6 Best Golf Iron Covers in 2022

When you’re carrying your golf bag, you definitely have tossed it over your shoulder and heard the clanging of the clubs back and forth. You may not think much about it, but every time your clubs hit each other, it could be damaging.

There’s a reason you keep drivers and putters covered when you aren’t using them, and that’s to protect them. You don’t want to ding or scratch your clubs, and the same principle should go for your irons. That’s why you should consider buying golf iron covers.

You may not realize it, but grass and the ball aren’t the two things irons are hitting. Your trunk, metal from other clubs, pavement, and even your own hands can diminish the effectiveness of your irons. Using iron covers is a good idea if you are worried about your clubs being nicked or scratched. They can cover the head of the club, making it easier for them to be carried without suffering any damage.

Here are the best golf iron covers for you to use next time you’re riding or walking during a round.

Best Golf Iron Covers: Our Top Picks

If you want our recommendations right away, here they are. Read further for the complete list and individual reviews.

1. Callaway Golf Iron Headcovers (Best Overall)

Best Overall
Callaway Golf Iron Headcovers
$49.99 $46.41

These protect your irons, especially while you’re walking during a round. You don’t have to worry if you’re right-handed or left-handed, as they can slide on both orientations of clubs.

  • Breathable fabric reduces moisture
  • Fits both hand orientations
  • Includes nine headcovers in a set
  • Comes in oversize or standard sizing
  • Only offered in a few colors
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05/30/2023 06:14 pm GMT

Are you worried that putting head covers on your irons will lead to them corroding? Don’t have that fear when you use these. They come in a set of nine and accommodate your four iron through your pitching wedge.

They fit both right and left-handed clubs to work for all golfers. Extremely compatible, you’ll find they cover all the leading brands of clubs. Made from breathable construction, the fabric covers reduce moisture build-up to prevent corrosion.

You won’t struggle to take these on and off as they slide on and stay on until you pull them off. They won’t fall off while you’re walking, thanks to the tight fit. One size fits all for these.

The design will fit in with any bag. If you’re looking for oversize iron covers, the red option should fit those better. The gray is for more standard-size irons.

2. Craftsman Golf Thick Synthetic Leather Golf Iron Head Covers Set (Best Waterproof Iron Covers)

Best Waterproof Iron Covers
Craftsman Golf Thick Synthetic Leather Golf Iron Head Covers Set
$24.99 $20.69

Don’t worry about these getting wet. The high-quality PU leather fits oversize and standard irons, and the Velcro closing guarantees it stays on.

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05/30/2023 01:53 pm GMT

If you tend to play a lot of rounds in rainy weather, this is the set for you. Made from high-quality PU leather, each cover is waterproof, so your clubs will remain dry. The material is thick to protect your club heads. These will fit oversize and standard irons well. The Velcro closing helps the cover stay on tightly.

This set comes with 12 covers, so you’ll be able to cover your three iron to your lob wedge. There are multiple colors that you can choose from.

Plus, you can personalize your own to better suit your needs. You can clean each of them with a wet cloth. These will only work for right-handed clubs.

3. Sword & Shield Neoprene Zipper Golf Club Iron Head Covers (Best Zipper Iron Covers)

Best Zipper Iron Covers
Sword & Shield Neoprene Zipper Golf Club Iron Head Covers

If you’re worried about your covers falling off, these keep them tight with zipper closures—this set of ten works great for standard irons.

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05/30/2023 03:18 pm GMT

As you’re walking, some ill-fitting covers are bound to fall off. That isn’t the case with this set. You’ll get 10 covers that all have zipper closures, keeping them snug to your club heads. They are designed to fit on standard irons and have the coinciding club number on them.

These only work for right-handed clubs, as the number is only on one side. Made from neoprene, they slide on easily.

There are eight different color patterns you can choose from. They help prevent damage while you’re carrying your bag. 

4. Aliennana Golf Iron Head Covers Set (Best Designs)

Best Designs
Aliennana Golf Iron Head Covers Set

Set your irons apart from the rest of the boring options. These come in fun patterns and designs and are made from premium leather.

