6 Best Golf Simulator Impact Screens & Enclosures

golf impact screen

Whether you practice a lot on your golf simulator or use it for family entertainment, you’ll want the best golf simulator impact screen and enclosure for your needs. The screen must have a clear picture suitable for those virtual driving range and golf course sessions.

And you want something that stands up to the rigors of smashing golf balls against it. There’s no room for weakness in a golf impact screen.

When it comes to a home golf simulator, you need a screen and enclosure that fits your space. It’s unlikely that you’ll have enough room for a commercial setup.

These are the best golf simulator impact screens and enclosures in 2022.

Best Overall

SIG12 Golf Simulator Enclosure

The Indoor Golf Shop created this golf simulator enclosure as part of their Signature Series. You’ll love how easy this enclosure is to set up. And the high-quality screen is clear and durable.

  • Large screen
  • Clear picture
  • Tough and durable
  • Image fills 100% of the screen
  • Protective foam and netting
  • Easy to assemble
  • High price
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The SIG12 Golf Simulator Enclosure is the best overall golf impact screen and enclosure. You get a secure enclosure built to last with this golf simulator screen.

At almost 12 feet wide and 9 feet high, you’ll be impressed with the size of the screen. And the HD quality gives you a clear picture of the simulated practice range or golf course, with a 4:3 aspect ratio projection.

Also, this impact screen is super tough and durable. It is built to withstand ball speeds of up to 250 mph.

Another thing we like is that the image fills 100% of this golf simulator screen. There’s no empty space at the top and bottom like you see with other screens.

Double-stitched black vinyl edges frame the screen, giving it a classy look. And grommets around the perimeter make it easy to mount.

This enclosure has durable nylon walls that connect the screen to the frame. And foam padding helps protect the enclosure’s poles from any stray shots.

Additionally, side netting helps to protect the area around the enclosure. The last thing you want is a golf ball bouncing around your golf simulator room and breaking something.

The minimum space requirements for the SIG12 are 14 ft wide x 10 ft high x 20 ft deep.


SwingBay Golf Simulator Screen & Enclosure

Rain or Shine Golf designed this golf simulator screen and enclosure. It’s quite easy to set up and looks professional. The golf impact screen is heavy and durable.

  • Easy to set up
  • Looks great
  • Heavy-duty projector screen
  • Crisp picture
  • Enclosure reduces external light
  • Takes up less space than the SIG12
  • High price
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The SwingBay Golf Simulator Screen and Enclosure is a worthy runner-up. This golf impact screen and enclosure is pretty easy to set up and looks fantastic.

Rain or Shine Golf developed it based on feedback from hundreds of their customers. So, you can be assured this is user-friendly and gets the job done.

The heavy-duty projector screen is built to withstand thousands of shots at ball speeds of up to 250 mph. It’s fully optimized for a 4:3 aspect ratio projection, with the tightly woven fiber material giving a crisp picture. That picture quality makes the practice range or golf course look amazing onscreen.

And a bungee system keeps the screen tight for a better visual experience. However, it keeps the screen loose enough so that the ball won’t rebound toward you at speed.

Made from commercial-grade polyester, the surrounding enclosure is sturdy. The sides and upper walls are blacked out to stop external light from blurring the picture.

Also, the enclosure is thick and offers protection from those mishit shots. So you can hit with confidence, knowing that inevitable bad shots won’t damage your property.

This golf impact screen requires a minimum space of 12 ft wide x 9 ft high x 16 ft deep.

Budget Pick

Cimarron Impact Projection Screen

This golf impact screen is made of commercial-grade polyester. You can use it as a projection screen, an impact screen, or a baffle net. Its dimensions are 10 ft x 10 ft.

  • Low price
  • Multi-functional use
  • Tough and durable
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Easily washed
  • Picture clarity not as good as other screens
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The Cimarron Impact Projection Screen is our choice for the best budget golf simulator screen. With dimensions of 10 ft x 10 ft, you get a good area to practice one.

This golf impact screen is flat and white, working well as a projection screen. You can use this for virtual practice or play various courses.

