7 Best Golf Jackets for Cold Weather in 2023

cold weather golf jackets

There are plenty of people who hate being cold. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is. Any chill in the air makes them bundle up and pray for the heat. But some love the cold weather. If you’re one of those people, you know that you just need the right equipment to enjoy the outdoors. Any cold weather lover that also golfs likely has an idea of exactly what they need to be wearing. The best golf jackets for cold weather are among them.

Covering up your legs and your hands is one thing. But you can’t just rely on the motion of your swing to keep your upper body warm. You’re going to need protection against the elements while you’re getting in those grueling winter golf rounds. Cold weather also doesn’t have to just be in the winter, as early spring and late fall deliver plenty of gusty and cool conditions. 

Trying to figure out which of the best golf jackets for cold weather you should consider? Here is a list of picks for you to check out.

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Callaway Full Zip Long Sleeve Waffle Knit Fleece Jacket (Best Overall) 

Best Overall
Callaway Men's Golf Full Zip Long Sleeve Waffle Knit Fleece Jacket

The mock collar and full zip design allow you to stay bundled during a winter round. The waffle knit design keeps cold air out.

  • Made with thermal technology
  • Waffle knit fabric
  • Full zip
  • Mock collar
  • Not water-resistant
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Built for those who may bundle up but want a jacket that won’t bother them while they swing, this is our favorite golf jacket for cold weather. It is built with thermal technology, as it creates a thermal layer that will stop cold air from reaching your body.

The fabric is made with waffle knit stitching, meaning it’s constructed to block the cold weather from getting to you. Each color offers you a two-tone appearance, allowing you to look good while you’re feeling warmer. 

The mock collar won’t bother you and it will add to your look. The heathered texture increases the style. The full zip design allows you to zip it up as high as you want to prevent any type of cold air from reaching your neck or chest.

Made from 100% polyester, the jacket moves with your swing easily, so you can feel warm but free to swing as many times as you want (or need) during a round. It is offered in multiple sizes ranging from small to 4XL. 

For drier days, this is a great idea. It isn’t waterproof, so it may not do as well as others in the rain. But it’s a warm jacket nonetheless.

Helly-Hansen Men’s Team Crew Midlayer Jacket (Best for Warmth)

Best for Warmth
Helly-Hansen Men's Team Crew Midlayer Jacket

This is the real deal when it comes to keeping you warm during a really cold round. This will protect you against the wind, rain, and cold weather. 

  • Fleece-lined jacket
  • Durable Water Repellency treatment
  • Fits regularly
  • Breathable
  • Expensive
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If you want to make sure that you’re warm during a cold round, this is a coat to consider. It is a fleece-lined jacket that is meant to protect you from cold and wet weather. It is windproof, waterproof, and breathable, so you won’t overheat and the heat will be kept in where you need it to be.

The jacket has a Durable Water Repellency (DWR) treatment, so you won’t get wet if you’re playing on a rainy day. The Helly Tech protection makes this suitable for all kinds of conditions.

The lining dries quickly and it is insulated with Polartec 100g fleece, meaning you’re warm anytime you put this coat on. You can adjust the cuffs to fit your wrists properly, making sure your arms stay warmer. You can also adjust the hem with only one hand.

It isn’t slim or oversized, so it’ll fit you just right. It also isn’t too bulky to block you as you’re getting ready to swing. The hand warmer pockets are great for colder rounds. This isn’t a coat that you can get for cheap, but it is warm and worth it. It also is offered in many sizes.

HUK Men’s Tournament Wind & Water Proof Rain Jacket (Best Heavy-Duty Jacket)

Best Heavy-Duty Jacket
HUK Men’s Tournament Wind & Water Proof Rain Jacket

A winter coat that’s meant to be worn through all kinds of inclimate weather, this is great for links-style courses that tend to have bad weather. 

  • Waterproof and repellent
  • Wind-resistant
  • Dries quickly
  • Covered flap hand pockets
  • A bit restrictive
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Are you playing a course by the water in the early spring or late fall? If you’re worried about harsh winds and some inclimate weather, this is a heavy-duty jacket you should consider.

It is great for many outdoor activities as it’s waterproof and water-repellent. It is also wind-resistant, so if you’re dealing with some gale winds while playing at a place like St. Andrews, you’ll be set.

The jacket also dries quickly, thanks to the three unique layers that fight against moisture. The storm flap, covered zippered chest pocket, and covered flap hand pockets keep you warmer in tougher conditions. The hand pockets help your hands stay warm between shots.

You can adjust the hood, hem, and cuffs to fit your body better. While this can be a bit restrictive, you may not need to wear as many layers, so that should help your swinging abilities.

Under Armour Men’s ColdGear Infrared Shield Jacket (Best for Heat Retention)

Best for Heat Retention
Under Armour Men's ColdGear Infrared Shield Jacket

The Under Armour’s ColdGear Infrared lining does a great job at absorbing and retaining your body heat. The windproof construction shields you from any harsh winds.

  • ColdGear Infrared lining
  • 3-layer softshell construction
  • Windproof construction
  • Color and size variety
  • Not waterproof
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If you’ve used Under Armour’s ColdGear line before, you know what you’re getting with this jacket. If you haven’t, you’re in for a warm experience, thanks to the construction. 

