Top 10 Golf Balls of 2023: The Best Golf Balls of the Year

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The best golf balls on the market will offer you different performance characteristics on the golf course. It’s crucial to choose a golf ball that suits your game.

Some golf balls have a low compression rating and suit slow swingers, while others have a high compression rating and suit fast swingers. Making the wrong choice can negatively affect your performance.

Other factors can also impact which golf balls are best for you. But don’t worry because we’ll identify these characteristics here.

These are the best golf balls on the market in 2023.

Best Golf Balls on the Market: Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Titleist Pro V1
Best for Faster Swings: Bridgestone Tour B XS
Best for Added Distance: TaylorMade TP5
Best Soft Ball: Callaway Supersoft
Distance for Average Players: Titleist Velocity
Best Value for Seniors: TaylorMade Tour Response
Best for Slicers: Callaway Chrome Soft X LS Triple Track
Best Premium for Women: Vice Pro Soft
Best Budget: Kirkland Signature
Best for Beginners: Srixon Soft Feel

Titleist Pro V1 (Best Overall)

Best Overall
Titleist Pro V1

The Titleist Pro V1 is known as the best golf ball in the game, but it shows its full potential for golfers with faster swing speeds.

  • Premium quality
  • Excellent greenside spin
  • Great distance
  • Consistent ball flight
  • Penetrating trajectory
  • Low long-game spin
  • Not optimal for slow swingers
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12/02/2023 09:25 am GMT

Overall, the Titleist Pro V1 is the best golf ball on the market in 2023. It’s been the number-one ball on the PGA Tour for years, and that’s no accident.

Titleist recently upgraded this golf ball for added distance and a more consistent ball flight. It has a new 2.0 ZG Process Core, offering players extra yards off the tee.

A new cover design sees an increase in dimples – 352 to 388. That also helps to maximize distance while giving you a more consistent ball flight.

The company also made the cover softer than previous models. So, you can expect more greenside spin and added control on approach shots.

The Pro V1 is softer than the Pro V1x and launches lower with less spin. Players who need more spin, a higher ball flight, and a firmer feel will get the best from the Pro V1x.

Our article Which Titleist Golf Ball is Best for You gives you more information.

Bridgestone Tour B XS (Best for Faster Swings)

Bridgestone Tour B XS Golf Ball

Premium golf ball designed for golfers with swing speeds over 105 mph, with added spin and control.

  • Designed with Tiger’s help
  • Excellent overall performance
  • Helps maximize distance
  • Outstanding spin
  • Soft feel
  • Suits faster swings
  • Softer feel isn’t for everyone
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12/02/2023 12:05 pm GMT

Bridgestone Tour B XS golf balls are the best for faster swings. Tiger Woods helped design these golf balls, and they suit golfers with a swing speed of over 105 mph.

They offer the best overall performance for players with faster swings. You get outstanding characteristics from tee to green.

These balls help to maximize distance with the driver. But they also perform well on shorter shots, offering an outstanding spin performance on the greens.

They’re similar to the Bridgestone Tour B X golf balls. But the Tour B XS offers more spin for players who need or want it.

It also has a softer feel than the standard Tour B X. These characteristics make this golf ball suitable for a broader range of players with faster swings.

For instance, a higher handicapper who swings over 105 mph can get excellent results with the Tour B XS. They might not be able to get the same spin as lower handicappers, so the extra spin helps them.

Our article on the Best Bridgestone Golf Balls outlines which model will suit your game.

TaylorMade TP5 (Best for Added Distance)

Best for Added Distance
TaylorMade TP5 Golf Balls

The TP5 is TaylorMade's flagship golf ball alongside the TP5x. It has a 5-layer construction, a seamless Tour Flight Dimple Pattern, and a cast urethane cover.

  • Excellent distance
  • Nice feel
  • Impressive spin
  • Outstanding workability
  • Firm compression for faster swings
  • Mid-to-high launch
  • Can feel too soft for some
  • Less durable than the previous options
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12/02/2023 12:00 pm GMT

TaylorMade TP5 golf balls are the best for added distance. They just outdo the previous two options for distance off the tee.

Released in 2017, it was the first five-piece golf ball on the market. No other ball with a similar design comes close to the TP5 in performance.

You get a mid-to-high launch with this golf ball. So, it can help you improve your launch off the tee and with iron shots, resulting in more distance.

Also, it gives you low driver spin, adding to the impressive distance off the tee. The low spin and higher launch increase carry distance and add more yards.

The TP5 feels nice off the clubface and offers players excellent greenside spin. If you want control around the greens, you get it with this golf ball.

The TP5 is highly workable, so players can easily hit draws or fades. That makes it a great option for low handicappers who want some extra distance in a ball.

TaylorMade’s TP5x golf balls offer players a firmer option. So, you might want to consider it if you like a firmer feel.

We’ve reviewed options in the Best TaylorMade Golf Balls.

Callaway Supersoft (Best Soft Ball)

Best Soft Ball
Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

The Callaway Supersoft is one of the lowest-compression golf balls in the game. A new PARALOID Impact Modifier in the cover, high launch, and low spin make it a tremendous addition for any slow-swing speed beginner.

