Golf in the Rain: Our Picks for the Best Rain Jackets 2023

golf in the rain

If you are one of those golfers who will leave the golf course as soon as a gray cloud appears in the sky, this is not your guide. However, if you are anything like us and want to make sure you have a way to finish any round or play golf in any conditions, then you need one of the best golf rain jackets on the market. 

Great rain jackets will have waterproof technology and a lightweight feel, and most are breathable to adapt to any weather condition. Let’s look at the best golf rain jackets on the market in 2023. 

Best Overall: FootJoy Hydrolite Rain Jacket 

Best Overall
FootJoy Hydrolite Rain Jacket

The FootJoy Hydrolite Rain Jacket is a 100% waterproof golf jacket with four-way stretch technology and all the features and functionality a golfer could need. 

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

With a great golf jacket in place, it makes sense to stay on the course regardless of the weather conditions. The FootJoy Hydrolite Rain Jacket is our top choice for the best golf rain jacket on the market. 

This is a 100% waterproof option that has plenty of breathability. If you are playing in cold, rainy, or windy conditions, the Hydrolite Rain Jacket can be a great choice. In addition, you will benefit from a four-way stretch fabric that makes it easy to rotate without feeling restricted. 

One of our favorite features of the FootJoy Hydrolite is the scorecard pocket. If you are playing in a golf tournament and need to keep the scorecard from getting ruined, you will love this feature. The FJ Hydrolite is an investment into your golf game, but it will be worth making, and you can have it for years to come. 

Best Value: Adidas Golf Provisional Rain Jacket 

Best Value
Adidas Golf Provisional Rain Jacket

The Men’s Provisional Rain Jacket from Adidas is one of the market's most well-known options; waterproof and windproof technology makes this a smart choice to keep in your bag. 

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The Adidas Men’s Provisional Rain Jacket is a machine washable jacket with impressive water and windproof technology. This particular option also comes in a short sleeve jacket. The Provisional line will sometimes feature golf rain pants to ensure you have an entire suit to protect you from the elements. 

With the Adidas Men’s Provisional Jacket, expect to find material that is 74% polyester and 27% recycled polyester poplin. The mix of fabrics protects from the rain but also allows for a player to swing the club with ease. 

Overall, Adidas is a strong brand for performance type golf attire, and the Provisional Rain Jacket is no exception. 

Best Premium: Zero Restriction Men’s Power Torque 1/4 Zip Rain Jacket

Best Premium
Zero Restriction Men's Power Torque 1/4 Zip Rain Jacket

The Zero Restriction Men’s Power Torque ¼ Zip Rain Jacket is a top-of-the-line piece of rain gear explicitly built for the serious player. 

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Don’t be surprised to see rain gear for golfers get to the $300+ price point; it’s very common. Rain gear for golfers requires higher end fabric to keep the water away. In addition, there are specific design elements in place to ensure that you can swing a golf club with full strength. 

The Zero Restriction line has always been one of the most advanced in the golf rain jacket industry. In addition, for those concerned with overall restriction in the swing, don’t shy away from “ZERO” restriction. 

One of our favorite features of this rain jacket is the anti chafe chin guard. Some of the best golf jackets will forget the importance of keeping your chin protected as you swing. Sometimes zippers come up so high they actually hurt when you hit shots; with the ZR that shouldn’t be an issue. 

Every seam on the Zero Restriction rain jacket is sealed to ensure that no water gets through. You will pay a price for it, but there are no other jackets on the market that will keep you as dry as this one. 

Best For Women: Adidas Golf Women’s ClimaStorm Jacket

Best For Women
Adidas Golf Women’s ClimaStorm Jacket

The Adidas Golf Women’s ClimaStorm Jacket comes in a few colors, is machine washable, and has superior waterproof technology. 

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The ClimaStorm jacket from Adidas is similar to the Provisional jacket from Adidas for men. This is a full zip jacket with a hood that you can tuck in or out if needed. The Women’s ClimaStorm was built with front zip pockets and a PFC free water repellent finish. 

Essentially if you want to stay dry on the course but also stay out of the wind, the ClimaStrom jacket can help. When we tested this product, there were no issues for women golfers with fast swing speeds. 

If you have room in your golf bag, this is a jacket to keep with you at all times. The front zip pockets, comfortable material, and unrestrictive design make it a top choice for women golfers. Playing golf in the rain it’s ideal, however with this jacket in place you will be much more comfortable.

Best For Maneuverability: UA Storm Daytona ½ Zip Pullover 

Best For Maneuverability
UA Storm Daytona ½ Zip Pullover

The Under Armour Storm Dayton ½ Zip Pullover is breathable and one of the easiest golf jackets to wear from a maneuverability standpoint. 

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

If you are particular about the fabrics in your golf jacket, the UA Storm Daytona could be a great choice. This is a durable and waterproof jacket, but it also has a softer fabric and more maneuverability than some other options. 