Also, this screen is thick and durable, absorbing golf ball impacts at high speeds. That’s down to the extra-tough materials it’s made from.

You can use this screen indoors or outdoors. And if it gets dirty, you can wash it easily and quickly.

Best Value

SIG DIY Golf Simulator Enclosure

This DIY golf simulator impact screen and enclosure is perfect if you enjoy working on projects and like saving money. It includes everything in The Indoor Golf Shop’s SIG Series except the framing, which you have to source and build yourself.

  • 3 different sizes (8'8', 8'x10.5', 9'x12')
  • Great price
  • Great for those who love a project to work on
  • Tough and durable screen
  • High-quality picture
  • Enclosure looks classy
  • Protective foam and netting
  • DIY assembly is not for everyone
  • Must source piping for the frame yourself
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The SIG DIY Golf Simulator Enclosure is the best value golf simulator impact screen. Although you need to be handy at DIY projects, you can save almost 60 percent of the cost on the SIG12.

However, you get all the best features of the number one enclosure on our list. That includes a SIGPRO Premium Screen to give you HD quality projections.

The SIG Surround is made of durable vinyl material and makes up the side and upper walls of the enclosure. This looks classy and connects the golf impact screen to the enclosure, while foam padding protects the frame.

Side barrier netting offers extra protection to your surrounding area. And sandbags anchor the net, keeping it tight to stop any wayward golf balls.

This DIY enclosure comes in three different sizes. So, make sure to check out the minimum space requirements for each option.

Best Retractable

HomeCourse Pro Retractable Golf Simulator Screen

This golf simulator screen is retractable and wireless. With the click of a remote, you can turn your space into a golf practice area. This screen can be extended as wide as 14 feet.

  • Good price
  • Retractable screen
  • Easy to install
  • Durable with ballistic grade material
  • Extendable width
  • Fully wireless
  • Must buy a wall mount separately if you have a high ceiling
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The HomeCourse Pro Retractable Golf Simulator Screen also offers you fantastic value. However, you won’t have to do much work with this one as it’s easy to install.

One of the best features of this screen is that it’s fully retractable at the touch of a button. If you don’t want a permanent golf simulator in your area, you can easily remove it. Then, you can convert the space back to a golf simulator in under 30 seconds when you want a hit.

The screen is made of ballistic grade material, so you know it will be durable. It’s designed to flex at the bottom, allowing your golf ball to roll back to your feet.

The Pro Arms at the edge of the screen act as barriers to protect your space. They’re also made of ballistic grade material so that the ball won’t get past them.

However, you can open the Pro Arms if you’re not worried about the protection. When they’re extended, it gives you a 14ft-wide projectable area to play on, ideal for a 16:9 aspect ratio.

The minimum space requirements are 10 ft wide x 8.5 ft high x 8 ft deep – width changes if you want to extend the Pro Arms.

Also Great

The Net Return Simulator Series Golf Net

This golf simulator impact screen is made of durable polyester material. Velcro tabs make the screen simple to install. The enclosure has side and rear black nylon valences, with side barriers to ultimate safety.

  • Durable screen
  • Withstands ball speeds of 200 mph+
  • Sturdy frame
  • Protective side barriers work well
  • Looks great
  • High price
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The Net Return Simulator Series Golf Net is also a great golf simulator impact screen and enclosure. It’s made with high-quality materials and is very sturdy.

The screen is made with white polyester fabric that withstands high ball speeds. And the floating design minimizes rebound, which reduces the impact on the screen. That combination makes this golf impact screen very durable.

The aluminum frame is sturdy and holds the enclosure together perfectly. You get a stylish look with the black nylon valances at the rear and sides.

However, you also get protection with that style. The side barriers protect the surrounding area, and they are held tight with sandbags for ultimate safety.

The minimum space requirements are 12 ft wide x 9 ft high x 16 ft deep.

What to Consider When Choosing a Golf Simulator Impact Screen

When choosing a golf simulator impact screen, you should consider picture quality, aspect ratio, durability, size, and enclosure.

