10 Best Golf Drivers in 2022 (Reviews & Rankings)

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It’s that exciting time of year when all of the new golf drivers come to the market. Companies take their latest and greatest technology and throw it out there for all amateurs to try and decipher.

Luckily, that is what we are here for. We have tested and analyzed all of the drivers in 2022 and some of the late releases in 2021.

Let’s take an in-depth look into the best golf drivers that 2022 has to offer. Technology has gotten even more impressive, and there are more options to choose from than ever before.  

Best Golf Drivers: Our Top Picks

Best Overall: TaylorMade Stealth Driver
Most Forgiving: Callaway Rogue ST Max
Best Value: Cobra Radspeed XB Driver
Best for Beginner: Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver
Best For High Ball Speed: Callaway Epic Speed Driver
Best For Women: TaylorMade SIM2 Max Women’s Driver
Best For Seniors: Cleveland Launcher XL 
Best for Feel: Ping G425 Max
Best For Low Handicapper: Titleist TSi3
Best Low Spin Driver: Cobra LTDx Driver

Best Overall: TaylorMade Stealth Driver

Best Overall
TaylorMade Stealth Driver

A Carbon Fiber Twist Face offers a more efficient energy transfer at impact. That gives you increased ball speeds. The carbon face feels differently but super solid.

  • Great feel
  • Twist Face technology
  • Higher MOI
  • Carbon wood face
  • Available in various models
  • High price
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The TaylorMade Stealth Driver is the best overall option on the market in 2022. This club has spent years in development with TaylorMade and has finally made its release to the market. The thing that sets this club apart from the others is the carbon face. We have seen Titanium faces for many years, but carbon wood is completely different. 

The Twist Face technology and Inertia Generator have continued from previous TaylorMade models. However, the addition of carbon has increased MOI considerably. If you want a golf driver that is a premium distance driver with built-in forgiveness, the Stealth is a great option. 

Most Forgiving: Callaway Rogue ST Max

The Callaway Rogue ST Max is a brand new release in 2022, and if we are being totally honest, it is much better than the previous Rogue model drivers. The previous Rogue had great distance, but the sound and feel were harsh. The addition of a new Tungsten speed cartridge has helped improve the overall performance of the Rogue ST Max. 

The goal of this driver is a large hitting area with a very low spin. Increased forgiveness, more stability, and a low center of gravity have improved what a golfer can do with this Rogue ST Max in their hands. It does not matter if you are a high or low handicap golfer; the Rogue ST Max will make hitting off the tee quite a bit more manageable. 

Best Value: Cobra Radspeed XB Driver

Best Value
Cobra King Radspeed XB Driver
  • 6g adjustable weighting
  • Lighter yet more stable than previous models 
  • Lower center of gravity 
  • Large CNC Milled Infinity Face for increased forgiveness
  • Adjustable weighting
  • Can take a little while to find the right settings for your game 
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The Cobra Radspeed XB Driver is the best value golf driver in 2022. With the Cobra Radspeed XB, you will get a tremendous amount of adjustability, speed, and accuracy from a reasonably priced club. The Cobra golf drivers always start at a fair price, and then when the new models come out, the price drops even more. 

One of the things that helps the Cobra Radspeed XB stand out is the CNC milled infinity face. The hitting area is considerably large, making this a good choice for the high and low handicapper. We love the adjustability that Cobra has with its golf drivers. If you are making swing changes and trying to become a better player, the Radspeed XB driver can help you for years to come. 

Best for Beginner: Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver

Best for Beginner
Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver

The Callaway Big Bertha B21 has an AI Designed Flash Face, high ball speeds, and impressive low spin characteristics. 

  • Internal draw bias weighting can help players hit the ball straight
  • Large and forgiving sweet spot
  • Lightweight feel for increased swing speed
  • Lower dispersion rates than previous models
  • Low spin characteristics
  • Ball speeds are not as high as the Callaway Rogue ST Max
  • Not an excellent choice for players who hook the ball
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The Callaway Big Bertha B21 golf driver is perfect for the serious beginner golfer. This is not a cheap offset beginner driver that will last you a year or two. The technology included in the Big Bertha B21 is some of the best on the market and will last for years to come. With a very low center of gravity, low spin, and high launch, this club makes golf easier for the beginner. 

Callaway uses artificial intelligence to update and improve all of its golf drivers, and it is having a tremendous impact on their playability. The larger face is easier to make contact with, and players can get extremely long distances and impressive overall feel. 

Best For High Ball Speed: Callaway Epic Speed Driver

Best For High Ball Speed
Callaway Epic Speed Driver

Callaway created the Epic Speed to be the fastest club in the game; with AI, Jailbreak and Flash Face combined, the club certainly can be labeled a distance driver. 

  • If you need more ball speed, the club can help
  • Aerodynamic shaping
  • Impressive feel
  • Very fair price for the technology included
  • Even with high ball speeds, it's not as long as the new Rogue drivers
  • No adjustable sliding weight
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The Callaway Epic Speed driver is the best golf driver for high ball speed in 2022. This club has made some significant improvements from the previous Epic Flash model, and it has more speed and a better feel than the Mavrik. The Epic Speed is our favorite of this series of Epic drivers because of the high ball speeds and impressive feel. 

