Top 10 Best Golf Irons of 2023: Expert Reviews and Buying Guide

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Having the best golf irons to suit your game can help your performance. They can give the best players the control and workability they need in irons.

Also, they can offer higher handicappers plenty of forgiveness and help to launch the ball. Irons for these players can give them more distance as well.

Some irons are even designed to promote a faster swing speed. They’re easier to swing and ensure the player’s tempo is smooth.

These are the best golf irons on the market in 2023.

Best Golf Irons: Our Top Picks

Best Blades: Mizuno Pro 221
Best Forged: TaylorMade P770
Best Distance Cavity-Back: Callaway Apex DCB
Best Game Improvement: TaylorMade Stealth
Best Super Game Improvement: Callaway Rogue ST Max
Best Premium for Women: Titleist Women’s T400
Best for Beginners: Ping G425
Best for High Handicappers: Titleist T300
Most Forgiving: Wilson Launch Pad 2
Best for Seniors: Cleveland Launcher XL Halo

Mizuno Pro 221 (Best Blades)

Best Blades
Mizuno Pro 221 Irons

Made at Mizuno's iconic facility in Hiroshima, Japan, these irons are Grain Flow Forged. You can expect a beautiful feel and instant feedback on impact.

  • Beautiful feel
  • Produce a penetrating flight
  • Superb workability
  • Solid construction
  • Versatile
  • Sleek look
  • Limited forgiveness
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The Mizuno Pro 221 irons are the best blade irons in 2023. They suit better players with fast swing speeds who consistently strike the ball well.

These irons lack forgiveness and aren’t for you if you’re not a good ball striker. You’ll immediately feel the mishit and notice a loss in distance.

However, consistent ball strikers will love the feel of these irons. They feel exceptional when you strike the center of the clubface.

You’ll notice a true, penetrating ball flight on these shots. But the spin rate remains high, so you’ll still be able to stop the ball on the green with approach shots.

The Pro 221 irons are excellent when it comes to workability. Not only can you work the ball left or right with them, but you can change the ball flight when you need to.

The versatility these irons offer is second to none. It’s precisely what better players need in blade irons.

TaylorMade P770 (Best Forged)

Best Forged
TaylorMade P770 Irons

These irons have a compact clubhead shape with a thin topline. They have a forged hollow body that uses speed foam technology.

  • Compact design
  • Amazing feel
  • Incredible workability
  • Impressive distance
  • Progressive clubhead engineering
  • Accurate
  • Compact head doesn’t suit average players
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The TaylorMade P770 irons are the best forged irons in 2023. Their look will appeal more to the lower handicap player.

You can expect a thin topline and a compact clubhead with these irons. That suits better players because it won’t instill confidence in higher handicappers.

These irons feel tremendous and offer you excellent workability. You can shape shots easily with them, whether hitting a draw or fade.

They have a forged hollow-body design that offers incredible power. You get fast ball speeds across the entire face for great distance.

The progressive engineering in this iron set makes the long irons easier to hit. Also, it gives you more control with the short irons to help your accuracy.

Callaway Apex DCB (Best Distance Cavity-Back)

Best Distance Cavity-Back
Callaway Apex DCB Irons

The Callaway Apex DCB is a unique golf iron with the forgiveness of a cavity back and the feel of forged. 

  • Most forgiving Apex iron Callaway has made, without sacrificing any distance
  • Lots of ball speed
  • Incredible forged 1025 feel 
  • Urethane microsphere for reduced vibration at impact 
  • First Apex iron created with AI
  • One of the higher-priced iron choices on the market 
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The Callaway Apex DCB golf irons are the best distance cavity-back irons. Including a cavity-back iron in the Apex range is a new concept from Callaway. It allows the mid-handicapper to use this model without sacrificing performance.

In the past, the Apex range targeted the lower handicap player with a more consistent and stable swing. With the addition of the Apex DCB, even the more inconsistent player can benefit from a forged cavity-back iron.

These irons offer average players forgiveness and a high launch, but they get this in irons with a premium feel. That feel is down to the urethane microspheres in the clubhead. These irons are an excellent choice if you want forgiveness and a high launch without sacrificing feel.

TaylorMade Stealth (Best Game Improvement)

Best Game Improvement
TaylorMade Stealth Irons

The TaylorMade Stealth Irons was a highly anticipated release from TaylorMade; a game improvement iron with the feel of a forged golf club is hard to come by, but TaylorMade has accomplished it.

  • Forged feel in a game-improvement iron
  • More forgiving than the previous model
  • Stylish design
  • Phenomenal accuracy
  • High launch
  • Nice impact sound
  • High price
  • Low spin makes it hard to stop the ball
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The TaylorMade Stealth irons are the best game-improvement irons. They have a new Cap Back Design that helps improve the overall consistency of this iron while giving it a premium look.

