4 Best Golf Scorecard Holders & Yardage Books in 2022

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If you prefer to walk on the golf course, finding a spot for your scorecard can be tricky. When you’re riding, you can clip it to the steering wheel. But if it’s a windy day, even that isn’t a great idea. Keeping your scorecard in a safe place, so you can keep track of how well you’re doing is imperative. A golf scorecard holder is something every golfer should have.

You likely know the course well for those who belong to a country club or play their local municipal course a lot. Having a yardage book to know where specific landmarks are on a course makes a lot of sense. Being able to store your scorecard with your yardage book is a bright idea. That’s why the golf scorecard holder should have room for both.

Knowing how far you are from the pin and where the pin placement is during a given round will help you shoot lower. That’s all information that can be held in your scorecard holder. If you’re in the market for one, look at the great options I’ve listed below. Here are the best golf scorecard holders in 2022.

Best Golf Scorecard Holders & Yardage Books: Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Callaway Leather Golf Scorecard Holder
Runner-up: Handy Picks Golf Scorecard Holder and Yardage Book Cover
Best Premium: TORRO Golf Scorecard and Yardage Book Holder
Budget Pick: ON PAR Golf Scorecard Holder

Best Overall

Callaway Leather Golf Scorecard Holder


It’s durable and made from synthetic leather. The holder is made to last and provides a sturdy writing surface. It’s versatile enough to hold scorecards and yardage books.

  • Made from durable synthetic leather
  • Fits most standard scorecards and yardage books
  • Includes elastic pencil loop
  • Easily fits in your back pocket
  • Elastic bands don’t retain tension too long
  • Larger scorecards don’t fit
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The Callaway Leather Golf Scorecard Holder is durable, so that you can bring it with you on any round. Whether you’re riding in a golf cart or walking, you’ll be able to use it as it fits in your back pocket or your cart. 

This has an elastic pencil loop that stores your pencil, so you’ll always be able to keep score. There’s an elastic loop that holds the scorecard as well. However, if you use this for an extended period of time, the elastic may wear a bit. 

This holds most scorecards from most courses. If your local course has large scorecards, it may not fit. But you’ll probably find that with any scorecard holder. 

It provides comfortable access to your scorecard, allowing you to write down scores. It will also fit a yardage book. This is engraved with the Callaway logo. 

It measures 9.6” x 4.72” x 0.63”. This will do the trick for you and not set you back much.


Handy Picks Golf Scorecard Holder and Yardage Book Cover


Hold your scorecard holder and other essentials during your round. This comes with ball makers, scorecards, tees, and a divot tool.

  • Comes with ball markers, divot tool, scorecards, tees
  • Durable carabiner to attach to your bag
  • Includes a score counter for easier remembering of strokes
  • Three color options
  • Button lock stays very tight
  • Pencils don’t show up great on the scorecard
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This is a must-have if you want to keep all of your golf tools together. You can store everything in a compact carrier, allowing you to free up your front pockets. But you can also store them in your front pocket if you prefer. 

This golf scorecard holder comes with a carabiner clip, so you can clip it to your bag and keep it with you. It includes four scorecards, a divot repair tool, two ball markers, four wooden tees, two pencils (blue and red), and a score counter. The pencils aren’t the best, but they are serviceable.

It stays closed with a button lock, which can sometimes be tricky to get open. But it will stay closed. It is made from genuine leather with fine stitching. 

This measures 7” x 4.3” x 0.6” and has durable elastic loops. It will fit most scorecards and comes in three different color options. 

Best Premium

TORRO Golf Scorecard and Yardage Book Holder


Made from handmade leather, this is sleek and designed in the UK. The convenient flip-up design makes accessing your scorecard and yardage book easy.

  • Made from premium genuine leather
  • Convenient flip-up design
  • Magnetically detachable
  • Five color choices
  • Yardage book doesn’t snap in
  • Scorecard holder is slightly narrow
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The TORRO Golf Scorecard and Yardage Book Holder is sleek, thanks to the handmade leather build. It has an incredibly soft feel and provides a good balance between being practical and looking the part. 

The flip-up design allows you to easily access your scorecard and yardage book. The slim profile fits well in any pocket you want, including your pants or bag. However, because of the slim profile, if your scorecard is wide, it may not fit.

There is an elastic pencil loop (pencil not included) to help you with scoring. The yardage book that you keep won’t be snapped in, so it may slide out of the pocket if you open it quickly. But if you’re aware of this, you’ll be careful.

The scorecard holder is magnetically detachable, meaning you can keep an eye on your front nine and back nine scores. You can choose between black, black with red stitching, dark brown, red, and tan. This is a bit pricey, but it will last.

Budget Pick

ON PAR Golf Scorecard Holder


This won’t hit your wallet too hard, and it will hold your scorecard during your round. There is a pencil loop and comes with a link, letting you print out your scorecards at home.

  • Durable faux leather outer cover
  • Comes with a link to print out your own scorecards
  • Holds your course guide and pencil
  • Budget-friendly
  • Stitching may not last long
  • Pencil holder quality isn’t great
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If you’ve never used a scorecard holder before, getting one that doesn’t cost a lot is smart. This won’t make a big dent in your account and lets you easily keep your scores.

They all have the crocodile effect type of cover and are made from durable faux leather. The cover looks good and comes in a few colors.

One of the real perks of this option is it provides you with a website to download and print your scorecards. That way, you can bring them with you to your round rather than relying on a golf phone app to keep score

This will hold your scorecard or course guide along with your pencil. It measures 7.28” x 4.33”, so it’s slim enough to fit in your back pocket.

Features to Look for When Buying a Golf Scorecard Holder

There are a few features you need to look at for a gold scorecard holder. Here is a breakdown of what to keep an eye on.


Meaning how durable this is and how it holds your scorecard in place, this is important. You want something that is going to last a long time. But you also want something that securely holds your scorecard and yardage book.

Most holders rely on elastic straps or a pocket to keep your scorecard in place. You want to make sure it is tight and won’t let your card slide out. Leather is the kind of construction that will last the longest for your scorecard holder.


It may not seem like the most immediate thing to think about, but if your holder doesn’t hold your scorecard well, it’s a problem. You want one wide and tall enough, maybe 5” in width and 7” in height. That way, you can fit it in your back pocket and make sure it keeps your scorecard.

Pencil loop

Most of them include a pencil loop. This allows you to keep your pencil with you to keep score. 

Room for a yardage book

If there’s enough room for a scorecard, there’s probably enough room for a yardage book. But the best scorecard holders will be able to store both seamlessly. You don’t have to worry about one falling out when you open the holder. Either a pocket or elastic strap works for these. Others have a buckle or snap to keep them closed.


To keep score properly, you should have a scorecard holder to store your scorecard in. It should fit in your pocket and keep your card in place, whether you’re walking or riding. 

Like our favorite, the Callaway Leather Golf Scorecard Holder, it should easily fit in your pocket and last for many rounds. Grab a golf scorecard holder and record your best round ever in it.

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