5 Best Cheap Putters in 2023

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The putter is the most important golf club in the bag. If you want to play great golf, you must have a putter that you trust; the great news is that the putter does not need to be expensive. Sometimes the best cheap putters on the market can work better for a golfer than the most premium golf putters on the market. 

So if you are on a budget, ready for a change, or simply want to see what the best cheap putters on the market look like, keep reading! 

Best Cheap Putters: Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Wilson Infinite Buckingham
Best For Beginner: Pinemeadow Golf PGX MB
Best Blade Style: Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft 4
Best For Feel: Odyssey DFX Seven
Best For Alignment: Ray Cook Silver Ray SR500

Best Overall: Wilson Infinite Buckingham

Best Overall
Wilson Infinite Buckingham Putter

The Wilson Infinite Buckingham putter has great stability, easy alignment, and an impressive feel for a putter that is half the price of some of the most premium options on the market. 

  • Very stable design, especially on shorter putts
  • Increases golfer's confidence over the ball
  • Very simple alignment process
  • Anti-glare finish for a better look from the top down
  • Counterbalanced technology for a smooth feel
  • The ball comes off the clubface a little hot
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09/23/2023 06:10 am GMT

When choosing the best cheap putter, the goal should be to find a club that performs like a premium model at a very low or fair price. With the Wilson Infinite Buckingham, you can get impressive overall performance and not break the bank. In fact, when comparing this putter to other premium models, it performed just as well and sometimes better. 

A few things that set the Wilson Infinite Buckingham apart are the parallel and perpendicular sight lines, a double-milled face, and the anti-glare finish. Again, these are all features of the best golf putters in the game. The double-milled face typically takes a putter well over the $200 mark, which is not the case with Wilson Infinite series. 

A counterbalanced design allows the player to control the putter a bit easier. Most golfers consider this a really smooth design. When you combine the feel with the practical alignment lines on the top of the head, you will simply make more putts. 

Best For Beginner: Pinemeadow Golf PGX MB

Best For Beginner
Pinemeadow Golf PGX MB Putter

The Pinemeadow Golf PGX MB has a matte black finish, impressive soft feel, plenty of head weight, and a matching PGX Black headcover. 

  • Great looking putter
  • Easy alignment
  • Heavier head weight for faster greens
  • Pinemeadow Spider Grip is soft and encourages a better feel
  • Not custom weighting
  • Paint on clubhead will chip if you don’t take care of the club
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If you are a new golfer putting together your first set of golf clubs, we don’t envy you. The process can be overwhelming, and there are many golf clubs to consider. However, Pinemeadow made things much easier on you with the release of the Pinemeadow Golf PGX MB. 

This putter head is a sleek black design with impressive alignment lines and an anti-glare finish. Golfers have reported feeling confident standing over the ball when the PGX is in their hands. 

Mallet head putters like this one help beginners establish distance control and make the three putts happen less often. If you are a golfer who is new to the game but wants a putter that will last for years, this is it. 

Best Blade Style: Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft 4

Best Blade Style
Cleveland Golf HB Soft #4 Putter

The Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft 4 is a classic-looking blade design with a speed-optimized precision milled face; the putter encourages precision at impact. 

  • Soft feel
  • CNC Milling pattern for increased fiction and better roll
  • Good forgiveness on off center putts
  • Putter head can feel a little light on the shorter putts
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With the smaller sizes and slightly older technology used in many blade putters, you would think that blade style is some of the best cheap putters. However, when researching more, you will quickly find that the Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft 4 is one of the only really great blade-style cheap putters. 

With Cleveland Huntington Beach, you get a precision milled face with a diamond CNC milling pattern, a pure roll, and a soft feel at impact. The 304 stainless steel is specifically used to help provide golfers control without sacrificing the MOI at impact. 

The speed-optimized face technology from Cleveland also helps players that tend to miss the center of the clubface. Even if you miss the sweet spot, the results from the Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft 4 can be quite good. 

Best For Feel: Odyssey DFX Seven

Best For Feel
Odyssey DFX Seven Putter

The Odyssey DFX Seven has a lower price point than other Odyssey putters, a soft insert, and incredible impact stability. 

  • A great-looking putter head
  • Sits low to the ground for better roll
  • Distance control is great
  • High performing grip
  • Soft insert
  • Insert is very soft and not always the right fit for all players
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Many golfers associate the Odyssey name with the most premium putters on the market. Although Odyssey does make some pretty impressive and high-end putter designs, there are others that try to keep the price fair. The DFX line is more about value, but there is still some excellent performance here. 

The Odyssey DFX Seven is a modified mallet head design with an all-black premium finish. The top-down look is clean, and players will not have any trouble with alignment. 

