7 Best Golf Carts in 2023 (Golf and Street Use)

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Golf carts have become an essential part of the game. If you can’t walk the course anymore, or if you just like the comfort of riding, the best golf carts can keep golf enjoyable.

It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old; riding a cart with your buddy is a great way to get around the course. You can stock up on refreshments, cruise the fairways, and savor a beautiful day of golf.

If that appeals to you, check out the best golf carts in 2023.

Best Golf Carts: Our Top Picks

Best Overall: E-Z-Go Express S4
Runner-Up 1: Club Car Villager 2
Runner-Up 2: Club Car Precedent I3
Best Gas: Yamaha Drive 2 PTV
Luxury Option: Garia Via
Best Shuttle Cart: Cushman Shuttle 6
Also Great: E-Z-Go Freedom RXV

Best Overall

E-Z-Go Express S4

This premium golf cart has all the power you need. An elevated frame gives it a sporty look. And it’s versatile for use on and off the golf course.

  • Lots of power
  • Versatile
  • Premium look
  • Elevated for rough ground
  • ELiTE lithium battery pack is customizable
  • Choose from nine colors
  • Eight-year warranty on ELiTE lithium battery
  • Sporty look not to everyone’s taste
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The E-Z-Go Express S4 tops our list of the best golf carts. This versatile golf cart can be used on the golf course or off it.

There are three power options: gas, a 72-volt battery, and a new ELiTE lithium battery. E-Z-Go claim this last battery option is maintenance-free, and they back it up with an eight-year warranty.

No matter the option, the power of this golf cart is impressive. It’s a fantastic performer on and off the golf course.

With heaps of customizable options, it’s easy to get what you want in the E-Z-Go Express S4. It has all the accessories you’ll need during your round of golf.

Most golfers will be familiar with Club Car, as they’ve been in the golf game for decades. They make some of the best golf carts around, and the Club Car Villager 2 has everything a golfer needs for a comfortable game.

This cart is available in gas and electric. The latter option is great for those environmentally-minded golfers out there.

The Club Car Villager 2 performs well and can reach speeds of 15 mph. That’s plenty fast when you’re out on the course.

Also, this sturdy gold cart offers a smooth ride. You won’t feel every bump and dip driving through the rough.

Runner-Up 2

Club Car Precedent I3

This golf cart offers all you need for a round of golf. Play in comfort without having to worry about its dependability. It covers more than enough distance for a game.

  • Comfortable
  • Reliable
  • Decent speed
  • Covers good distances
  • Five color options
  • For two people only
  • Basic compared to other models
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The Club Car Precedent I3 is another golf cart that likely looks familiar to golfers. It has everything a golfer needs and offers a comfortable ride out on the golf course.

You’ll get decent speed driving this cart with the gas and electric versions. And it’s reliable to cover good distances.

The Club Car Precedent I3 is available in five colors: beige, white, cashmere, platinum, and green.

This golf cart gets the job done out on the course. Although it doesn’t have some of the features that other carts have, it’s dependable and comfortable.

Best Gas

Yamaha Personal Drive 2 PTV

This gas golf cart is efficient and reliable. Cruise the golf course or other areas at fast speeds. Its quiet engine might surprise you.

  • Good speed
  • Reliable on and off the course
  • Low maintenance
  • Quiet for a gas cart
  • Eight color options
  • No customization options
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The Yamaha Drive 2 PTV golf cart is the best gas option. It is a low-maintenance golf cart, so you won’t need to worry about it too much.

This gas cart offers excellent performance and high speeds. It’s also efficient, covering good distances per tank.

You may think of gas carts as being loud. However, this one is surprisingly quiet.

Eight color options allow golfers to find the best one for them.

This golf cart has everything a golfer needs. But it performs exceptionally off the course as well.

This versatile cart had to make the list of the best golf carts in 2023.

The Garia Via golf cart (or ‘golf car’ as Garia likes to call it) is for golfers who want some luxury in their lives. One luxurious feature is the integrated cooler to ice your beverages on a hot day.

Also, it has a screen to show golfers the course layout, their location, and their score. And you can connect your phone via Bluetooth, allowing you to play music through the integrated speakers.

This is a quick golf cart, with the US version reaching speeds of 25 mph. However, this golf cart is so smooth you’ll barely feel like it’s moving at all.

You can ride the course in style with the Garia Via golf cart. But it’s also street legal, so you’re not confined to the course.

We’ve got a feeling Garia will be making the best golf carts for years to come.

Best Shuttle Cart

Cushman Shuttle 6

This cart does a good job of transporting a group or a heavy load. Day or night, rain or shine, you can rely on this vehicle.

  • Made by a reliable company
  • Spacious and comfortable
  • Transports six people
  • 1200-pound load capacity
  • Gas and electric powertrains
  • Weather accessories available
  • Gas option only available in patriot blue
  • Electric option only available in ivory
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The Cushman Shuttle 6 is the best shuttle cart out there. Cushman has been around for over a century, so you know they’re doing something right.

This cart can transport six people and has a 1200-pound load capacity. It has gas or electric powertrains to choose from.

With spacious bench seating, it offers a comfortable ride. And powerful headlights mean you’re not confined to driving in daylight hours.

Also, optional weather accessories allow you to get out and about no matter the weather.

Also Great

E-Z-GO Freedom RXV

Upgraded features and customizable options make this cart a great choice for golfers. Decent speeds mean you won’t slow down play. If you forget to charge your phone before your game, you can plug in and charge it up.

  • Everything golfers need
  • Modern dashboard
  • Available in gas and electric
  • Decent speeds
  • Many color options
  • Basic compared to other options on the list
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The E-Z-Go Freedom RXV is also a great golf cart. It has everything you need during your round of golf.

