Best Golf Rain Gear in 2023 (Waterproof Jackets, Pants & Gloves)

If you play golf, no matter the weather, you’ll want to have golf rain gear. It’ll keep you dry on those rainy days. And staying dry on the golf course gives you a better chance of shooting a good score. So, you’ll want to find the best rain gear to get the best results.

The best golf rain gear is waterproof, as opposed to water-resistant. Waterproof gear offers complete protection even if you’re in the rain all day, while water-resistant gear will eventually let in water. If you have the best golf rain gear, you’ll stay dry and comfortable when it rains during your round of golf.

Look through our picks for the best golf rain gear in 2023 and find the right option for you.

Best Golf Rain Gear: Our Top Picks

For the top picks right away, check them out here. Read on to find out why golf rain gear is important and for our full list of jackets, pants, and gloves.




Best Golf Waterproof Rain Jackets in 2023

Galvin Green Apollo Waterproof Jacket (Best Overall)

Best Overall Rain Jacket
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This jacket is completely waterproof. It’s fully seam-sealed, meaning you could play golf all day in the rain and still stay dry. That’s the main feature, but it’s not the only one. You won’t feel warm and stuffy while playing because of the breathable material. This ensures extra comfort throughout your game.

Some waterproof jackets feel heavy and bulky, but this one doesn’t. The thin material makes it lightweight for your comfort and easy storage in your golf bag. Also, this lightweight feature means you won’t feel restricted while swinging.

Another feature that helps keep your swing smooth is the GORE-TEX Paclite® stretch fabric. As well as being waterproof and lightweight, it stretches with your swing. It’s so unrestrictive that you won’t even feel like you’re wearing a jacket. That means you can concentrate on your golf without having to worry about restrictive rain gear.

The Apollo also doubles as a windproof jacket. It’ll offer you protection on those windy days. This is a fantastic feature, meaning that you can wear it even if it’s not raining. So, you’ll get plenty of use out of this jacket because of its versatility.

There’s one downside to this jacket: the price tag. It’s a high price-range item. Although the quality does justify the price, it’s not for everyone. But this jacket is durable and will last a long time, so that’s something to think about while weighing up your options.

Adidas Rain.RDY Jacket (Runner-Up)

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01/29/2023 03:03 am GMT

Waterproof and windproof, with a water-repellent finish, this jacket will keep the elements at bay on the golf course. It’s fully seam-sealed for extra protection in the wettest conditions. Also, there’s a hem drawcord if you want to have complete closure against the weather.

Weighing just 9.52 ounces, it’s lightweight for your comfort, and it won’t weigh down your golf bag. The material is easy to fold into a small, compact package for simple and effective storage.

This Adidas jacket is breathable, so you won’t overheat if conditions are warm and wet. And the stylish finish is a big bonus, meaning it can be used in different situations. It looks great on and off the course, and the front zipper pockets add practicality to the style.

The choice of only one color is a major downside, though. Stylish as it is, more choices would make this a much better option. Also, although it’s effective, the material isn’t as high quality as other jackets on the market. It may not last as long as some premium options. That may be something to consider. But for the price tag, it really is a great option.

Columbia Men’s Watertight Ii Jacket (Best Value)

Best Value Rain Jacket
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01/29/2023 07:03 am GMT

This jacket will withstand some of the harshest weather you’ll see on the course. The shell is 100% nylon and the lining is 100% polyester. Thanks to the OMNI-TECH technology, the jacket is both waterproof and breathable. You won’t feel stifled as you’re about to hit as you’ll be dry and comfortable, even in rain. The outer layer includes an adjustable storm hood with an abrasion-resistant chin guard. It also features a drawcord adjustable hem, adjustable cuffs, and zippered hand pockets. 

It weighs one pound, so you can easily fit it in your bag. It is so compact that it can even be folded into itself for simpler storage. This wet weather jacket can be customized to fit you how you prefer. It comes in multiple sizes including tall as well as a bunch of colors. If you want good quality, this is a safe option.

Best Golf Waterproof Rain Pants in 2023

FootJoy HydroKnit Rain Pants (Best Overall)

These golf rain pants are new for this season. They’re 100% waterproof while also offering protection from the wind. The material is durable but breathable, ensuring long-lasting protection without sacrificing comfort. That’s good because a comfortable golfer has a better chance to score well. And they come with a two-year warranty, which is a nice bonus.

These stylish waterproof pants look and feel like normal golf pants. You won’t have to choose protection over style when the rain hits. There’s something to be said for looking good when addressing the ball. It just gives you a positive feeling, and that feeling can often translate to a great shot.

The waistband has been made grippier so that they have a non-slip fit. That means you won’t get distracted by adjusting your pants for every shot. You’ll feel comfortable when it’s time to hit the fairway or the green. And that comfort lets you focus on your round and not worry about external factors.

On the downside, they come in only two colors, so there’s not a big selection. Also, some customers have drawn attention to sizing issues, like waist-size to leg-length ratio. So that’s something to consider for these pants.

Overall, they’re everything you want in golf rain pants at a good price point.