Odyssey looks at all the details when putting together a putter like this, so expect a high-quality pistol or oversized grip. The grip reduces movement on the putter and encourages control on the player’s part. 

Best For Alignment: Ray Cook Silver Ray SR500

Best For Alignment
Ray Cook Silver Ray SR500 Putter

The Ray Cook Silver Ray SR500 is a large mallet head design with long alignment lines and a stable head; this putter is consistent, especially on those putts under 10 feet. 

  • Very good alignment lines for shorter putts
  • Long history in the industry
  • Several different color choices
  • Paddle grip for better control
  • The feel at impact is not as good as other cheap putters
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09/22/2023 04:20 pm GMT

Ray Cook golf putters have been around for over 50 years and have continually been known as some of the best cheap putters. The great thing about Ray Cook is that they design putters that look just like the top options on the market, but they are incredibly fair about their price point. 

Golfers love the Ray Cook Silver Ray SR500, as it can feel a bit like a custom design. Players can choose between four different club head colors and a headcover that matches. 

The thing that helps the Ray Cook Silver Ray SR500 be known as one of the best cheap putters is the alignment lines. If you are a player that has a good stroke but struggles with getting the clubhead lined up, the Silver Ray SR500 will help. This putter is incredibly consistent, and the lines are longer than they are on most putters. 

What To Consider When Buying A Cheap Putter  

Golfers interested in a cheap putter are often worried they will end up with something that lacks performance. That is a valid concern. Unfortunately, in golf, premium products are associated with a high price. Luckily, a few companies still put out a quality putter for a fair price. Here are a few things to look for when considering the best cheap putters on the market.


Putter length is one of the most important fitting parameters in putting. If you choose a putter length that is too long or too short, expect to see issues in your game. The length of the putter needs to be a good fit for your height, arm length and putting style. 

Most putters are offered in 33, 34, and 35-inch sizes. The 34-inch is the most common and what most golfers need. However, some cheap putters do not have different length options, so be aware of this when you place your order. 

Mallet vs. Blade 

Cheap putters can either be mallet or blade putters. More and more golfers are finding the mallet-style putter to be more consistent and easier to control the distance. Blade-style putters appeal to the lower handicappers that play on the fastest greens. 

The mallet vs. blade debate can come down to personal preference, but there are some great cheap mallet putters on the market right now that players should consider. 


The putter grip is something that can increase the cost of a putter, so it makes sense to find one that comes with a grip that is a good fit for your game. Many players look for a pistol-style grip because it allows the hands to be a bit less active in the stroke. 

In addition, a slightly oversized putter grip is often a good fit for players. Again, wrist action will be decreased, making it easier to stay solid and consistent on those shorter putts. 


When shopping for the best cheap putters, be prepared to give up on a bit of the technology. Don’t expect a high-end insert in the face of something that has adjustable weighting; chances are you won’t find it. 

However, in a cheap putter, you can still find great alignment lines, a putter face with a responsive yet soft feel, anti-glare technology, and sometimes even CNC milling in the face. Be realistic about the technology you can expect from a golf putter, and you will be impressed with the value. 

Overall Price 

The price of a cheap putter is typically anything less than $150. Although we know how important it is to get a great deal on a golf putter, sometimes those that are less than $50 or so may have a cheap or unresponsive feel. 

The sweet spot for the best price for cheap putters is in that $60 to $150 range. The cheapest are typically made by Wilson and Pinemeadow, bringing some great features to the table. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions about cheap golf putters. The putter is a very important club, and taking a bit longer to choose the right one is wise. 

How much does a decent putter cost?

A decent putter typically costs around $100. The price can be a little lower if you find a great deal. Those who want more premium performance, expect to pay $200 or more on your putter. 

What putter should I get as a beginner?

Beginner golfers will often have the best luck with a mallet head golf putter. The mallet design encourages players to have better distance control and alignment at setup. There are so many different mallet designs on the market that you should have no trouble finding something that fits your needs. 

What type of putter should I choose?

There are some really important fitting stats that go into choosing the right putter; however, in the end, it is the one that feels the best for your game. Players that like precision and control tend to go with the blade-style putter. Those looking for forgiveness and stability will often choose the mallet head design. 

Is an expensive putter worth it? 

An expensive putter is well worth the price when you find something that makes you a better putter. If you can knock a few strokes off your game simply because you trust your putter, it will be well worth whatever money you spend. However, this is not to say that all of the best putters on the market need to be expensive. Some great cheap putters like the Wilson Infinite can have performance very close to the most premium putters on the market. 


We hope you can now choose the best cheap putter for your needs. The Wilson Infinite Buckingham is our favorite option because of the consistent stability at impact, the performance on both short and long putts, and the overall clean look of the putter head design. This is a golf club that won’t disappoint, and it won’t break the bank. 

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