Like the Express S4, it has three powertrain options: gas, a 48-volt battery, and a new ELiTE lithium battery. And the latter comes with an eight-year warranty on this model, too.

The modern dashboard allows you to plug in and charge your phone. That’s handy if you’re running a golf app on your phone and need some extra juice.

This golf cart is available in gas and electric models, and both versions offer decent speeds for the golf course. It’s one of the best golf carts out there.

With 12 colors to choose from, it shouldn’t be hard to get the right one for you.

Features to Consider When Buying a Golf Cart

When buying a golf cart, some of the main features worth consideration are the powertrain, distance coverage, accessories, customization, and versatility.


The powertrain is how the golf cart is powered. The choice comes down to gas or electric.

However, you can get different types of electric batteries. That’s the case with the E-Z-Go golf carts on the list, which give you the choice of two battery systems.

Gas carts and electric carts can have different efficiency ratings. So, you’ll want to consider that when choosing the powertrain.

Also, some golf clubs don’t allow gas carts on the course. You don’t want to buy a new gas golf cart only to find out your club doesn’t allow them.

Therefore, you should consider the powertrain when buying a golf cart.

Distance Coverage

The distance coverage relates to the powertrain. However, both gas and electric carts should have enough power for more than a round of golf.

If you also want a golf cart for other activities, then it’s essential to consider distance coverage. Some golf carts are better than others in this area.

For instance, the Garia Via golf cart gets up to 50 miles. That should cover enough distance for almost 10 rounds of golf.


Accessories are also something to consider when buying a golf cart. These days, even new basic golf carts will come with USB ports and modern dashboards.

Other models will have more luxurious accessories like integrated coolers and heated windscreens. Some golfers will just want a golf cart that gets the job done, while others will go for the luxury options.


The best golf carts will have some customization options. This is essential for many golfers, and it’s worth considering when buying a golf cart.

Some buyers will want the option to add two extra seats. Others might want to customize a golf cart for different weather conditions. It depends on the person’s needs.

However, if you want to change something, customization is a must. It gives you the freedom to build the perfect golf cart for you.


A versatile golf cart will appeal to people who use it for more than golf. Versatility in a golf cart means you can use it on different terrains.

Maybe you want to ride the cart on the street. Or perhaps you want to take it off-road.

A regular golf cart might not handle the rigors of different terrains. However, a versatile one like the E-Z-Go Express S4 should have no problems.

What Is Better Gas or Electric Golf Carts?

Generally, electric golf carts are better for playing golf. They are quieter than gas carts, so riding an electric cart won’t disturb other golfers.

Also, electric golf carts tend to be more low maintenance than gas carts. For instance, you won’t have to do routine oil changes on electric carts.

If you are mindful of the environment, an electric cart is also better. Electric is more environmentally friendly than gas, although gas carts are getting better and better in that area.

However, a gas golf cart might be better if you use it for more activities than golf. Gas carts usually have more power than electric carts.

So, a gas cart might suit you better if you’re using it off-road in rough and hilly terrain. Also, gas is better if you need to haul heavy loads in your golf cart.

How Far Will a 48 Volt Golf Cart Go?

A 48-volt golf cart will go from 12 miles to 35 miles. It depends on the amperage of the powertrain.

Also, it depends on how the powertrain is set up. For instance, a 48-volt system of 4 x 12V batteries will get less distance than an 8 x 6V battery system when they both use the same amperage.

How Far Will a Gas Golf Cart Go?

The average gas golf cart will go about 120 miles on one tank. Of course, it depends on the type of cart. However, gas golf carts will go farther than electric carts.

Who Makes the Best Golf Carts?

Club Car, E-Z-Go, and Yamaha are the three leading companies making golf carts. All three of them made carts that appear on our list of the best golf carts.

However, Cushman also makes great golf carts. Their focus is more on shuttle carts and utility carts than typical golf carts.

How Long Do Golf Cart Batteries Last?

With the best care, golf cart batteries can last up to 10 years. That is relatively uncommon, however.

Golf cart batteries usually last between four to eight years. Lithium batteries like the ELiTE in the E-Z-Go golf carts can last much longer than eight years.

That’s why they provide an eight-year warranty on these types of batteries. They’re confident it’ll last at least eight years.

New vs. Used Golf Carts

When buying anything, you’ll get certain benefits when going for new products and certain ones when going used. And golf carts are no different. We can look at some for each here.


Condition – this will be pristine when you buy a new golf cart. It removes any worry about wear and tear or the history of the cart.

Customization – you can get a new golf cart fitted out exactly how you want it when buying new. If you’re going to use it for other reasons than golf, you can get it customized to suit your every need. And you can get the accessories you want (or need).

Warranty – The manufacturer’s warranty with a new cart takes the worry out of the buying process. You’re covered if anything happens to go wrong with the cart.


Cost – this is the highest benefit when buying a used golf cart. You can save a lot of money if you find a suitable used option.

Tried and tested – if you’re buying a used model that’s been around for years, you can tell if it’s reliable or not. There will be a lot of information out there about it. Sometimes buying a brand-new model can be risky if it isn’t tried and tested yet.


The E-Z-Go Express S4 is the best golf cart in 2023. It has a premium, sporty look and boasts a lot of power.

There’s a choice between gas and two battery options, which should provide something for everyone. The choice of nine colors helps with that too.

We really like the versatility this cart offers. You can use it on and off the course and look fantastic doing it.

The Cushman Shuttle 6 is the best shuttle cart. It’s perfect for those who need to transport more people or haul a heavy load.

Made by a company in business for over a century, you know it will be reliable. And we liked the option of adding weather accessories if necessary.

We now hope you can choose the best golf cart for you with total confidence.

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