Best Golf Belts to Wear on the Course

A golf belt is a necessity on the course to tie your outfit together and keep your pants up. Proper golf attire means tucking in your shirt for men and typically having a belt in your pants. While it isn’t a requirement, it is almost always necessary. Plenty of people use their golf belts to accent their outfits as well.

Golf belts are different from regular belts, and you’ll see why. If you’re searching for the best golf belts, we’ve put together this guide to show you some of the features you should be looking for when it comes to belts and the best ones on the market.

Best Golf Belts: Our Top Picks

If you want our recommendations right away, here they are. Read further for the complete list and individual reviews.

Nexbelt Golf Belts (Best Premium)

Best Premium
Nexbelt Golf Belt

One of the premier belts worn on the PGA Tour, these belts are built to last. This features hidden tools stored in the belt buckle that you can use during a round.

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11/29/2022 03:13 am GMT

A favorite of PGA Tour pros, this is a stylish and durable belt. It features a PreciseFit ratchet closure to get you the tightness you want. It fits up to 45” waists and comes in a sleek black carbon fiber pattern leather strap with black stitching. The buckle has a matching leather face with a pewter trim that will look good with most of your outfits. The beveled edge delivers a clean look on the course.

What you may not realize about this belt is that it has hidden tools in the buckle. You’ll get a divot tool and a ball marker to keep with you while on the course. Now you don’t need to keep them in your pocket. The divot tool is also a bottle opener, allowing you to enjoy some cold ones from your golf cooler. It is a bit pricey, but you’re getting more than just a belt when you think about it.

Nike Men’s 3 Pack Golf Web Belt (Best Value)

Best Value
Nike Men's Standard Golf Web Belt (3 Pack)
$30.00 $20.99

Offering three belts for the price of one, you’ll love the color options you get from this pack. They feature a buckle closure, and all are the same size.

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11/29/2022 03:43 am GMT

Why pay so much for one belt when you can have three for that price? This pack of three belts for men is excellent for your budget and provides you with different looks. You’ll be covered for your golfing trip with the boys, as you can choose from a variety of black, gray, white, navy, and more. The belts are made from 100% cotton and don’t need to be washed. The best part is you can swap out the three belts based on the day, as you’ll receive one buckle for the three belts. 

One size fits all up to waist size 42 for these. The buckle closure is simple to adjust and easy to put onto each belt. The strap width is 38mm, and the belt technology has both personalized fit and acu fit. That means you can cut the belt to your liking to fit you best, and then it will be the exact same feeling every time you wear it. 

PGA TOUR Multicolor Stretch Braid Men’s Belt (Best for Comfort)

Best for Comfort
PGA TOUR Multicolor Stretch Braid Men's Golf Belt
$18.83 $17.77

Light and easy to wear for all kinds of outings. It stretches, allowing you to keep it for a long time to balance any weight fluctuation.

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11/29/2022 04:43 am GMT

If you’re looking for a simple belt to wear, take a look at this one. It is braided, so it has some give and stretch to it. Made from 100% nylon, this is comfortable to wear for just about any golfer. They feature a buckle closure and no holes, so you’ll be able to pull it as tight or leave it as loose as you want. 

It comes in four different sizes, as the small is for 30” – 32”, the medium is for 34” – 36”, the large is for 38” – 40”, and the x-large is for 42” – 44” waists. You should hand wash this belt only, and the nickel brush finish on the buckle stands out. You can choose from different color options to match your outfits. This is a little more expensive than other options but can last a long time.

Under Armour Men’s Webbed Belt (Best for Traditional Look)

Best for Traditional Look
Under Armour Men's Webbing Golf Belt

Easy to customize and looks great with the big metal buckle. The durable polyester construction can last for many rounds.

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11/29/2022 12:06 am GMT

The kind of buckle you might see on tour, this offers you a great look to wear on the course and afterward to the 19th hole. It is built with an easily adjustable clasp. The webbing is customizable, and instructions on cutting it to your size are included. The metal Under Armour logo makes for a strong buckle. It is made from 100% polyester and fits up to a size 42 waist. You can even wash it in the machine.

adidas Golf Reversible Web Belt (Best Reversible Belt)

Best Reversible Belt
adidas Golf Standard Reversible Web Belt
$22.00 $12.80

Get two belts in one with this reversible web belt. The clamp closure allows for easy adjustability any time you put it on.

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11/28/2022 08:29 am GMT

If you’re looking for versatility, this belt has you covered. It offers you the chance to get two belts for the price of one, as it is reversible. There are different colors on each side, and you can choose from various options. Made from 100% polyester, it is meant to be hand-washed only. The clamp closure is easy to adjust when you’re using it. The adidas logo is prominently displayed on the buckle for style. It is also made with 60% recycled materials, so it’s good for the environment.

Meister Player Golf Web Belt (Most Fun)

Most Fun
Meister Player Golf Web Belt - Adjustable & Reversible
$17.99 $14.99

Make a statement by snagging some fun patterns for your belts. From hot pink to Outer Space, you’ll love the look of this belt.

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11/28/2022 10:39 am GMT

If you’re looking to dress like John Daly and make a statement for less cost, this belt is a wise decision. Several fun designs will have people admiring your look. You can choose from 12 different options, ranging from Royal Argyle to Outer Space to Stacked Deck. They are vibrant in color and are adjustable and reversible. You can cut it to size, and it begins at a 42” waist size. The buckle sits flush with the belt and has a bottle opener hidden in it.

What to Consider When Buying a Golf Belt?

You have to make sure the belt will fit you. That is the most important thing when buying a belt. Many belts, especially web belts, can be customized to your size. So finding a larger one is not a big issue, as you can cut it to fit your waist.

If you have a large metal buckle for a fashion statement, that’s a great choice. But you have to make sure it doesn’t prohibit you from swinging comfortably.

For a buckle that fits into holes, you need one that isn’t too tight when appropriately pulled. You want a durable belt built to last, as cheaper belts may rub off onto your pants. 

What Belts Do PGA Tour Pros Wear?

The answer is expensive ones. Many golfers either wear sponsored brands for their belts or find very fashionable ones. For example, Dustin Johnson has worn belts that cost up to $600! Plenty of golfers wear exotic skins and specialty designs that only they can pull off. Alligator is a popular one, as is classic leather, as shown by Phil Mickelson’s love for wearing House of Fleming belts made that way. Your average golfer isn’t shelling out $600 for a belt.

Wrapping It Up and Heading to the Clubhouse

A golf belt is a must, and the best golf belts fit you well, make a statement, and are easy to swing with. You can customize your golf belt easily, especially if it’s a polyester one, making it simple to cut it to your measurements. There are different styles and plenty of colors for you to match your outfits with. Make sure you buy one that will last you a while, as some golf belts can be costly. Add a bit of flair to your outfit with a golf belt and hit the course with confidence.

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