The new Triaxial Carbon covers the crown and the toe of the club. This saved a tremendous amount of weight and allowed higher ball speeds for slower swing players. In addition, the Jailbreak Speed Frame has been improved and truly works like a trampoline on the face of your driver. 

Best For Women: TaylorMade SIM2 Max Women’s Driver

Best For Women
TaylorMade SIM2 Max Women's Driver
  • High ball speeds and MOI 
  • Long distances
  • Low center of gravity for higher launch and plenty of forgiveness
  • Not the most adjustable golf driver for women 
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The SIM 2 Max Women’s golf driver is the best option for women in 2022. Although this is not the latest release that TaylorMade has on the market, the technology included in this club head is everything a woman golfer could want. In addition, the forged ring construction and new full carbon sole gave the club a better look and feel. 

What we love about the SIM 2 Max women’s driver is that it will have impressive distance technology while at the same time increasing forgiveness. This club is lightweight, yet you will still be able to feel the head as you swing through the impact position. With a bit of adjustability and impressive shaft options, this driver quickly moved its way up our list. 

Best For Seniors: Cleveland Launcher XL 

Best For Seniors
Cleveland Launcher XL Driver

A forgiving and easy-to-hit driver with a large sweet spot and high MOI.

  • The driver is slightly longer to increase the total distance
  • High launching from a deep low, weight
  • Adjustable hosel
  • Accuracy build option available
  • Takes a little while to get used to the longer driver
  • Generates less speed than other options
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The Cleveland Launcher XL is the best driver in 2022 for seniors. The club has improved forgiveness from previous models and a critical feature we have been waiting for from Cleveland. The club head is adjustable. Adjustable club head technology is something that Cleveland has gone without for many years; the company tried to make an option that was lightweight but missed a critical factor without including this adjustability. 

Now that you can change your loft from 9 to 12 degrees, the performance of this club is greatly improved. In addition, there is a new action mass CB, which is an 8g weight placed at the end of the grip. This helps increase the MOI you get from the club without ever feeling like you are swinging a heavier golf club. 

Best for Feel: Ping G425 Max

Best for Feel
Ping G425 MAX Driver

The G425 Max is Ping’s most forgiving driver ever. The elevated moment of inertia in the 460cc head keeps performance high even on off-center strikes.

  • Excellent forgiveness
  • Large sweet spot
  • Good workability
  • Lower dispersion than previous models
  • Superb sound and feel
  • Adjustable weights and hosel
  • No obvious distance gains on the previous model
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The Ping G425 Max is the best golf driver in 2022 for feel. Although this golf club was released in 2021, we expect it to be at the top of the market for quite some time. Ping always works on making sure that their clubs have an impressive feel and long distance and speed. The G425 Max has seriously improved on the Ping G400 distance and overall technology. 

Inside the G425 Max is an internal ribbing structure that improves the sound and even helps absorb some of the vibrations you may feel from the Ping G425. Overall this impressive design is also adjustable. So if you are unsure which golf driver loft is the best for your needs, this adjustability can really help. 

Best For Low Handicapper: Titleist TSi3

Best For Low Handicapper
Titleist TSi3 Driver
  • Tour-proven model 
  • More adjustability than previous Titleist drivers
  • Built for the golfer that can consistently hit the center of the club face 
  • Improved sound and feel
  • Not as forgiving as other Titleist golf drivers 
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The Titleist TSi3 is our favorite option for the lower handicap golfer. Although there are a few options in the TSi lineup that work for low handicap players, this is the most adjustable and, therefore, our favorite. If you are a consistent golfer but want to try and dial in your performance, the TSi3 is the club to do it. 

One of the things that helps the TSi3 driver stand out is the MOI. If you want to get more out of a golf swing you take, this is a club that can do it. In addition, the impressive feel and performance are what we have come to expect from Titleist. 

The all-new SureFit CG Track allows the golfer to change the center of gravity of the club head to help get the ideal ball flight. Based on your preferences and ability, you can move the center of gravity to a more heel-biased or more toe-biased feel. In addition to this, there are loft and lie settings. 

Best Low Spin Driver: Cobra LTDx Driver

Best Low Spin Driver
Cobra LTDx Driver

The Cobra LTDx features Hot Face Technology designed to increase distance and give golfers a greatly increased smash factor. 

  • Fastest and most forgiving driver from Cobra
  • Fixed back weighting for higher MOI
  • Low spin and faster ball speed
  • Impressive overall feel and sound
  • Longer distance than we have seen in past
  • Large club head will take a little while to get used to
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The best low spin driver in 2022 is the Cobra LTDx. This golf club features a ton of ball speed, high MOI, and a new driver face technology that increases forgiveness in all different areas. Instead of looking at the club face as one piece of the golf club, the Cobra brand divided it into 15 different areas ensuring that players get the performance they need in each of these locations. 

Cobra has been using multiple materials in their driver club heads for quite some time. The combination of tungsten, titanium, and even carbon help to optimize performance in all different areas. In addition, they have continued with the CNC Milled Infinity face to increase the sweet spot and give golfers lower dispersion. 

