mallet 

Most of the options on our list of the best mallet putters in 2023 are modern mallet designs. When the mallet putter first came to market, it was a simple design with a rounded semi-circle on the back of a blade-style putter. 

As time has passed, this design has increased significantly regarding the options that players can now get. Some of these putter styles look like fangs coming out the back; others are large rectangles. 

The modern mallet vs. traditional mallet putter debate will come down to preference. After spending some time looking at these mallet putters, you may find that one or the other appeals to your eye a bit better. 

Face Insert 

Golf putters will either be milled from a single piece of steel or have a face insert that is a different material entirely. There are both positives and negatives to face inserts, but you should be aware of them before you buy a putter. 

Face inserts can provide a very soft feel at impact. However, some golfers find that the softer feel has a bit more vibration and does not feel as consistent. Those that enjoy the putters milled from a single piece of steel like a more streamlined putter look and more of a firm feel at impact. 

The face inserts available for golfers today are considerably higher performing than something that we saw 15 or 20 years ago. If you were a player that steered away from face inserts out of fear of vibration or instability, 2023 is the year to try them again. 

Grip Style

The grip that comes with your putter is another customization that should be considered. Many golfers like to go with a midsize or supersized putter grip to try and keep their putting stroke more consistent. If you are a golfer who struggles with using your wrists and hands in your putting stroke, the larger grip can help. 

Golf putters from some companies will have digital technology installed that helps you track your performance. 


If you are looking at the list of best mallet putter options and wondering if we chose the most expensive on the market, we did not. We were rather conservative in the pricing of the putters we chose for our list. The bottom line is the pricing on golf putters has gone up considerably. 

If you are looking for a great putter in 2023, prepare to spend around $300. Years ago, a great putter was about $150. The main difference in the putter pricing is the introduction of new materials, adjustability, and shaft technology. 

The good news is that the putter is a club you will use on every hole. Investing in a club that will help save even the worst of days on the golf course is a great thing to do for your game. 

How To Choose The Right Type of Putter

It seems like more and more golf putters come to the market each year. Although this is great for giving golfers a variety of options to choose from, it can make it challenging to find a specific fit for your golf game. 

Essentially you will need to understand some things about your game and what your putting stroke is like to find the perfect golf putter. The mallet putters are best for straight back and straight through putting strokes. Blade putters are better for arc-style putting strokes. 

Mallet putters are also a bit more forgiving than the blade putter, and they ensure that you will have an easier time with distance control. Those that like blade putters find them more responsive on fast greens and have a more streamlined look and feel. 

Overall a lot goes into choosing the right type of putter for your game, but making sure that you take all of these factors into consideration could save you several strokes off of your game. 

Who Is A Mallet Putter For?

The mallet putter is for a golfer with a straight back and straight through putting stroke looking for forgiveness, feel, and impressive distance control. Overall a mallet putter is not something that will fix your putting game. Still, many players think that the technology from a mallet putter leads to more consistency and an improved overall feel. 

Some mallet putters can work for a golfer with an arc-style putting stroke. The reason that mallet putters are not necessarily recommended for this style is simply the fact that the putter head does not rotate all that easy as you swing back and then through the ball. 

The weighting of the putter head is designed to keep it as stable and square as possible. Overall you may not want to change your entire putting stroke to switch to a mallet putter, which is a consideration you will have to make. 

Mallet vs. Blade Putter

Although we just covered all of the best mallet putters on the market for 2023, some golfers may still be unsure if a mallet putter or a blade putter is the best fit for their needs. The blade putter and mallet putter both have responsive and impressive technology. The key here is not to decide which is better but to determine which is best for your game. 

Mallet putters are great for forgiveness; they have a large sweet spot and help players that are new to the game or struggle with alignment. Blade-style putters are highly consistent, and they will train you to become a superb putter. 

More and more golf manufacturers are putting mallet-style options on the market simply because there is more variety in the designs. If you are a golf club manufacturer trying to put new clubs on the market each year, there is a lot you can do with mallet putters. With blade putters, the changes from one design to the next are subtle. 


We hope you now feel more equipped to choose the best mallet putter in 2023. This is a great year to change putters with the new technology that we have seen come to the market. The putter is such an impactful part of the golf bag that it can change your overall outlook of the game when you switch to a mallet putter.

The Odyssey Eleven Triple Track stands out as the best overall mallet putter in 2023. This club has incredible consistency, an impressive feel, and excellent overall performance. It does not matter if you are a high or low handicap; the Eleven Triple Track makes the putting green much easier to navigate. 

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