Under Armour Elements Golf Rain Pants (Runner-Up)

With a looser fit than some options on the market, these golf rain pants offer excellent comfort. The fully taped seams offer 100% waterproof protection, and the durable material also makes them windproof. The adjustable waistband is a great feature for getting that snug fit.

These pants have four-way stretch fabrication. You’ll notice that extra give when you’re swinging, and even when you’re walking. Being unrestricted and protected against the elements on the golf course feels awesome. It means you can swing normally without feeling a snag in your legs. Little issues like that can be distracting throughout a game and lead to missed shots and higher scores. You won’t have to worry about that with these pants, though. You’ll be free to let it rip without any second thoughts.

Although these pants are breathable, they are designed for colder conditions. So, they won’t be for everyone. But if you’re playing in a cooler climate, these rain pants are a fantastic addition to your golf gear.

BALEAF Men’s Waterproof Golf Rain Pants (Value Pick #1)

Value Pick #1
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Incredibly versatile, these pants are great for the course on wet days but also can be worn for more intense outdoor sports. These are 100% waterproof and feature a critically seam sealed design to keep water out. The pants are also comfortable and breathable, keeping you drier as you walk or ride. There are three waterproof zippered pockets, so you can keep balls, tees, and gloves in your pockets even during wet rounds. There are reflective stripes on the side to protect you in darker situations.

The cuffs on the bottom can be opened up to fit over your shoes more easily. So you could even slip these over your regular golf pants if you happen to get stuck in a surprise shower. They are incredibly lightweight and can be tossed in your bag with ease. The elastic waistband and adjustable drawstring make sliding them on a breeze. These won’t set you back too much and come in sizes ranging from small to 3XL. 

Little Donkey Waterproof Rain Pants (Value Pick #2)

Value Pick #2
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01/29/2023 05:28 am GMT

Like the budget jacket option, this brand is a brilliant choice for budget rain pants, too. They’re waterproof, with a fully seam-sealed shell, and they’re super breathable. The mesh lining is a nice touch for protection and comfort.

With that comfort comes a wide range of motion, perfect for when you’re turning as you swing. Also, the waist is partially elasticated for a comfortable fit. The leg openings can be adjusted with a drawcord. This adds a practical element for keeping out the rain, but it also means they can be slipped on easily. So, no more fumbling with your gear when the rain sweeps in.

For this price range, these pants are unexpectedly stylish. And the 4.2 out of 5 from 97 ratings shows that customers are happy with this product. That makes them an excellent choice for those on a budget.

Some customers have said that these pants are on the bulky side. So if space is an issue, that’s something to think about when considering this option.

Best Golf Rain Gloves in 2023

Finger Ten Rain Gloves (Best Overall)

Best Golf Rain Gloves
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01/29/2023 06:28 am GMT

These gloves come in black, grey, and green. This is a better selection than many gloves on the market. Also, you can buy these gloves in a pair or as singles – left and right. If you go for the single option, you’ll get two gloves; two left or two right.

A lot of rain gloves can leave your hands super sweaty. Not these. They’ll improve your grip in the rain without giving you clammy hands. This is down to the 3D performance mesh, which ensures maximum breathability. That translates into comfort.

Now that you know these gloves won’t leave your hands soaked in sweat, you might be wondering what their grip is like in the rain. And it’s fantastic. Your club won’t slip in the rain when you’re using these gloves. They’ll give you the best chance to keep striking the ball well in wet weather. That’ll go a long way to keeping those scores down even when the rain is pelting down.

Also, your hands won’t feel restricted because these gloves are flexible. This flexibility, combined with their lightweight and breathable nature, means you’ll feel comfortable throughout your round. Customer reviews tell the story of this product, with a rating of 4.6 out of 5 from 1,556 reviews.

Some customers have commented that the fit is a little tighter than on other gloves. It’s something to keep in mind if buying this product.

What is Golf Rain Gear?

Golf rain gear is an extra layer of clothing that keeps you dry in the rain. It’s made up of waterproof jackets, pants, and gloves. As well as being waterproof, it should be lightweight and comfortable to allow for unrestricted movement.

Why is Golf Rain Gear Important?

Golf rain gear is important because it stops water build-up from restricting your range of motion. This is especially true for jackets because golf involves a lot of upper-body movement. It’s important that water build-up doesn’t restrict your swing.

Also, golf rain gear keeps you comfortable in the rain. If you walk, you especially don’t want your pants to be soaked through. That just feels uncomfortable. Waterproof pants offer that protection and ensure a comfortable game in the rain.

Golf rain gloves make sure you can keep a good hold of the club in wet weather. This is important so that your hands don’t slip on the grip. It’s almost impossible to hit a good shot if your hands are slipping on the golf club. So, rain gloves prevent that and give you the best chance of playing well in wet conditions.

Let’s be honest. Golf is difficult enough when weather conditions are perfect. Don’t make it even harder for yourself when it’s raining. Give yourself the best chance of shooting a good score in the rain with golf rain gear.

Wrapping it Up & Heading to the Clubhouse

There we have it, our picks for the best golf rain gear in 2023. The list of waterproof jackets, pants, and gloves should give you a good range to choose from. We understand that not everyone wants to go for premium products all the time, or ever. So, we’ve given you some great options that ensure high quality without breaking the bank.

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