6 Best Golf Drivers For Women in 2022

The driver is such an important club for the woman golfer. With the proper driver in place, each hole gets off to a much better start, players can have a shorter approach to the green, and the overall experience on the golf course is much more enjoyable. However, sometimes finding the best driver for women can be a challenge. 

There are a lot of great choices on the market, and narrowing the best driver for women takes some time and effort. Luckily we did all of that for you! So check out these top picks for the best driver for women on the market. There is sure to be an option on this list to fit your needs. 

Best Golf Drivers for Women: Our Top Picks

1. Callaway Epic Max Women’s Driver

Best For Distance
Callaway Epic Max Women's Driver
  • Artificial intelligence was used to create higher speed than ever before
  • High forgiveness
  • 17g sliding weight for adjustability 
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05/30/2023 02:13 pm GMT

The Callaway Epic Max is the best women’s golf driver for distance. It’s hard to find a woman golfer that would turn down more distance in their golf game. When you have the option to grab five or ten extra yards, take it. 

The new Callaway Epic Max was created using artificial intelligence, which gives them a benefit over other golf companies on the market. In addition to the AI, the Callaway Epic Max also features the Flash Face technology. Flash Face allows for high MOI at impact and incredible carry. 

We love the 17g sliding rear weight adjustability that allows women golfers to set the club specifically for their needs. When you combine that with the OptiFit hosel, this could be a driver that works for your game for years to come. 


  • Highly adjustable golf driver with 20 yards of shot shape correction
  • Great feel coming from the club head
  • Large driver, but has a classic feel to it 
  • Very stable at impact with almost no vibration 


  •  Expensive new option on the market 

2. Cobra Radspeed XB Women’s Golf Driver

Best For Adjustability
Cobra Radspeed XB Women's Driver
  • CNC Milled face
  • Carbon wrap crown 
  • Extreme back weighting for better ball flight 
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05/30/2023 02:23 pm GMT

Cobra always puts out some of the best golf club options for women golfers. With the Cobra Radspeed Golf Driver, women players can take advantage of distance and forgiveness in the club while also gaining incredible adjustability. 

The Cobra Radspeed has a lower center of gravity that promotes higher ball flight and better overall control of golf shots. In addition, the new CNC Milled Infinity Face on the Radspeed driver has expanded the hitting area. Essentially wherever you make contact with the Radspeed, you will get some impressive performance. 

The Cobra Radspeed golf driver also has lots of adjustability. For the woman golfer working on shooting lower scores and increasing their performance on the course, the RadSpeed is the way to go. 


  • 30% thinner crown than years past
  • Impressive adjustability 
  • Lightweight but stable feeling golf driver
  • A great option for the low to high handicap golfer 


  • Distance technology may not be as good as the Epic Max 

3. Callaway REVA Women’s Driver

Most Forgiving Women’s Driver
Callaway Big Bertha REVA Women's Driver
  • Designed entirely for forgiveness
  • Lightweight 40-gram golf shaft 
  • Straighter ball flight than previous Big Bertha drivers
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The Callaway REVA Women’s Driver is designed for pure forgiveness. Some of the best drivers for women are created with distance in mind, while others focus purely on forgiveness. The Callaway REVA is one of the more lightweight golf drivers on the market, and it is designed entirely for a low spin. 

The new Callaway REVA will help promote a straighter ball flight by lowering the spin on the golf driver. In addition, the Super STrength Titanium and Jailbreak technology continue to add to the distance that players get. Many women golfers tend to have a slight slice on their drives; with the REVA and a bit of practice, you should be able to straighten that out. 


  • Created using artificial intelligence
  • Higher ball speed than previous models
  • Weighting designed for players with slower swing speeds 
  • High MOI


  • Internal draw bias is not good for golfers that hit the ball to the left 

4. Ping G425 Driver Women’s Driver

Best For Mid Handicap Woman Golfer
Ping G425 Max Women’s Driver

The Ping G425 Max driver took distance and forgiveness to a new level for senior ladies; for those that are ready to hit impressive drives off the tee box, this is a great choice. 

  • Fast ball speeds
  • Internal ribbing structure for more stability
  • Impressive aerodynamics for the senior ladies
  • Adjustable club head
  • Not the most lightweight driver on the market
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The Ping G425 golf driver is a new option on the market for female players. So many golf drivers for women are designed for high handicappers and beginners. Although this may make up most female players, it can be a problem for the lower scoring woman golfers to find the clubs they need. 

With the Ping G425 driver women, golfers can get the exact ball flight and feel that they are looking for in a golf club without giving up on distance and forgiveness. The Ping G425 is not a model specifically made for women players; instead, it is made with a high-performing women’s golf shaft. The MOI you find on the G425 will be considerably more than what you have seen on the G410. 


  • Extremely fast ball speeds
  • Reduced drag coming off the club face 
  • Adjustable hosel 
  • Arccos Smart grip 


  • Ping golf drivers rarely go on sale 

5. Wilson D9 Women’s Driver

Best Value
Wilson D9 Women's Driver
  • Very reasonably priced golf driver 
  • Peak Kinetic Response Face 
  • Three-layer composite crown
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Wilson golf has always made some impressive clubs for the money. If you don’t want to pay an extremely high price for your new golf driver, then the Wilson D9 could be a perfect choice to consider. The D9 golf driver will help increase distance and forgiveness while continually pushing for higher ball speeds. 

