5 Best Golf Beanies & Winter Golf Hats

Winter golf is not for the faint of heart. Getting out there and perfecting your craft by any means necessary is what avid golfers must do. Many may find the time to make it to warmer climates during the winter, but those who like to play late into November, December, and even January in areas that allow for golf have to be equipped for harsher conditions. 

Winter golf gloves and winter golf shoes are absolute musts. You don’t want your hands and feet to be numb as you’re trying to swing a club and walk to your ball. But another essential piece of equipment is a winter golf beanie.

The best golf beanies and winter golf hats will keep your head and ears warm as you deal with harsh winds and low morning temperatures. Think of these as your best friends on that trip to St. Andrews or another links-style course. 

These golf hats protect your forehead, the back of your neck to a degree, and the top of your head. They’re stylish winter hats that look great on a golf course. Here is a list of the best golf beanies and winter golf hats to battle the harsh weather.

Best Golf Beanies and Winter Golf Hats: Our Top Picks

Callaway Classic Beanie (Best Overall)
Mizuno Winter Beanie (Runner-up)
TrailHeads Fleece Ball Cap (Best Winter Ball Cap)
Titleist Knit Hat (Best Winter Skull Cap)
PGA TOUR Pom Beanie Hat (Most Stylish)

Callaway Classic Beanie (Best Overall)

Best Overall
Callaway Classic Beanie
$27.99 $24.67

This comfortable and cozy hat will keep your ears warm during cold rounds. It is a sharp-looking hat that you can wear on and off the course.

  • One size fits most
  • Inner lining is made from fleece
  • Knitted acrylic yarn
  • Multiple colors
  • Can run small
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05/30/2023 10:09 pm GMT

Across the board, people rave about this golf hat’s warmth. The inner lining is fleece, protecting your ears and your forehead. It is made from knitted acrylic yarn that is durable and built to withstand fierce winds.

The pom on top makes this look sharp, as it is a favorite look around golf courses worldwide. The comfortable and cozy hat won’t make you sweat much when wearing it on a cold day.

One size fits most, but this may not be the hat for you if you have a larger head. You’ll love the color options and the Callaway logo on the front. There is an Odyssey logo on the back too. This is one of the more moderately priced options, supporting your warmth and wallet.

Mizuno Winter Beanie (Runner-up)

Mizuno Winter Beanie

This is a double-knit beanie that more or less traps the warmth in its lining to help you remain toasty. The fleece inner adds to the protection.

  • Imported
  • Double-knit construction
  • Fleece lined
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Inner lining can come undone after multiple wears
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05/30/2023 11:14 pm GMT

If you’re looking for the most warmth for your ears, this is your best bet. The beanie is made from double-knit construction, so it is durable for a while. The fleece lining adds warmth to your head, allowing you to battle cold conditions.

The hat is lightweight, so it won’t feel like you have too much fabric on your head. The pom is sewn on well, so it doesn’t feel too loose or shake too much. It comes in a royal blue Staff color and a black and charcoal that are sharp to look at.

The Mizuno logo is knitted into the fabric and on a label on the front. The hat is meant to fit most heads but may run a bit small.

TrailHeads Fleece Ball Cap with Drop Down Ear Warmer (Best Winter Ball Cap)

Best Winter Ball Cap
TrailHeads Fleece Ball Cap with Drop Down Ear Warmer

With this hat, you can control how much protection you want for your ears. The cap has a phenomenal feel and a folding flap that gives you the comfort you want.

  • The versatility of the folding flap
  • Elastic inner band for a better fitting form
  • Reflective strip for visibility
  • Very comfortable
  • Runs a bit big
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For those who want a versatile ball cap that can be worn during many winter activities, this from TrailHeads is a solid choice. Depending on how cold your ears are, you can put the folding flap down to cover more of your neck and ears.

If you get too warm, you can roll it back up and store it. The 3″ curved visor has a reflective strip that helps for visibility. An elastic inner band conforms the hat to your head for a more form-fitting feel.

The black design reduces glare, which is helpful if you happen to be playing on a sunny or even snowy day. It is a comfortable hat that may run a bit big, so be aware of that when you try it on.

Titleist Knit Hat (Best Winter Skull Cap)

Best Winter Skull Cap
Titleist Knit Hat

Comfortable on your head and soft to the touch, this is a hat to keep you warm and cozy. It’s simple yet elegant at the same time.

  • Made from 100% acrylic yarn
  • Understated Charleston patch on the front
  • Stretches to fit nearly any head
  • May stretch over time
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People wear beanies for many different outfits, and this is the kind of beanie that can be worn on and off the course. It is made from 100% acrylic yarn, so it’s well designed and keeps you warm when it’s cold out.

It stretches to fit nearly any size, so it can work for small and large heads. But that also means that it’s cozy when you wear it for an extended period.

It features an understated Charleston patch with the word “Titleist” on it. After you wear it for a while, it may stretch out, but it is machine washable. It comes in multiple colors so that you can match them with outfits.

PGA TOUR Men’s Beanie Hat (Most Stylish)

Most Stylish
PGA TOUR Pom Beanie Golf Hat
$24.00 $16.07

This offers you plenty of choices whether you like a pom hat or a beanie. There are plenty of colors, and the fleece lining keeps you warm regardless of style.

  • Many color and style choices
  • Fleece lining
  • One size fits most
  • Comfortable
  • Some are reflective, and others are not
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Fill out your closet with a few options from the PGA TOUR store. Whether you like a pom hat or a beanie, there is a hat for you.

They all have fleece linings, allowing you to keep warm regardless of climate. They are all one size and will fit most heads.

They are known for their comfortable feel and softness. You can choose between four pom hats and seven beanies, all ranging in colors. They are offered in wine, black heather, black iris navy, dazzling blue, and more. The pom hats are not reflective, while the beanies are.

What to Consider When Buying a Golf Beanie?

You should be considering a few things when buying a golf beanie.

The first is warmth. A fleece lining is offered in many beanies, and that is what is going to keep your ears warmer.

The second is construction. You want it to be well constructed and one that will last. A durable hat is essential because you want it to withstand harsh conditions.

It is important that your hat can be washed and cleaned with ease. If you read a review that it may shrink or may stretch out, you may want a different one.

Finally, your beanie should be comfortable. Acrylic is generally always going to be comfortable for your head.


What is a golf beanie?

A golf beanie is a hat that is typically knit in construction. It slides over your head and covers your ears and forehead. Some are long enough that allows you to roll it upward, while others are just meant to be pulled down. 

Some people use the term when it comes to a hat that doesn’t have a pom on the top. Some others consider a beanie as a hat with or without a pom on top of it. Using a beanie or winter hat is more or less synonymous. 

Can you wear a beanie while golfing?

Yes, you can. As you’ll see here with this photo of Rory McIlroy, golfers can wear beanies or pom winter golf hats while they’re golfing. 

What are the winter hats with ear flaps called?

You can search for them with the terms “ushanka,” “trapper hat,” or just simply” winter hat with ear flaps.” 


Using a golf beanie or winter golf hat is a perfect way to stay warm when playing in cold weather. They are comfortable and are meant to keep your ears warm. They also add a great touch of style to your outfit.

If you use one like the Callaway Golf 2020 Classic Beanie, you’ll be warm and look good while playing. It won’t slide down while you’re swinging either, keeping your eyes clear to complete your swing. 

A golf beanie or winter golf hat is a must-have when golfing in the winter. Find one that fits best for yourself and play year-round.

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