5 Best Golf Cart Batteries in 2022

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If you ride a cart every time you play golf, it’s a good idea to know about the best golf cart batteries. Golf carts take some maintenance, and that involves making sure your batteries can handle the ride.

Breaking down on the course is the last thing you want. Not only does it spoil your round, but it’s a hassle getting your cart back to the clubhouse.

You can avoid that by updating your golf cart batteries when needed. That keeps you cruising smoothly out on the links.

These are the best golf cart batteries in 2022.

Best Golf Cart Batteries: Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Trojan T-105 6V Battery
Best Value: UPG UB12350 12V Battery – 2 pack
Premium Option: Lifeline Marine AGM Battery GPL-4CT
Best Value Lithium: CHINS 12V Lithium Battery
Best Budget: Miady 12V Deep Cycle LiFe PO4 Battery

Trojan T-105 6V Battery (Best Overall)

Best Overall
Trojan T-105 6V Battery

Trojan invented the golf cart battery in 1952 and is a trusted manufacturer. These batteries are popular in golf carts all over the world.

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01/29/2023 04:23 am GMT

The Trojan T-105 6V battery is our best overall choice when it comes to the best golf cart batteries. The company is well known for making high-quality golf cart batteries.

This battery falls into that category. It is dependable and will last for many rounds of golf, so you don’t have to worry about getting stranded far away from the clubhouse.

That longevity comes down to the fact you can charge and use this battery up to 750 times. The long lifecycle means you can get a lot out of this battery.

Also, this battery has a low amp-per-hour cost. Running this battery is very economically efficient for you. Although they’re dear upfront, the longevity and cost-efficiency mean you get a lot of bang for your buck.

The case gives the battery good protection as well. So, the durability adds to its effectiveness in the long run.

Trojan batteries do take more maintenance than some other batteries on the market. For the best results, you must keep the terminals clean and top up the water when needed.

Overall, the Trojan T-105 is an excellent battery. If it’s running your golf cart, you set aside any worry and focus on your game.

UPG UB12350 12V Battery – 2 pack (Best Value)

Best Value
UPG UB12350 12V Battery – 2 pack

These 12V 35AH batteries have nut and bolt terminals. The 2-pack gives you great value for money.

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01/29/2023 05:13 am GMT

The UPG UB12350 12V battery (2 pack) gives you the best value for money. You get two batteries for a cheaper price than some single batteries.

These batteries are durable and won’t get easily damaged. The sealed case keeps everything inside protected.

This sealed lead acid battery is also maintenance-free for all intents and purposes. You can hook it up to your golf cart without worrying about it.

And because it’s sealed, this battery is spill-proof. You can drive your cart on rough or hilly terrain without any spillages. Also, it’s vibration-proof, so a rough ride won’t cause any damage.

You’ll get about 600 life cycles with this golf cart battery. But you get two, so that gives you excellent value for money.

Lifeline Marine AGM Battery GPL-4CT (Premium Option)

Premium Option
Lifeline Marine AGM Battery GPL-4CT

The manufacturer recommends this battery for marine use. But you can get superb results using this battery in your golf cart.

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01/29/2023 06:13 am GMT

The Lifeline Marine AGM battery is a high-quality premium option. To give you an idea of its quality, this battery is hand-made in the USA and built to military specifications.

This battery is extremely efficient and reliable. At standard discharge, you’ll get around 750 life cycles.

However, you can get about 1000 cycles at a 50% discharge. That’s a lot of rounds of golf for you to enjoy.

Also, this battery charges very quickly – up to 20% faster than conventional batteries. That can come in handy if you need to charge your golf cart on short notice.

And with proper charging, the battery needs no maintenance. That makes your life as a golf cart owner much easier.

The five-year warranty Lifeline offers with their batteries is a big bonus. That shows they believe in the quality of this battery.

You’ll pay more for this battery than others on the market. However, you do get excellent value for your money from the quality and use this battery offers.

CHINS 12V Lithium Battery (Best Value Lithium)

Best Value Lithium
CHINS 12V Lithium Battery

As a lithium battery, this lasts longer than standard lead-acid batteries. It also weighs less while giving you the same capacity.

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01/29/2023 06:43 am GMT

The CHINS 12V Lithium Battery is the best value lithium option. You get excellent value for your money with this golf cart battery.

This battery will last you a long time in your golf cart. It’s got a life cycle of about 10 years, but it can last even longer than that. And the cover is durable, protecting against any potential damage.

If you plan on using your cart for a long time, this battery is a fantastic option. You’ll get excellent use out of this battery, giving you great value in the long run.

Lithium batteries are dearer than most lead-acid batteries on the market. So, you should consider that initial cost.

However, lithium batteries use newer technology. The technology in lead-acid batteries is less impressive and effective, making these types of batteries less efficient.

This battery is also lighter than some other batteries. That makes it easy to carry and transport if needed.

Miady 12V Deep Cycle LiFe PO4 Battery (Best Budget)

Best Budget
Miady 12V Deep Cycle LiFe PO4 Battery

The Miady 12V battery is the best budget battery for your golf cart. It’ll get you back up and running at an amazing price.

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01/29/2023 07:28 am GMT

Replacing golf cart batteries can put quite a dent in your wallet. But you can save a good chunk of change with this battery.

