7 Best Golf Grips In 2021 (Read Before You Buy)

Golfers should be purchasing new grips much more often than they are. A great set of grips can completely change the feel of a set of clubs. So if you find that you are having a hard time holding on to your golf clubs, putting in a new set of grips is a smart way to get more control. There are many different types of golf grips on the market, and they all have their own unique benefits and features. We have put together seven of the best golf grips in 2021; chances are, when you find a grip you love, you will stick with it for a long time. 

  1. Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 (Best Overall)
  2. Lamkin TS1 Standard (Runner-up)
  3. Tour Shop Fresno Super Stroke Cross Comfort Golf Grips (Best Value)
  4. Winn Dri Tac (Best For Sweaty Hands)
  5. CHAMPKEY Traction-X Golf Grips (Best Midsize Golf Grips)
  6. Karma Velour Pink Ladies 13 Piece Golf Grip Bundle (Best Golf Grips For Women 2021)
  7. Senior Men’s Majek Jumbo Oversize Tour Pro Velvet Golf Grips (Best For Seniors)

1. Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 (Best Overall)

Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Standard Green 13 Piece Golf Grip Bundle
  • Bundle contains 13 grips (note: does not include grip tape or grip solvent)
  • 52 grams in weight
  • Grip shape round

The Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 grips are the best overall choice for new golf grips in 2021. With these on your clubs, you will have so much more able to work the ball and a lot more confidence in connection with your iron. I have tried these golf grips repeatedly for years and can’t find anything that I like better. 

The new MCC Plus 4 edition means a larger outside diameter in the lower hand of the grip. This allows golfers to take the right hand (right-handed player) out of the equation just a bit more. For those that get a bit handsy, especially in the short game, the MCC Plus 4 is a perfect choice to help control the hands. 

Two things make Golf Pride stand out as the best on the market. The first is the all-weather playability, and the other is the ability to control the grip pressure. The Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 quickly moves to the top of the list with these two features. 


  • Encourages a lighter grip pressure
  • Excellent connection to the club even in rainy conditions
  • Available in a variety of colors and sizes


  • It tends to be a bit expensive 

2. Lamkin TS1 Standard (Runner-up)

Lamkin TS1 Standard - 13 Piece Golf Grip Kit (with Tape, Solvent, Vise clamp)
  • Made with a proprietary Hybrid Compound that is slightly softer than traditional rubbers, but with exceptional durability and torsion control
  • Multi-durometer provides unmatched comfort in the lower hand and functional performance in the upper hand
  • Straighter profile with a slightly larger lower hand promotes the ideal light pressure grip for greater consistency and control

Lamkin is a smaller grip manufacturer that doesn’t get quite as much attention as Golf Pride. However, once you put a few of these Lamkin grips in your hands, you will be thoroughly impressed with their ability to perform. The TS1 standard is an excellent option for any golfer, and it comes with a complete regripping kit. 

The Hybrid Compound used to make the Lamkin TS1 standard is quite soft, and it tends to hold up really well over time. There is nothing worse than a grip that feels good for a few weeks and then starts to deteriorate. Even if you love to practice, the Lamkin TS1 should hold up just fine. 

If you like a combination of comfort and a great connection with the club, the TS1 is a good choice. I really liked the slightly larger lower hand as it helped me ease up on my grip pressure a bit. Lamkin makes high-quality products, and they have been for many years. 


  • Hybrid compound materials help to promote a better feel
  • Durable grips that will last a long time 
  • Omes with a regripping kit


  • Lamkin brand is not as well known as the Golf Pride 

3. Tour Shop Fresno Super Stroke Cross Comfort Golf Grips (Best Value)

If you follow golf closely, then you have likely heard of the Super Stroke putting grips. These grips are large, and they are unlike any other grip on the market. However, many golfers are not aware the Super Stroke makes a wide variety of grips to choose from, not just putter grips. The Tour Shop Fresno Super Stroke is our best value option. 