The half zip design is also good for those that find the full zipper gets in their way. Under Armour puts a lot of time and effort into its fabrics. The UA Storm Daytona keeps you warm when its cool and cool when it’s warm. 

Golfers that like a looser full, cut jacket will be impressed with the way the UA Storm fits, and the color combinations are also impressive. To keep the amazing waterproof technology in place, the jacket should not be dry cleaned or put in the dryer. 

Best Waterproof Guarantee: Sunice Flextech Waterproof Jacket

Best Waterproof Guarantee
Sunice Flextech Waterproof Jacket

The Sunice Flextech Waterproof Jacket has a 3-year warranty, woven stretch material, and in-pocket ball cleaner to make this one of the most feature-rich golf jackets on the market. 

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

We love a good concept or thought that actually helps a golfer have a more comfortable round of golf. With this Sunice Flextech Waterproof Jacket having more of an ultra lightweight feel and a unique WxTech coating, the jacket is a perfect solution for golfers. 

However, there is also an in pocket ball cleaner and action cuffs. Essentially you will be prepared to hit any golf shot with this jacket on during a round of golf. 

With the 3 year waterproof guarantee, the money you spend on the Sunice Flextech Waterproof Jacket will be well worth it. As long as you are careful about how you care for the jacket, you can have it for years to come. 

What to Consider When Buying a Golf Rain Jacket

A great golf rain jacket is not cheap, and you have to be smart about what you look for when you make your purchase. You may see a cheap golf jacket available for purchase, but that does not always mean it is going to have the technology you need to actually stay dry on the course. 

Water Resistant vs. Waterproof 

Some golf jackets are referred to as water resistant; others are called waterproof. The waterproof golf jackets keep all water out. They will help you stay dry regardless of what the conditions are like on the golf course. 

Water resistant golf jackets tend to help keep water off of you and repel it but only to a certain extent. Once you reach the really heavy downpour-type rain, the golf jacket becomes soaked, and you may start to get wet. 

Waterproof golf jackets are priced a bit higher, but in the end, the performance you get is superior. 


Some golf rain jackets have full zippers, while others will just have a half. You have to consider whether or not the golf zipper bothers you from the point of feeling restricted. 

Most of the time, these zippers are covered so they won’t stick out, but some golfers feel as though the zipper can pull when they swing. Most rain jackets are not complete pullovers because when they get really wet, it’s hard to get them on and off while staying dry. 

However, if you are concerned with zippers restricting you, pay close attention to the size of the jacket you purchase.


Sleeves will be long, short, or removable. Some companies try to sell golf rain vests, but it is essential to consider how much this will protect you from the rain (not that much!). For warm climates, the short sleeve rain jackets are a great choice. 

You can wear the jacket to stay dry, but you won’t be sweating while wearing it. 

With long sleeve rain jackets, take a look to see if the sleeves are adjustable in any way. In addition, sometimes there are straps or cuffs in place to ensure the sleeve stays in place and keeps your arms dry. 


Most rain jackets are meant to be a little larger as they don’t want to restrict your swing in the shoulder area. However, if you are particular about the fit, check the measurements. 

A medium in a golf shirt or a golf jacket could be entirely different simply because of the way that the clothing is designed. 


Golf rain jackets are usually between $100 and $300. If you find something under $100 that is actually waterproof, it’s likely going to be a great deal. 

The technology used to make golf jackets waterproof and breathable at the same time has some higher pricing. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions about the best golf rain jackets in the game. If you don’t have a golf jacket in your golf bag to pull out when the weather gets rough, you will want to consider adding one. 

What do golfers wear in the rain?

Golfers typically put on a golf rain jacket, rain gloves, and a rain hat when the weather takes a turn. However, rain gloves are likely the most important of these three things. If you don’t have excellent traction between you and the club, it’s tough to get the same distance and accuracy. 

What is the best waterproof golf gear?

The best waterproof golf gear is made by Zero Restriction and FootJoy. These two companies have worked hard to create solutions for golfers of all handicap levels. If you will stay on the course in any condition, invest in waterproof gear. 

How should a golf rain jacket fit?

A golf rain jacket is best when it is just a tad loose. Having no restriction is essential; you won’t want to lose swing speed when the weather takes a turn. 

Are any rain jackets actually waterproof?

The FootJoy Hydrolite and the Zero REstriction jackets are waterproof and do a great job of keeping you from getting wet on the course. Even if it is drizzly and wet the entire round, these jackets hold up quite well. 

Why are golf rain jackets so expensive? 

Golf rain jackets are so expensive because they use top-quality materials that keep water from penetrating and getting a golfer wet. However, with cheaper materials, the clothes under the rain jacket will get soaked. 


Hopefully, you now know which of the best golf rain jackets are a good fit for your game. The FootJoy Hydrolite is the best option, as it will keep you dry, comfortable, and unrestricted while on the golf course. FootJoy does a great job with the development of top-quality golf gear like this, and this rain jacket is well worth the purchase price. 

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