Best Golf Apps for Android (GPS, Handicap, Score) in 2022

We live in a technological age, folks! And that’s good news for golf lovers because technology is super effective at helping us improve our games. Today, we’ll look at the best golf apps for Android users.

Golf apps are great for giving you the range of each shot, no matter where you are on the course. This removes any guesswork from your game. Having your distances locked in will put you on the fast track to improvement.

Also, golf apps allow you to keep score and log your statistics. You’ll have all the necessary data to study your game, while handicap features mean you can track your improvement. But that’s not all, so let’s get into our list of best golf apps for Android and find out more.

Best Android Golf Apps in 2022 – GPS, Scorecard & Handicap: Reviewed

SwingU (Best Android App for GPS & Rangefinder)

The best Android golf app for GPS/rangefinder has to be SwingU. This app offers an awesome GPS as one of its free features. And the free version isn’t just a trial. It’s FREE FOR LIFE!

But there are fantastic premium features for those who want to pay for the extras. Sometimes you just want to dig into the wallet for some extra help. With SwingU, you won’t have to dig too deep because the premium version is only $4 per month.

This is one of the most consistent and best-performing android golf apps. And the customer reviews don’t lie. SwingU boasts an impressive 4.5-star rating out of 5 from over 47,000 reviews on the Google Play store, a testament to its quality.

In-app Products: $5.49 – $289.99

Free Features

  • GPS that gives distance to every green and obstacle on the golf course – SwingU claims this works on every course in the world.
  • Digital scorecard that tracks your score and putts on every hole, and automatically advances to the next hole.
  • Get a handicap after posting 3 scorecards.
  • Play on-the-course games like skins.
  • Get a daily instruction tip for game improvement.

Premium Features

  • AI-powered digital caddie that gives you club suggestions.
  • “Plays like” yardages that accounts for weather conditions, wind speed, and elevation.
  • SwingU verses allows you to compare your game versus a target handicap of your choice, a scratch golfer, or even a tour pro.
  • Easy access to over 600 drills and lessons.
  • Swing locker allows you to film, save, and categorize your swing. Great for analyzing your swing and working on problem areas.

There’s so much available on the SwingU android golf app. Take it for a spin on the golf course and see for yourself. After all, the awesome GPS rangefinder is only one of the free features to enjoy.

mScorecard (Best app for keeping score)

mscorecard android app image
mScorecard, Google Play Store

At its core, mScorecard is a score-tracking app. It’s one of the best free android golf apps available, and it’s undoubtedly the best app for keeping score. But that’s not all.

You can also use this app for tracking your handicap, calculating Stableford points, counting side games, and giving advanced statistics and distances for up to 5 players.

From almost 7000 reviews, mScorecard has a 4.7-star rating out of 5.

In-app Products: $1.99 – $23.88

Free Features

  • Track your score, strokes, fairways hits, greens in regulation, sand saves, penalties, and more.
  • Store full game histories and advanced round statistics on your phone. Or post them on the mScorecard server for detailed analysis.
  • GPS for distance to the green – this is basic but effective.
  • Calculate and track your handicap index automatically based on your rounds – this app supports multiple handicap systems in different countries.
  • Build up your stats over time to see your improvement.
  • Play side games during rounds and let the app track everything for you.

Although the GPS on this app isn’t a world-beater, it’s not the main attraction of mScorecard. This is a fast and easy way to keep score and track stats. And you can share everything with your buddies to see who’s coming out on top.

The Grint (Best app for tracking handicap)

It was a tough call, but The Grint gets the nod as the best Android golf app for tracking your handicap. Not only is this app compliant with the USGA Handicap Index, but it also incorporates the new World Handicap System. This means that it’s valid internationally, too.

The Grint is much more than a handicap app, though. It has a ton of features, from an excellent GPS rangefinder to an in-depth scorecard and live performance statistics.

Also, you can connect to a large golfing community. You can meet new people on the app and compare your rounds or connect with your current golfing buddies and track group stats. This is great for clubhouse bragging rights and to see who’s buying the beers on the 19th.

The Grint Android golf app has a 4.3-star rating out of 5 from over 2600 reviews on the Google Play store.

Please note: It got some bad reviews recently, seemingly from a new update that caused problems. This may account for the slightly lower rating. But the app team is constantly updating and making improvements.

In-app Products: $0.99 – $39.99

Free Features

  • GPS rangefinder to calculate distances for nearly every golf course globally.
  • Golf stats suite lets your identify strengths and weaknesses – an in-depth look at your golf habits, past scores, and clubs you’ve used for each hole and how they performed.
  • Live golf scores – compete in real time and match scores with your buddies while you play.
  • Games and points calculation – score for stableford and games like skins.
  • Golf community to connect with friends and other golfers – organize tee times, view scores and photos uploaded by other golfers, and see how you rank against your buddies and The Grint community.

Premium Features

Handicap membership ($19.99/year)

  • Handicap Index from the USGA and World Handicap System number.