The ColdGear Infrared lining is made in order to help you retain body heat. The thermo-conductive inner coating absorbs your heat and keeps it close to you. 

The windproof construction helps keep cold air away from you. The 3-layer softshell construction is durable and bonded, so it’ll stay together. 

While it’s not waterproof, this is great for many different weather forecasts. There are plenty of colors and sizes to choose from as well. 

Adams USA Smitty Pro Style Cold Weather Jacket (Most Professional)

Most Professional
Adams USA Smitty Pro Style Cold Weather Jacket

You’ll look great as you’re wearing this to stay warm. It is a full-zip jacket with a microfiber shield.

  • ComfortTECH100 microfiber shell
  • Full zipper design
  • Blocks the wind
  • Not waterproof
  • No side pockets
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This full zipper jacket has a ComfortTECH100 microfiber shell that will keep you warm against harsher weather. You’ll look professional out there because this is a good oversized jacket. 

It helps block the wind and will help you remain warmer. It’s a good-looking jacket that gives you an extra layer on a colder day. 

While it isn’t waterproof and there are no side pockets, it does have a chest pocket that zips up easily. It’s a bit bulky, but it will move with you. It’s not form-fitting but allows you to fight against the wind.

London Fog Men’s Auburn Zip-Front Golf Jacket (Best Budget Jacket)

Best Budget Jacket
London Fog Men’s Auburn Zip-Front Golf Jacket

You’ll like this water-resistant jacket because of its build and features. With the adjustable snap cuffs, you can control how tight you want them to be.

  • Double-entry hand pockets
  • Adjustable snap cuffs
  • Water-resistant
  • More lightweight than others
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Some people think of cold weather differently. Some can handle harsh winds and some consider a chillier day as cold weather. For those who are just looking for a lightweight jacket, this is a good pick.

It’s great for your budget, as it’s only slightly over $30. It has double-entry hand pockets, keeping your hands warm in between shots. There are also adjustable snap cuffs, allowing you to set them to your liking.

Made from 92% polyester and 8% nylon, it is water-resistant. The jacket is lined with mesh, making it great for chilly weather.

It comes in many different colors as well as both regular and tall sizes.

Fit Space Waterproof Golf Rain Jacket (Best for Bad Weather)

Best for Bad Weather
Fit Space Waterproof Golf Rain Jacket

This is a convertible jacket that battles against the nastiest of weather situations. With 4-way stretch fabric, you’ll swing with ease.

  • Convertible
  • Weatherproof and waterproof
  • 4-way stretch fabric
  • No hood
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This jacket can be worn in all kinds of weather, including cold weather. It is convertible, so you can take the sleeves off and make it a shorter jacket. 

It is weatherproof and waterproof, thanks to the DWR and the breathability rankings. This will keep you dry and comfortable as you’re playing.

It has 4-way stretch fabric that is lightweight and flexible. It will help you enjoy more flexibility without the use of elastic fibers. The quarter zip design slips over your head to keep you warm.

There isn’t a hood but it keeps you warm and dry.

What to Consider When Buying a Cold Weather Golf Jacket

There are plenty of features you want in a cold weather golf jacket. The most important is the build for warmth. If the jacket has a fleece lining or a heavier construction, it will help you battle against harsher winds. There are plenty of jackets that focus on the lining and the construction. Whether it’s a microfiber shell or the jacket has multiple layers, focusing on a jacket that has that is a smart decision if you’re playing many rounds in the cold.

You never know if it might rain or snow while you’re playing in a colder round. A weatherproof or waterproof outer is a must. Side pockets can come in handy because you’ll want to keep your hands warm in between shots. 

A hood is also a good feature to have. The ability to adjust the cuffs or hem can help keep heat in and keep your body warmer. You don’t want it to be too bulky but you do want it to allow you to wear some layers underneath as well.

Who Makes the Warmest Golf Jacket

Our favorite golf jacket for warmth is the Helly-Hansen Men’s Team Crew Midlayer Jacket. This is a jacket that can be used for many different outdoor activities, including fishing, hiking, and even just being outside in the snow. It is fleece-lined and has a water-repellent treatment. Plus, the covered flap hand pockets keep your hands warmer.

The Under Armour Men’s ColdGear Infrared Shield Jacket is another great choice because of its ability to retain body heat. The ColdGear Infrared lining will lock in the heat that your body may be losing and keep it closer to your body. This allows you to move around but stay warmer. It gives you the flexibility to swing the club with ease.

What Do Pro Golfers Wear in Cold Weather?

Golfers have had to deal with colder weather during plenty of tournaments. The 2022 Players Championship saw some colder temperatures for a Florida-held tournament. Players like Collin Morikawa wore adidas hooded pullovers, and Joel Dahmen wore sweatpants under his golf pants. 

Some of the best golf beanies are frequently worn by golfers during cold rounds. Matthew Fitzpatrick is usually seen wearing beanies for cold weather. Jordan Spieth has even been known to tip his beanie. You’ll usually see some of the best colder weather gear shown off every other September during the Ryder Cup.


You will want a warm golf jacket for cold weather if you’re playing cold weather golf. Whether you want a heavier coat with a hood or something like the Callaway Men’s Golf Full Zip Long Sleeve Waffle Knit Fleece Jacket that is waffle knit and zips up fully, you’ll be able to stay warmer for longer. But find one that’s warm to give you the ability to play all year round.

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