If you are a fan of Cobra and haven’t updated in a few years, this is a great golf club to try.

How to Choose the Best Golf Driver for You

Now that you have a better idea of which drivers are the best on the market in 2022, it’s time to determine which will be best for your game. With all of these models having various types of technology and performance, this part of the process can get a bit stressful.

Here are a few key features you should look for when purchasing the best golf drivers in 2022. 

Club Head Characteristics

All golf manufacturers have a unique style for their club heads. The clubhead characteristics will vary, and you will notice things like carbon crowns, tungsten weighting, offset technology, draw bias, and milled faces. It can be hard for a golfer to determine exactly what will matter when looking at the performance of their own golf game. 

The good news is that you really need to focus on a few key features. The first is whether or not the club head is offset or draw bias. This is a smart feature to include in your driver technology for those who slice the ball. 

Next, determine if the club has a large sweet spot or is known for its workability and precision. Golfers with lower handicaps want to hit a draw or a fade with their driver. The higher handicap player needs to make contact and get the ball going straight down the fairway. 


All golf drivers in 2022 will come with a graphite shaft available in a wide range of flex options. In addition, the shaft can come in a variety of weights and kick points. To know the exact shaft for your golf driver, you will have to use a launch monitor and get some advanced analytics. 

The higher your swing speed, the more it makes sense to have a heavier lower launching shaft. Conversely, golfers with slower swing speeds should look for lightweight golf shafts with a lower kick point. 

Some players get a little too involved in the overall shaft choosing project. It’s important to realize that the stock shaft options in these drivers have been thoroughly tested and work for a wide range of players. 


Luckily choosing a loft for your golf driver is getting easier and easier. Today, with the adjustability of a golf driver, you won’t have to choose a single loft and stick with it. Instead, you can pick a base loft, and then the club will be adjustable from that point forward. For many golfers, the loft of the driver should start around 10.5 and then be adjustable from there. 

Lower lofted drivers typically produce more roll. However, many studies have proven that a ball that stays in the air for a long time will ultimately travel further. It can take some time to fine-tune your ball flight. 


Most of the drivers on the market have adjustability. The adjustability can be in the form of weights in the clubhead, or it can simply be the loft and lie of the adjustable club. The key with golf driver adjustability is that you can change your game, swing, and golf goals and not have to replace the club you are playing with. 

Although golf drivers have gotten more expensive through the years, these clubs’ adjustability has made them a better value. Even the newest release from Cleveland had adjustability, something that we have not seen from them in the past. 

The only downside to adjustability in a golf drier head is that it is slightly heavier than a non-adjustable club head. Those differences can be made up for in other areas of the club, and this should not stop you from purchasing an adjustable golf driver. 


Golf drivers have gone up in pricing yet again. Last year, a new release came to the market at $499, and now it is closer to $549 or even $599. The difference in pricing is because of the materials used in the club head and the increase in technology that we are seeing from one year to the next. 

Using materials like carbon and titanium in the golf driver’s head has made the club more expensive to manufacture. In addition, with the extra performance that these clubs offer, golf companies know that golfers will pay. Hitting drivers long and straight is something worth paying for. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Even though we consider the putter the most important club in the bag, the driver can be one of the more difficult purchasing decisions you have to make as a golfer.

Asking questions before the purchase can help ensure that you are satisfied with the final product. Here are a few questions that we are often asked about golf drivers. 

What is the best loft for a golf driver? 

The best loft for a golf driver will typically be right around 10.5 degrees. With modern technology, these golf drivers’ lofts are adjustable, which makes it much easier to choose your driver initially.

The driver can have a much lower loft for the faster swinging golfers with a lower handicap. Slower swinging golfers with a higher handicap will want to choose a golf club that has a high loft. 

How often do I need a new golf driver? 

Golfers start to realize their technology is lagging behind at about the five-year mark most of the time. Every five years, you can compare technology and see major differences in what a player can get from their clubs.

If you are hitting your driver great, don’t feel any pressure to change it. However, if it has been more than five years, we recommend looking at how a new golf driver could potentially help your game. 

What are the best golf drivers for forgiveness? 

The best golf drivers for forgiveness are offset drivers with a large sweet spot and some internal draw bias. The Callaway Big Bertha B21 has all of these characteristics, and that is how it won our favorite spot as the best golf driver for forgiveness.

Many golfers will struggle even with the forgiving drivers, which has a lot to do with the length of the club. If you can hit an iron shot straight, you can learn to hit a driver shot straight. 


We hope that you now feel confident about the decision you have to make in 2022. The best golf drivers on the market have tremendous ball speeds, incredible forgiveness, and some of the best sounds and feel that we have ever seen. It’s hard not to be overwhelmed by all of the great options on the market. 

We like the technology that the TaylorMade Stealth golf driver has. The Epic Speed will deliver when you are looking for that perfect mix between forgiveness, feel, and distance. With some adjustability in the club head and a significantly improved feel from the Epic Flash, this driver will have a very successful 2022. 

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