Picture Quality

You want the screen to be of good quality with a clear picture. A poor-quality screen that gives you blurred images can ruin the virtual experience.

For an immersive experience, you want the images to be crisp. Who wants to play Augusta on a blurry and grainy screen?

A white screen with a smooth surface gives you the best picture. And when the weave on the screen is tighter, the picture quality is generally better.

Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio relates to the width and height of your screen. Generally, a 4:3 aspect ratio suits a screen with a square shape. Most screens support this aspect ratio.

However, a 16:9 aspect ratio gives you a wider, more rectangular image on the screen. Therefore, this works better with widescreen golf simulators.

It’s essential to match your screen with the aspect ratio of the projector you’ll use. That ensures the image on the screen will fit perfectly and give you the best experience.


The durability of a golf impact screen is essential to consider. You don’t want to punch a hole in the screen after a few hits with the driver.

Not only does the screen have to absorb fast ball speeds, but it must do so repeatedly. Therefore, you’ll want a screen that’s made of durable material, like all the screens on our list.

Of course, some screens are more durable than others. So, think about how much you’ll be using the golf simulator screen before buying it. The more you’re going to use it, the more durable you want it to be.


Considering the size of a golf simulator impact screen is crucial. It needs to fit your space, so it’s important to check the minimum space requirements.

The company will provide this information on its website. They’ll give you width, height, and depth measurement requirements.

Some people may be tempted to overlook the depth requirements, but that’s a mistake. This measurement ensures your safety when hitting against the golf impact screen.


You’ll want to consider the enclosure when choosing a golf simulator impact screen. Some screens come without an enclosure, while others have a full enclosure surrounding the screen.

A full enclosure is the best choice for protection. They have sidewalls and nets to stop mishits from causing any damage. You’ll be glad of this when it stops a ball from smashing your computer or TV screen.

Also, many enclosures have black sides and upper walls. This stops light from falling on the screen, ensuring you get the best possible picture.

So, consider the enclosure for protection and a better overall golf simulator experience.

What Type of Screen Do I Need for a Golf Simulator?

For a golf simulator, you need a heavy-duty golf impact screen that’s tough and durable enough to take the repeated impact. A screen with a double layer or even a triple layer will offer the best durability.

A double-layer impact screen works well for a golf simulator. It’s durable enough to give you a clear picture of the simulation.

However, if you want to use the impact screen for other uses like a home theatre, it’s best to go with a triple-layer screen. This generally has fabric with a tighter mesh that displays an excellent picture for a home theatre, while additional shock-absorbing materials make it perfect for a golf simulator.

Can You Use a Normal Projector Screen for a Golf Simulator?

No, you can’t use a normal projector screen for a golf simulator. Instead, you need to use a golf impact screen for a golf simulator.

Golf balls travel at high speeds, and they’ll easily punch a hole in a standard projector screen. Not only will that ruin the screen, but it’s also dangerous. When the golf ball breaks the screen, it could ricochet and hurt you or someone else.

How Long Do Golf Impact Screens Last?

For personal use, a golf impact screen should last at least one year but usually longer. Of course, it depends on how often you use it and how many golf balls you hit.

Some golf impact screens can last for up to 5000 shots. However, some premium screens can take up to 15000 shots.

How Far Should a Screen Be from a Golf Simulator?

A screen should be at least six feet from a golf simulator, while the maximum distance is about 14 feet. Eight feet is the optimal distance.

However, this depends on the system you’re using. Always check with the manufacturer to see how far the optimal distance is for their product.


Overall, the SIG12 Golf Simulator Enclosure is the best golf impact screen and enclosure. The large screen has HD quality and gives you a clear picture that fills 100% of the screen.

The screen is tough and durable, withstanding golf ball speeds of up to 250 mph. And the sturdy enclosure offers excellent protection to the surrounding area.

The Cimarron Impact Projection Screen is the best budget option. You’ll get this golf impact screen at a fantastic price.

You can use it as a projection screen, an impact screen, or a baffle net. It’s great for indoor and outdoor use. And if you use it outdoors a lot, you can easily wash off any dirt.

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