The Thru Slot Speed Pocket helps to increase ball speed and forgiveness on the club face. Your shots will still finish pretty well, even if you miss the center of the clubface.

These irons have a low center of gravity and give players a high launch, making them easy to hit. That’s crucial in game-improvement irons because higher handicappers usually struggle in this area.

That also helps these players to add distance because it promotes longer carry distances. And the high launch helps them stop the ball on the green, although not as well as more spin would.

Callaway Rogue ST Max (Best Super Game Improvement)

The Callaway Rogue ST Max irons are the best super game-improvement irons. You get incredible forgiveness with these irons without a drop-off in overall performance.

The new AI Face optimization creates each iron uniquely. So, Callaway optimized every iron in the set to perform its best when you need it.

These irons feel similar to forged irons even though they have a cavity-back design. But you get more forgiveness from these irons than forged ones, making them perfect for higher handicappers.

The easy launch also suits these players. They’ll be able to get the ball to launch high and stop quickly on the greens.

High handicappers can also maximize their distance because these irons produce high ball speeds. They’ll serve you well if you need super game-improvement irons.

Titleist Women’s T400 (Best Premium for Women)

Best Premium for Women
Titleist Women's T400 Irons

The Titleist T400 Irons are for golfers looking for longer distances, higher launch, and some of the most premium performance in the game. 

  • Tungsten weighting in the heel and toe
  • Higher and farther launch
  • Great for moderate swing speeds
  • Progressive set design
  • Expensive golf iron set
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The Titleist Women’s T400 irons are the best premium option for women. They can expect phenomenal forgiveness with these irons, whether it’s an off-center strike or a fat shot.

These irons launch high and are super easy to hit. Women can expect incredible distances from these irons due to the strong lofts.

Women with slower swing speeds often struggle to launch the ball and get optimal distance. But the T400 help them in that department, allowing them to reach greens that otherwise might’ve been beyond them.

A progressive set design for the T400s means the blade lengths, sole widths, and hosel lengths change throughout the set. That gives women the optimal center of gravity positioning and preferred shaping for each club.

Ping G425 (Best for Beginners)

Best for Beginners
PING G425 Irons

The Ping G425 has a face of a metal wood, variable face thickness, and incredible spin for stopping the ball on the green. 

  • Higher MOI
  • Multi Material cavity back for better feel
  • Hydropearl finish
  • Arccos technology for game tracking
  • Premium golf shaft offerings
  • Longer irons are not necessarily the most forgiving on the market
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The Ping G425 irons are the best for beginners. Ping is renowned for making high-quality golf clubs, and these irons keep that tradition alive.

Beginners get plenty of forgiveness in these irons. However, we think the long irons could offer a little more forgiveness because they’re harder to hit than short irons. But the MOI is still high, so beginners get the forgiveness they need.

The ball comes off the clubface fast when you hit these irons. It helps you increase ball speeds and add distance to your iron game.

Sometimes that comes at the cost of feel. But not with these irons because they feel sensational and are stable at impact.

Ping embedded Arccos sensors into the grips throughout the G425 range. It’s a nice bonus to be able to track your performance so easily.

Titleist T300 (Best for High Handicappers)

Best for High Handicappers
Titleist T300 Irons

Titleist has been in the game improvement sector for a few years now. The T300 shows that this is a company capable of making clubs for all skill levels; impressive distance, forgiveness, and impeccable feel are key components in a game improvement iron. 

  • Phenomenal feel
  • Plenty of forgiveness
  • Excellent feedback
  • Tight dispersion
  • Amazing control
  • Some workability
  • Other brands have slightly higher ball speeds
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The Titleist T300 irons are the best for high handicappers. They give these players the benefits of game-improvement irons without compromising feel.

Many high handicappers have been around the game for a while and like irons with a good feel. But they still need the perfromance of game-improvement irons, so the T300 ones are a perfect fit.

The Max Impact Technology in these irons makes them super forgiving. Also, more Tungsten weighting in the clubhead adds to that forgiveness.

That also optimizes launch and ball speed, helping high handicappers get more distance. They’re not the longest irons on the market, but the all-around performance is impressive.

Wilson Launch Pad 2 (Most Forgiving)

Most Forgiving
Wilson Launch Pad 2 Irons

The Wilson Launch Pad 2 Golf Irons are a hybrid type design with a higher launch, a midsize grip, and a look that provides increased player confidence.

  • Amazing forgiveness
  • Easy to generate higher clubhead speeds
  • Lightweight
  • Anti scratching finish
  • Thin face for maximum ball speeds
  • Higher launching ball flight
  • Lacks precision
  • Short irons are not as responsive as other models
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The Wilson Launch Pad 2 irons are the most forgiving on the market. You should consider these irons if you need raw forgiveness because your ball striking is inconsistent.