The LiFePO4 technology offers a flat discharge rate, meaning you won’t lose power when the battery is near the end of the cycle. So, if your charge is running low out on the course, the power won’t drop off.

This battery is more compact and lightweight than lead-acid batteries. That’s good news if you want to reduce the weight in your golf cart.

You get an 18-month warranty with this battery. It’s not often you get such a good warranty with a battery this cheap.

The performance and price of this battery make it the best budget choice for your golf cart. Just make sure it’s compatible with your golf cart before buying.

What to Consider When Buying Golf Cart Batteries

When buying golf cart batteries, you should consider voltage, battery type, longevity, durability, maintenance, warranty, and price.


You should check the voltage when buying the best golf cart batteries. Batteries come in six, eight, and 12 volts.

Voltage is the pressure from an electrical power source that pushes electrons through a circuit. It relates to the power of the battery.

You should check your golf cart manual to find out what voltage batteries you need. If you don’t have the manual, check the battery system already in the golf cart. The voltage should be written on the batteries.

If all else fails, you should get a professional to check your golf cart. They can recommend the voltage you need to run it.

Battery Type

It’s a good idea to consider the battery type when buying the best golf cart batteries for your needs. Our list includes three different types of batteries: lead acid, sealed AGM, and lithium.

Lead-acid batteries tend to be the cheapest option and have been around for the longest. However, some may view the technology as outdated compared to other types.

Also, these batteries need more maintenance than others. You need to top up the water and check on them more.

Sealed AGM batteries are dearer than lead-acid ones. But these batteries are spill-proof and durable. Also, they need very little maintenance.

Lithium batteries are generally the most expensive type of battery. They have newer technology and tend to last longer than other batteries. These batteries are maintenance-free, so they’re a good option if you don’t want to worry about upkeep.


Not all golf cart batteries are created equally, so you should consider longevity when buying them. If you use your golf cart a lot, it’s best to get batteries that last a long time.

Lithium batteries are likely your best bet here. They’ll probably cost more upfront, but you get more out of them.

These batteries tend to have a longer life cycle. That means they’ll charge and hold their charge more times than other batteries.

You can get up to 10 years of use with some lithium batteries. With lead-acid batteries, you might get about four years out of them.


Durability is also a factor to consider when buying the best golf cart batteries. It’s not good having a battery that should last a long time, only for it to get damaged and stop working.

Most batteries will have a durable outer cover. However, sealed batteries tend to be the most durable.

You can drive over rough terrain without worrying about damage. Also, you should look out for batteries that are vibration-proof if you need durability.


If you’re a golfer who just wants to park your golf cart and forget about it, you should consider maintenance when buying the best golf cart batteries. In that case, you’ll want to go for sealed AGM or lithium batteries, as they are lower maintenance.

If you don’t mind checking on your golf cart battery and maintaining it, a lead-acid battery can work for you. These should be topped up with water and checked more regularly than the others.


You should consider the warranty when buying the best golf cart batteries. Most of the batteries on our list have replacement warranties.

The Lifeline Marine AGM Battery GPL-4CT has an amazing five-year warranty. That shows the confidence the manufacturer has in the battery.

It’s always better to have some sort of warranty in place. You should look out for one when getting batteries.


The price is another aspect to consider when buying the best golf cart batteries. If you’re on a tight budget, the Miady 12V Deep Cycle LiFe PO4 Battery might be the best option for you.

Buying batteries will likely be your biggest expense in running your golf cart. So, you should take that into account when calculating any expenses.

You have various options at different price points. It’s just about finding the best one to suit your needs and your budget.

Are Trojan Golf Cart Batteries Worth the Money?

Yes, Trojan golf cart batteries are worth the money. Trojan is a trusted brand when it comes to golf cart batteries.

There are many good companies that make golf cart batteries. However, Trojan stands out against the crowd.

The company has been making high-quality golf cart batteries for decades. They give you excellent performance and last a long time.

What’s Better Gas or Electric Golf Carts?

Electric golf carts are better for the golf course. They don’t disturb other golfers because they’re quieter than gas carts.

Also, electric golf carts generally need less maintenance than gas carts. You might need to do some maintenance with the battery, but you don’t have to do routine oil changes.

Electric carts are also better for the environment. If you want to help the environment, an electric golf cart is the best choice.

If you use a golf cart for more activities than golf, a gas cart might be better. They tend to have more power than electric golf carts.

That extra power is better if you drive the cart off-road on rough terrain. If you need to transport a heavy load, a gas cart is also better.

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How Long Do Golf Cart Batteries Last?

If you follow the proper charging guidelines, a lithium golf cart battery can last about 10 years. These are the longest-lasting batteries on the market.

However, lead-acid batteries last a shorter time. You’ll usually get about four years out of these batteries.


Overall, the Trojan T-105 6V Battery is the best golf cart battery in 2022. Trojan is a trusted brand that gives you excellent performance and longevity in its batteries.

This battery has the newest technology, and it has a low amp-per-hour cost. Also, it’s versatile for other uses.

Trojan also gives you a two-year replacement warranty. So, if anything goes wrong within that time, you can get a replacement without issue.

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