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05/30/2023 02:13 pm GMT

Since headcovers are one of the must-have accessories for any golfer, protect the heads and hosels of your clubs and show off some style with these. Offering plenty of patriotic themes, including flags, shamrocks, and even aliens, you’ll find a set for you.

You can pick between a set of 10, 5, or even just a single cover. Made from premium and durable leather, they are water and stain-resistant.

Each has a Velcro closure to keep the cover on. These are made to fit both oversized and regular clubs. 

5. Scorpion Premium Golf Iron Club Head Covers (Best Value)

Best Value
Scorpion Premium Golf Iron Club Head Covers

You’ll love the amount of value you get from this set. This is a set of ten that is less than $1.30 per piece. 

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05/30/2023 04:33 pm GMT

Golf clubs cost enough as it is. This set of covers won’t put a large dent in your savings account. They are made from 100% neoprene and offer excellent protection for your clubs.

These fit standard-size clubs from Nike, Titleist, TaylorMade, Callaway, and more. You’ll get 10 in a set, and they cost less than $1.30 per cover.

Offered in multiple colors combinations, you can find a set that best matches your bag. There is a clear polyurethane cover on each one that shows the number of the iron. The twist-designed Velcro keeps the covers on tight.

6. Hugelong Golf Iron Covers (Best Knit Set)

Hugelong Golf Iron Covers

For a set that tightly weaves around your clubs and stays on while you’re walking, you’ll love the look of this. Great for both right and left-handed clubs, these covers are breathable and patriotic.

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05/30/2023 02:58 pm GMT

Fitting easily over your clubs but remaining tightly on so you don’t have to worry about them falling off, this set makes a lot of sense for golfers who love to walk during rounds. The knit design with the American flag is fun to look at, and the breathable material won’t build up condensation on your clubs.

These will fit both left and right-handed irons, and they come in a set of 11 covers. You’ll be able to cover your three through nine-iron as well as your approach, sand, pitching, and lob wedge. You can wash this set if it gets dirty.

What to Consider When Buying Golf Iron Covers?

There are a few things to consider when looking for golf iron covers.

First, you want to choose the closure that best suits your clubs. Zipper closures guarantee that your covers stay on, but they are more challenging to take off. Velcro closures must be kept clear so that they continue to stick close when you need them to.

You can also choose ones that slide over your clubs, but they may move around when you’re walking. Picking the right material for you matters as well. There are neoprene, knit fabric, leather, and more options.

Finally, you want to pick covers that match your bag and clubs. The design should be something that speaks to you but also looks good. There are plenty of color options on the market. 

Do I Need Golf Iron Covers?

Most professional golfers do not use iron covers. But a select few do, such as Euro Tour and PGA Tour member Aaron Rai. When you’re a bigger-name golfer, you tend to have access to newer clubs and equipment than amateur, everyday golfers.

People tend to buy golf iron covers to protect their investments. You shouldn’t feel embarrassed to own iron covers if you use them to keep your irons from getting dinged up and scratched. You may not see many people around you with iron covers, but that shouldn’t stop you if you’re interested in them.

Is getting them a must? No, especially if you don’t walk many rounds. But they can help protect your clubs.

What Are Other Types of Headcovers?

You can get a headcover for any club in your bag. Most people have large covers for their drivers because they have the biggest heads. You’ve no doubt seen Tiger Woods’s headcover that looks like a tiger in his bag before.

Most new drivers and putters come with headcovers, but you can customize your bag with fun or novelty headcovers. It tends to be more important to use headcovers on drivers, hybrids, and putters, as they’re more expensive clubs.

Keeping them in top condition will help you maintain your clubs longer. You should have a headcover for any driver or wood you have in your bag. While a putter cover isn’t a necessity, it is frequently used by amateur and pro golfers alike. 

Wrapping It Up and Heading to the Clubhouse

Iron covers will protect your irons while you’re walking, transporting your clubs to and from the course, or riding during a round. They can stop your clubs from developing any nicks or dents when they hit against each other. They aren’t necessary but can be a vital part of your golf bag.

Different materials are used for iron covers, such as leather, fabric, or neoprene. You’ll be able to find ones that match your bags or clubs and, even if you have oversize clubs, there are options to cover those. Protecting your irons with covers can make your clubs last longer. 

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