  • Easy to compress
  • Excellent performance for slow swingers
  • Great distance
  • Helps with launch
  • Good greenside spin
  • Many color options
  • Not optimal for fast swingers
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12/02/2023 12:05 pm GMT

The Callaway Supersoft is the best soft golf ball in 2023. These golf balls are popular among players with average to slow swing speeds.

This ball has low compression, meaning it’s easy to compress even when you swing the club slower. It’s easier for you to transfer energy to the ball and get more distance off the tee.

This soft golf ball is also easier to launch, helping you get the optimal height. Players with slower swings often struggle to launch the ball high enough, so this ball will help you.

These golf balls also perform exceptionally well around the greens. The cover feels soft and gives you an excellent grip on the greens with shorter shots.

You can see more options in the Best Soft Feel Golf Balls.

Titleist Velocity (Distance for Average Players)

Distance for Average Players
Titleist Velocity Golf Balls
$29.99 $28.49

The Titleist Velocity balls are a lower-priced option from Titleist that allow for low long-game spin, affordability, and higher flight on your golf shots.

  • Excellent distance
  • Firm feel
  • Low long-game spin
  • High ball flight
  • Fantastic value
  • Lacking greenside spin
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12/02/2023 12:15 pm GMT

Titleist Velocity golf balls are billed as the longest in the Titleist range. They help average players gain distance.

You can’t go wrong with these golf balls if you want more distance. The latest version has a firmer core, giving you more ball speed and extra yards.

Titleist redesigned the cover to offer more feel than previous models. However, this ball still feels firm and suits players who like that feel.

The dimple pattern of the cover is geared toward creating a higher ball flight. When you couple that with the low long-game spin, you get Titleist’s longest ball.

This ball has less short-game spin than others, but the higher flight allows you to stop approach shots on the green. However, the lack of spin is more noticeable on the delicate pitch and chip shots around the greens.

The Best Golf Balls for Average Golfers gives you even more options.

TaylorMade Tour Response (Best Value for Seniors)

Best Value for Seniors
TaylorMade Tour Response Golf Balls
$42.99 $40.00

The TaylorMade Tour Response is a mid-compression golf ball made with three pieces that help increase overall ball speed and keep spin in control, especially from the tee.

  • Excellent value for seniors
  • Impressive feel
  • Good distance
  • Easy to launch
  • Nice greenside spin
  • Help alignment with shots
  • Too soft for some players
  • Less spin than premium ballsMay feel too soft for some
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12/02/2023 12:20 pm GMT

TaylorMade Tour Response golf balls offer the best value for seniors. They have a compression rating of 70, so they’re on the borderline between low and mid-compression golf balls.

The low compression makes them easier for seniors to hit. These golfers often have slower swings and need a softer ball that’s easy to launch.

This golf ball offers an impressive feel and good control around the greens. The spin control almost matches some of the best premium golf balls on the market.

These balls offer good distance off the tee as well. Ball speeds are faster off the clubface compared to the previous generation, giving slow swingers a welcome distance boost of a few yards.

The TaylorMade Tour Response also comes in a new ‘Stripe’ option. This stripe wraps around the entire ball and helps with alignment on the tee and the green.

You can check more options in the Best Golf Balls for Seniors.

Callaway Chrome Soft X LS Triple Track (Best for Slicers)

Best for Slicers
Callaway Chrome Soft X LS Golf Balls
$49.99 $41.35

The Chrome Soft X LS offers high ball speeds and low spin rates from the tee. Yet, it has a soft and responsive feel on and around the greens.

  • Low spin helps a slice
  • Premium quality
  • Impressive ball speeds
  • Excellent greenside control
  • High launch
  • Consistent performance
  • Not great for slow swingers
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12/02/2023 12:20 pm GMT

Callaway Chrome Soft X LS golf balls are a premium option with an extraordinarily low spin off the tee. The low spin makes these balls the best option for slicers.

This ball won’t spin too much when you hit it. That reduced spin means it won’t slice offline too badly, meaning your ball stays straighter.

These balls can also help you get impressive ball speeds to maximize your distance from the driver. Also, less side spin on sliced shots helps your distance.

But this ball isn’t all about distance off the tee. It also gives you tour-level control around the greens.

We’ve listed other excellent options for slicers in Best Golf Balls for Slicers.

Vice Pro Soft (Best Premium for Women)

Best Premium for Women
Vice Pro Soft Golf Balls

Vice Golf Balls are 3 pieces, have a soft cover for women golfers, and come in great color options.

  • Premium golf balls
  • Excellent spin
  • Soft feel
  • Good distance
  • Easy alignment
  • Variety of colors
  • Other options are cheaper
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12/02/2023 12:30 pm GMT

Vice Pro Soft golf balls are the best premium option for women. They give you excellent spin control and a soft feel around the greens.

Upgrading to a three-piece golf ball offers you a better all-around performance. And that’s what you find with this golf ball.

The Vice Pro Soft has a thin cover that allows players to capitalize on distance while getting a soft feel around the greens. A new closed alignment line on the golf ball helps you line up your putts.