The hollow design of the clubhead makes them super forgiving. You won’t notice much drop-off in performance even on off-center strikes.

An incredibly thin clubface combines with the hollow design to deliver fast ball speeds. Also, these irons are lightweight, making it easy to generate more clubhead speed and helping you gain distance.

The wide soles stop the leading edge from digging into the turf. That benefits players who tend to hit chunk shots.

A low center of gravity combined with the wide soles makes these irons incredibly easy to launch. That adds to the forgiveness for players who need it.

Cleveland Launcher XL Halo (Best for Seniors)

Best for Seniors
Cleveland Launcher XL Halo Irons

The Cleveland Launcher Irons have been some of the best super game improvement irons from the start; with a hybrid shape and plenty of extra distance, this club is very easy to hit.

  • Forgiving throughout the set
  • Fantastic turf interaction
  • Well balanced
  • Great accuracy and control
  • Easy to launch
  • Help deliver a smooth swing
  • Bulky heads can be distracting
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The Cleveland Launcher XL Halo irons are the best for seniors. They’re well-balanced and help seniors with stability for a smooth swing.

These irons help seniors launch the ball into the air. They have a low center of gravity that makes it easier for these players to launch the ball.

The progressive design also helps with this. It helps seniors hit long irons high with low spin while creating higher spin and launch with short irons.

Sometimes seniors struggle to hit long irons and need to switch them out for hybrids. But these irons are perfectly designed to suit the needs of the senior golfer.

What to Consider When Buying Irons

When buying irons, you should consider forgiveness, launch, distance, feel, and design.


You should consider forgiveness when buying the best golf irons. Some players will need more forgiveness than others.

For instance, higher handicappers need more forgiveness than lower handicappers. Players with less ability don’t strike the ball as consistently.

More forgiveness helps these players, ensuring the drop-off in performance isn’t too great. It makes the game easier for them, and inconsistent ball strikers can use irons like the Wilson Launch Pad 2.

Better players likely want less forgiveness in favor of other features like improved feel and workability. That gives them the feedback they need and allows them to hit versatile shots, and they can consider irons like TaylorMade P770.


It’s crucial to consider launch when buying the best golf irons. No matter your level, you should check the launch of the irons you want to buy.

Some players hit the ball low and can benefit from higher-launching irons like the Callaway Rogue ST Max. Others hit the ball too high and should look at irons with a lower launch.


You should consider distance when buying the best golf irons. Again, it’ll be more important for some golfers than others.

Better players can often afford to give less importance to distance. They usually hit the ball quite far, so it’s less of a priority.

Average golfers and higher handicappers should prioritize distance. It can make the game much easier if they can add extra yards to their games. So, these players can use irons like the Callaway Apex DCB.


You should consider the feel when buying the best golf irons. Traditionally, forged irons a much better feel than cast iron ones. But that’s not the case anymore.

Irons like the Ping G425 offer excellent feel even though they aren’t forged. That allows beginners and high handicappers to experience incredible feel in forgiving clubs.


The design is essential to consider when buying the best golf irons. There are two main designs: blades and cavity backs.

Blade irons are typically forged, while cavity-back irons are usually cast iron. It’s harder to hit blade irons than cavity-back ones.

Better players generally prefer blade irons because they have more feel, giving these golfers more feedback. Also, it’s easier to work the ball with these irons, and better players need to hit draws and fades when necessary.

The feel of cavity-back irons has gotten better, although still not equal to blades. These irons are more forgiving and often offer players more distance. So, higher handicappers benefit from cavity-back irons.


What Are the Top Rated Irons in Golf?

Mizuno makes some of the best golf irons on the market. These irons are known for their exceptional feel and workability, and many elite players use them.

However, companies like Titleist, Callaway, TaylorMade, and Ping make some fantastic players’ irons. These five companies make some of the top-rated irons in golf.

What Irons Are the Easiest to Hit?

Cavity-back irons are the easiest to hit. These irons offer plenty of forgiveness and a high launch.

Higher handicappers get the best from cavity-back irons. They need forgiveness and higher launch to help them to generate more distance.


The Mizuno Pro 221 irons are the best blade irons in 2023. They offer better players exceptional feel and incredible control.

These players can easily work the ball with these irons, hitting draws and fades on command. The Pro 221 are versatile irons with a sleek design that elite players love.

The Titleist Women’s T400 irons are the best premium option for women. They offer excellent forgiveness and promote a high launch.

Women can benefit from the impressive distance they create. Also, they’re great for players with moderate swing speeds.

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