I was shocked to see the fair pricing on these high-performing grips for a name as big as this brand. In addition, the technology on the Cross Comfort incorporates a soft and tacky polyurethane outer layer; this will be very similar to the Winn Dri Tac technology. 

The firm inner layer on the Super Stroke Cross Comfort helps to give golfers the firmness and stability they need when swinging with power. Overall I like the choices regarding both size and color on the Super Stroke Cross Comfort. 


  • Excellent price for a set of grips
  • It has a soft, tacky material similar to Winn 
  • Holds up well over time 


  • Material may not be as comfortable as the true Winn grip 

4. Winn Dri Tac (Best For Sweaty Hands)

Winn Dri-Tac Standard Navy Blue - 9 Piece Golf Grip Bundle
  • Bundle contains 9 grips (note: does not include grip tape or grip solvent)
  • Grip weight: 48 grams
  • Grip size: men's standard
  • Grip shape: round
  • Includes Grip installation instructions

The Winn golf grips have been a favorite for many years. With the polymer materials that Winn uses, players get a much different feel on their clubs than they may be used to. In addition, the grips help to ensure that you have a better connection with the club and that there is no sliding or slipping at impact. 

The Winn Dri Tac takes golf grip technology to another level. With the Dri Tac, you will feel almost as though your hands are sticking to the golf club. This is a great feeling that doesn’t wear off quickly and seems to work even better when your hands get sweaty. 


  • Great feel and will keep your hand from slipping
  • New Winn Dri Tac technology ensures grips last longer
  • Available in a variety of sizes and colors 


  • Very unique feel and won’t work as well with a glove on

5. CHAMPKEY Traction-X Golf Grips (Best Midsize Golf Grips)

CHAMPKEY Traction-X Golf Grips 13 Pack | High Traction and Feedback Rubber Golf Club Grips | Choose Between 13 Grips with 15 Tapse and 13 Grips with All Kits
  • ⭐ PRODUCT SPEC - Grip Size : Standard / Midsize , Core Size : 0.600" Round , Grip Lenth : 10.50" , Weight : 50 g / 55g , 15 tapes included.
  • ⭐ PROPRIETARY RUBBER MATERIAL - Exclusive high-feedback rubber material used to providing precise ball feedback and comfortable feel all time.
  • ⭐ TEXTURE CONTROL- 3 kinds of micro texture used to improve traction & control and provide comfortable feel in any conditions.
  • ⭐ TAPER PROFILE - Traditional taper profile encourages lighter grip pressure, promoting less tension in the hands and creating more fluidity and power throughout the swing.
  • ⭐ AFTER SERVICE - Champkey Backed by 100% Money back Guarantee, this is totally risk-free buy.If you have any question please contact "Champkey service" to get help .

Midsize golf grips help the players that have large hands maintain control over the club. But, believe it or not, playing with the wrong golf grip size can significantly impact your ability to score. If you want a reasonably priced set of grips available in the midsize option, the Champkey Traction X Golf Grips are a great choice. 

These are grips made with a proprietary rubber material that the golf traditionalist will love. In addition, they have a bit of a tapered profile, so more of a classic feel with this grip in your hand. The Traction X pattern ensures plenty of surface area for your hand to properly feel what it needs to do with this grip. Overall it’s hard to go wrong with this price if you want to try out midsize grips in 2021. 


  • Comes with 13 grips 
  • Very fair pricing
  • Traction X pattern helps to give golfers more control over the club 


  • Traditional taper profile can be difficult for some golfers that struggle with grip pressure 

6. Karma Velour Pink Ladies 13 Piece Golf Grip Bundle (Best Golf Grips For Women 2021)

Karma Velour Pink Ladies 13 Piece Golf Grip Bundle
  • Features a classic all pink color scheme with a familiar and proven grip pattern.
  • Bundle contains 13 grips (NOTE: does not include grip tape or grip solvent)
  • Grip Size: Ladies / Men's Undersize
  • Grip Weight: 42 Grams
  • Grip Shape: Round; Core Size: 0. 560"

Although choosing golf grips of all different colors can be fun for female golfers, the most crucial factor to consider is the size of the grip. Most women golfers have a hand size that is slightly smaller than men; this will, in turn, make it much better to use an undersized golf grip. 