Also, we love the new colors these golf balls come in. You get six colors to choose from to match your style.

A review of other options is available in Best Golf Balls for Women.

Kirkland Signature (Best Budget)

Best Budget
Kirkland Signature Golf Ball, 2-Dozen

This is a 3-piece golf ball with a urethane cover. It comes in two 12-packs and is arguably the cheapest urethane ball on the market.

  • Amazing price for two dozen
  • Decent greenside control
  • Good distance
  • Help with launch
  • Durable
  • Not a big brand
  • Less spin and distance than other balls
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12/02/2023 12:35 pm GMT

Kirkland Signature golf balls are the best budget option. They give you excellent bang for your buck.

These balls have a three-piece urethane cover that helps you with your spin and your greenside control. The mantle and the soft cover combine to give you the spin you’re looking for with wedge and iron shots.

This ball also offers you good distance. The core is soft and elastic to help you transfer energy to the ball and maximize distance.

These balls are great to use in any situation, whether competition or recreational use. They’re durable, so you should get plenty of use from them if you don’t lose them.

Each ball has a 338-dimple design to aid in the trajectory. This helps you with launching the ball and keeping it in the air.

Srixon Soft Feel (Best for Beginners)

Best for Beginners
Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls
$22.99 $19.49

Srixon Soft Feel golf balls are incredibly soft, have impressive distance capabilities, and are fairly priced.

  • Excellent value
  • Impressive distance
  • Good feel around the greens
  • Low spin rates and reduced drag for slicers
  • Lower compression golf ball
  • Not as durable as firmer golf balls
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12/02/2023 12:35 pm GMT

Srixon Soft Feel golf balls are the best for beginners. They are great value for money, so beginners won’t feel too bad when they inevitably lose golf balls.

These golf balls give you impressive distance while offering a great feel around the greens. That’s a good combination for beginners, especially because they need more distance off the tee.

They also offer a stable ball flight and have a low spin rate. Together, these characteristics help players who slice the ball, a common problem for beginners.

This ball feels soft from tee to green, but it’s around the greens where players notice it most. Beginners often get stuck with balls that don’t feel good on shorter shots. That doesn’t need to be the case if they use this golf ball.

Beginners can find other great choices in the Best Golf Balls for Beginners.

What to Consider When Buying a Golf Ball

When buying a golf ball, you should consider compression, performance, feel, and cover.

golf driver hitting a golf ball off the tee box


You should consider the compression rating when buying the best golf balls. Low-compression golf balls suit players with slower swings, while high-compression golf balls suit those with faster swings.

The Bridgestone Tour B XS has a high compression rating. That’s why it suits players who swing faster than 105 mph.

TaylorMade Tour Response golf balls have a compression of 70, meaning they’re borderline soft golf balls. They suit seniors because these players usually have slower swings.

The Callaway Supersoft has a low compression rating and is considered a soft golf ball. So, players with slow swings will get good results using it.


You should consider the performance when buying the best golf balls. As we’ve seen, balls can offer different performance characteristics.

For instance, the TaylorMade TP5 is an excellent option if you want a premium ball that offers more distance. It performs with low spin off the tee, giving you extra distance with the driver.

The Titleist Velocity also offers you distance, but it doesn’t have other performance features like high greenside spin. That makes it better for average players who don’t need that control around the greens.

golf pitch


The feel of a golf ball matters to some more than others, but you should still consider it when buying the best golf balls. Using a golf ball that feels good can help you improve your performance.

Some golfers like golf balls with a soft feel, while others like a firmer feel. It’s a good idea to try out different balls to see what feels best.


You should consider the cover when buying the best golf balls. Urethane covers give you the best spin and greenside control, but they cost more and are less durable. Balls with these covers, like the Callaway Chrome Soft X LS Triple Track, also have a softer feel.

Ionomer covers give you a firmer feel. These balls spin less but are more durable.

Golf balls with Surlyn covers are the most durable and feel hard off the clubface. These balls are usually geared toward distance and lack spin around the greens. They’re the cheapest option of the three.

You can identify your needs and choose the cover material accordingly.


What is the Best Golf Ball for the Average Golfer?

The Titleist Velocity golf ball is the best for the average golfer. It gives average players excellent performance at a lower price than other Titleist balls.

It offers good distance and a high launch. These two performance characteristics are crucial for average golfers.

What is the Most Forgiving Golf Ball?

The Bridgestone e12 Contact is the most forgiving golf ball. It offers players good distance even when they don’t strike the center of the clubface.

Also, these golf balls can help players who hook or slice the ball. The dimple design reduces excessive spin.

What is the Best Golf Ball for the Money?

The Titleist Tour Speed is the best golf ball for the money. It gives you excellent overall performance at a great price. You can expect distance off the tee and great control around the greens with this ball.


Overall, the Titleist Pro V1 is the best golf ball on the market in 2023. It’s been the number-one golf ball on the PGA Tour for years for a reason.

You get premium quality and exceptional overall performance with this golf ball. It offers excellent distance off the tee and phenomenal spin and control around the greens.

This ball is all about consistency. It performs how you need it to out on the golf course.

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