The club has a new Peak Kinetic Response Face, which essentially helps the ball jump off the face faster. The center of gravity on the D9 is even lower than on the D7. Golfers looking for that extra ball flight will enjoy what the D9 has to offer. 


  • Great speed coming off the clubface
  • Very lightweight design 
  • Fair pricing


  • Not an adjustable driver head 

6. Cleveland Launcher XL Lite Women’s Driver

Best Driver For Senior Women
Cleveland Launcher XL Lite Women's Driver
  • Very lite weight head design 
  • Maximum forgiveness
  • Less rotation at impact 
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Last but not least, on our review of the best driver for women is the brand new Cleveland Launcher XL Lite. The Cleveland Launcher XL Lite is a perfect design fr the female golfer because of the lightweight technology and overall large club head. 

Women golfers don’t really have the luxury of switching to female clubs. Women’s golf clubs are made to be lightweight and forgiving, and there is not much else for the senior to switch to. Luckily Cleveland has put the XL Lite on the market, and it helps improve overall distance because of the longer designer. 

Making a driver longer can sometimes cause issues, but we found this to be really forgiving overall. 


  • Can’t make it longer or standard depending on preferences
  • Maximum forgiveness golf driver 
  • Does not have adjustability to help save weight


  • Be sure you are satisfied with the loft purchase as this is not adjustable 

What To Consider When Buying A Women’s Golf Driver 

Now that you have a list of the best golf drivers for women, it’s time to break down which of these could be the best for your game. There are a few important considerations that all women golfers need to keep in mind before choosing a golf driver. 


A golf shaft in a ladies golf driver is usually a standard ladies golf shaft. However, there are many different custom options that you can purchase if you think you need them. All women golfers should have a general idea of their swing speed. You can buy a shaft that will work specifically with your needs when you know your swing speed. 


The loft of a women’s golf driver can sometimes be adjustable. If the loft is adjustable, golfers can change from a mid to high lofted driver. Many women’s golf drivers are made with about 14 or more degrees of loft. The higher the loft, the easier it is to launch, but the harder it is to get the distance you need. Typically women golfers do quite well with around 12 degrees of loft. 


Adjustability will allow a woman to increase or decrease loft to work for their game. The only negative to this adjustability in the loft is that the driver’s head will be a little heavier. The adjustable hosels are heavier than a straight connect hosel, which becomes a bit frustrating for the slower swinging player. 

Brand Name

The brand name of the driver you choose is not as important as the performance. Companies like Callaway, Cobra, TaylorMade, and Cleveland make tremendous golf equipment for female players. Don’t be overly concerned with purchasing one type of golf driver because of the brand name; if you find a club with straighter and longer shots, the brand name is not nearly as important. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about the best driver for women. A driver is a big purchase, and it makes sense to understand what you are getting into before buying. 

What Degree Driver Should A Woman Use?

Women golfers tend to do best with a driver with about 12 degrees of loft. Faster swinging women golfers can get away with a driver that has 10.5 degrees of loft. Slower swinging women golfers should probably look into 14 or 15 degrees of loft. 

The higher lofted golf drivers for women can help provide more accuracy and better ball flight. The only downside is they sometimes will decrease the total yardage that a woman golfer can get. 

Do Women Golfers Need A Driver?

Women golfers need a driver in their bag. One of the things that make the game of golf so hard for women players is that distance can be hard to get. When you are struggling to get distance with your golf fairway woods and hybrids, the driver can help. 

Although it may take some time and effort, all golfers should learn how t hit a golf driver. 

How Far Should A Woman Golfer Hit A Driver?

Women golfers often wonder how far they should be able to hit their drivers. Some women hit a drive 100 yards while others hit it 250 yards. The difference between these long drives and the shorter ones is the swing speed. 

Golfers with faster swing speeds can hit the ball considerably longer than golfers with slower swing speeds. Women golfers should work to increase their swing speed to be able to hit the driver further. 

Weight training, stability training, and ensuring that you have the right equipment in your bag will help to ensure that your swing speed increases quite a bit. 

Can Women Golfers Play With A Men’s Senior Driver?

Women golfers can use a men’s senior driver if they are taller than 5’6″. The flexibility of the senior golf shaft is about the same as the ladies’ golf shaft. The only issue is that the club is a bit longer. Playing with a senior golf driver can be an excellent choice for a woman golfer who needs the extra length for their height.


We hope you can now choose a golf driver for your needs with complete confidence. It’s hard to choose the best driver for women because of all the great options on the market. The Callaway Epic Max stands out as the best overall choice because of the extreme distance technology and incredible feel. This Callaway Epic is an excellent investment if you are serious about taking your golf driver game to the next level. 

Callaway golf drivers have always been known to provide a good combination of both forgiveness and distance in the clubs that they produce. We are impressed with this new Epic line. If you haven’t updated your golf driver in a few years, this will be a significant improvement to your game.

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