Pro Membership ($39.99/year)

  • Scorecard upload service – upload a picture of your score card and the app makes it a digital scorecard.
  • Advanced stats and performance indicators.
  • Unlimited access to every detail of past rounds.
  • Access all the other features listed.

As you can see, The Grint is much more than an app for tracking your handicap. But it does that very well and gives you a legit USGA handicap. That’s why it’s the best Android app for tracking your handicap.

Golf Pad GPS Rangefinder (Most free features)

The Golf Pad GPS Rangefinder app for Android has the most free features. These free features don’t just come as part of a trial, either. They’re free with no strings attached.

You might think that means the quality suffers, but we can assure you it doesn’t. This is a fantastic app with great functionality. It’s easy to use, and the GPS is super accurate.

With a lot of information about golf in the app, it works well for new golfers. The GPS and shot tracker will help you understand your distances for each club. Knowing your distances is crucial for hitting laser-accurate approach shots into the green.

Get that down, and you’ll be on your way to lower scores.

This app has been about for a while, but it’s constantly evolving from customer feedback. They must be doing something right, with a 4.6-star rating out of 5 from almost 28,000 reviews on the Google Play store.

In-app Products: $0.99 – $27.85

Free Features

  • GPS rangefinder – gives you distances to the front, middle, and back of the greens from anywhere on the course.
  • PGA-quality scorecard for us to 4 players – track fairways hit, putts, sand shots, and penalties.
  • One-tap shot tracker – track distances of each shot with one tap. If you bomb a drive, just tap the screen and get the yardage. You can review your shots and share with friends.
  • Aerial flyover – get an overhead view of each hole, and you can measure the distance to bunkers, water, and other hazards with one tap. This is a fantastic course management feature because it allows you to layup and avoid danger.
  • Keep your full playing history – can review past scores and add notes to rounds.

And that’s only the free feature highlights. Golf Pad GPS Rangefinder has more, so it’s no wonder 2,000,000 golfers use it.

18Birdies (Also good)

18Birdies Golf App, Google Play Store

The 18Birdies golf app has an accurate GPS and rangefinder. You’ll get the correct yardages, allowing you to hit pin-seekers on those approach shots. Tap in for the birdie and go to the next hole – we wish!

18Birdies claims to track distances in yards or meters on any golf course worldwide. If you’re going on a golf trip, you won’t have to worry about courses not being available. Enjoy your game of golf on holiday stress-free.

Although 18Birdies is one of the newer Android golf apps, it has a 4.6-star rating out of 5 from over 8,000 reviews on the Google Play store. That’s a lot of happy golfers. Join the crowd and reap the benefits of an improved golf game.

In-app Products: $4.59 – $159.99

Free Features

  • GPS rangefinder will tell you the distance to the green from anywhere on the course.
  • Track your score and stats for every round – great for identifying strengths and weaknesses.
  • Play 9 different side games with your buddies, like Skins or Wolf, and let 18Birdies keep score.
  • Book tee times quickly and easily through the app, with over 6,000 courses available nationwide. Being able to book a game on so many courses is a fantastic feature. A few taps, get the golf gear packed, and you’re off for a game.
  • Track your handicap from past scores and see real-time improvement.

And these are just the free features. If you want to upgrade to premium, there are even more features to dial in your game.

Premium Features

  • Advanced stats tracking gives even more detailed feedback on your game to help lower your handicap.
  • Plays Like Golf GPS offers personalized distance and club recommendations for every shot, based on elevation, temperature, humidity, wind, and more.
  • Get precision distances to every flag, bunker, and hazard on the course. That information is super important for course management strategies.
  • Strokes Gained scoring lets you see where you’re gaining or losing shots. That’s more information for you to use in improving your game.

18Birdies is a good, solid Android golf app. It has over 40,000 courses worldwide, so it’s got you covered.

These are 5 of the best golf apps for Android out there. As you can see from the list, we are spoiled for choice these days. Every app offers incredible features.

You really can’t go wrong with any of these Android golf apps. Figure out what features will best suit you and help improve your game.

Maybe you need to hone your approach shots, and a great GPS rangefinder will be your best buddy. Or perhaps you need to track how your drives are missing the fairway so you can work on hitting them straight. Whatever it is, figure it out and take your pick.

Then, stand on the 1st tee with confidence, bomb a drive down the middle, and share the 300-yard monster with your friends.

What is the best free golf GPS app for Android?

SwingU is the best free golf GPS app for Android. The SwingU app is accurate and gives consistent yardages out on the golf course. You can be confident when using this app and shooting for the green. It won’t leave you short or too long like some other free golf apps for Android. And a significant bonus is that it gives you yardages to the front, middle, and back of the greens.

SwingU is reliable and never crashes. So, you won’t have to worry about losing any scores or tracked data in the middle of a round. The last thing you want is to have technical difficulties during your golf game. Golf is hard enough without any added stress. SwingU takes care of everything else so you can concentrate on your golf.

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