The Karma Velour Pink Ladies golf grips have a great feel, and they are undersized. This means that women will have no problem getting their hands around the grip and releasing the club properly. The Karma brand is well known and has excellent reviews when it comes to durability. 


  • Long-lasting quality grips
  • Rubber construction for good all-around performance
  • Undersize perfect option for women 


  • It only comes in the pink color in undersize 

7. Senior Men’s Majek Jumbo Oversize Tour Pro Velvet Golf Grips (Best For Seniors)

Senior golfers tend to struggle when it comes to arthritis. It is an unfortunate thing but comes with the territory of getting older. If you are a senior player and have some pain in your hands, an oversized golf grip is a smart choice. 

The Men’s Majek Jumbo Oversize golf grips make it easier for senior that has a hard time bending their fingers around a standard size grip. These grips have a soft feel, and they will perform very similarly to the Golf Pride Tour Velvet. 


  • Great oversized technology for seniors
  • It can help to ensure less pain while on the course
  • Technology very similar to the Golf Pride Tour Velvet


  • Not as much cushion as some seniors like in their grips 

Tips and Things to Consider When Buying Golf Grips 

Now that you have all of my favorite grip choices for 2021, I will break down some of the things you should consider when choosing the best grip for your game. 


The two basic types of grips on the market are the full rubber compound grip, or something often referred to as a tour wrap. The wrap style grip will look as though it is material wrapped help golfers to feel as though their fingers can dig in on the club. It is much different than the consistent and smooth feel across other standard grips. 


One of the latest technologies in golf grips is the tacky feel. The Tacky feel allows you to get the impression that your hands are almost stuck on the golf club. With this stuck feeling, you can lower your grip pressure and let your grip and hands go to work. 

Some golfers enjoy the softer feel in the grip and like something that almost feels like it has a bit of cushion. Winn is the most well-known manufacturer for softer feel grips. With a Winn grip in your hand, you can almost ensure comfort. 

In addition, you will want to consider whether or not you want a cord-style grip that is rough on the hands. The coarse material helps players control the club and is best for those with breakneck swing speeds


The undersize, standard, midsize, and jumbo (or oversize) are the basic sizes for golf grips. You must ensure that the grips you choose are a match for your hand size. I have heard of so many golfers slicing the ball for years before they realize the only issue was their grip size. This is something that you should look into sooner rather than later. 


Golf grips come in a variety of different colors. This is relatively new as far as golf grip options are concerned, and it has led players to get very detailed in the customization of their clubs. The look will be more of a personal preference, but sometimes it makes sense to look at some of the colors on your golf clubs. For example, if you have black and red shafts and put a green grip on them, the colors could clash a bit. But, again, if you find a great grip you love and only comes in one color, this should not stop you from using it.

How To Choose The Right Size Grip 

Choosing the right grip size is essential for your success on the golf course. One way to get the right grip size is to go for a custom fitting and have your hand measured. If you can’t exercise this option, you can measure your hand at home or go off the size of your golf glove

When you play with grips that are the wrong size, it can cause several different problems in your swing. Many players will see issues with both direction and launch that are related to improper grip size. If you want to learn more about choosing the right grip size, check out our complete guide. 


Hopefully, you feel as though you are ready to purchase your next set of golf grips. The next step in your research will be to learn how to put them on. Luckily this process is not all that difficult, and once you do it, you will feel as though you can permanently take over this job. Golf grips wear out a lot sooner than most people think; try to ensure that you replace your grips as often as possible so you don’t struggle to hold on to your club. One of the worst things for your game is additional and unnecessary grip pressure. This is most often caused by golf grips that are deteriorating. 

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