5 Best Center Shafted Putters in 2023

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A center shafted putter can help players with accuracy, stability, and consistency in their stroke. As great as it would be to have center shafted putters available in every model, it is simply not the case.

We have tested and researched the best center shafted putters on the market in 2023. There are some new releases that are, without a doubt, worth checking out. Let’s look at which center shafted putter is the best for your needs. 

Best Center Shafted Putters: Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Odyssey Eleven Tour Lined
Budget Pick: Wilson South Side Infinite
Best For Stability: TaylorMade Truss
Best Premium: Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5S
Best Looking: Cleveland HB Soft Premier 10.5 C

Best Overall: Odyssey Eleven Tour Lined Center Shafted Putter

Best Overall
Odyssey Eleven Tour Lined Center Shafted Putter

The Odyssey Tour Lined Center Shafted Putter has a high MOI, a more forward center of gravity, and three different designs for players to choose from. 

  • White Hot Insert
  • Improved sound and feel with TPU sole insert
  • Impressive speed control, spin control, and speed consistency
  • Plain, lined, or Triple Track design
  • The large putter head takes a bit of time to get used to
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The Odyssey Eleven Center Shafted Putter is a new malled putter that has taken the White Hot technology and combined it with stroke lab technology. The end result is a great-looking and high-performing golf putter that helps improve consistency and overall performance for players. 

One of the things that helps the Odyssey Eleven Center Shafted putter stand out as one of the best on the market is the three different designs for the head of the putter. The top is large, and you can either leave it unlined, a classic tour line, or the Triple Track design. There is no right or wrong answer here; just find something that appeals to you. 

The big technological change from the previous Odyssey to this new release is the center of gravity that was moved ¼ inch over. This may not seem like a large amount, but in a putter head, it is. The lower dispersion rates from the Odyssey Eleven will result from the center of gravity move. 

Budget Pick: Wilson South Side Infinite Golf Putter

Budget Pick
Wilson South Side Infinite Golf Putter

The Wilson Infinite Southside is a reasonably priced golf putter with a double-milled face and an impressive anti-glare finish. 

  • Anti-glare finish
  • Counterbalanced technology
  • Double milled face
  • Great consistency for the price
  • On longer putts, the distance control can be difficult
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03/10/2024 10:10 am GMT

Golf putters have significantly increased in price over the last few years because of the new technology added to these products. We are impressed with the overall feel and design of the Wilson Infinite Southside and found it to be an excellent deal for the money. 

One of the first things that help the Wilson Infinite Southside stand out is the Anti-Glare Finish. This dark PVD finish will reduce glare and make it easier to see your line to the hole. In addition, we found the putter easier to line up than others with the anti-glare finish. 

Wilson Infinite Southside is a counterbalanced putter that will move the balance point closer to your hands and create a smooth putting stroke. The control that players get with the Wilson Infinite is pretty impressive. When you combine that with the parallel and perpendicular sight lines, the short putts become difficult to miss. 

Best For Stability: TaylorMade Truss Center Shafted

Best For Stability
TaylorMade Truss Center Shafted Putter

The TaylorMade Truss Center Shafted putter is unique to the market in its two connection point design. The Cobalt Blue PureRoll Insert improves sound and feel, making this an excellent choice for golfers. 

  • Unique hosel design
  • Adjustable weights
  • Slightly heavier than other putters
  • Not an excellent choice for an arch style putting stroke
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03/10/2024 12:00 pm GMT

The TaylorMade Truss Center Shafted putters are unique in their design. You can see that this putter connects the shaft in two locations so that it has a stable access point on the club head. In addition, the Cobalt Blue PureRoll Insert helps improve the overall sound, feel and roll. 

Golfers that have switched to the TaylorMade Truss have also enjoyed adjustable sole weights that allow the player to get the feel they need. In addition, TaylorMade put a 120gram Tour putter shaft in this club, which is heavy and effective on fast greens. 

With the improved feel, unique design, and impressive MOI, this is an excellent putter for players who lack consistency in their game. 

Best Premium: Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5S

Best Premium
Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5S Putter

The Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5S is a tour-proven putter with an impressive feel, a precision-milled steel face and body, and maximum MOI. 

  • Most advanced mallet from Scotty Cameron
  • Dark sight lines for visibility
  • Tour-proven and tested
  • Premium look and feel
  • High price tag
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The Scotty Cameron putters are tested and verified by professional golfers. Cameron putters are tested on tour for at least a year or two before bringing them to market. This particular putter has been around for a few years but is finally available for the amateur player. 

Golfers will be impressed with the new head shapes from this line, and the center shafted design of the X 5S. These are high-performance mallet putters with an impressive feel and overall performance. The Phantom X 5S features a straight stepless steel shaft. The shaft is installed near the center point of the putter head; there is also no offset, giving this a perfect look to the better player. 

The new Phantom X line from Scotty Cameron also features new grips. The new grip is the Pistolero Plus with a non-slip decorative texture. This is a no-taper putter grip to ensure that the left hand still leads the way in your putting stroke. 

Best Looking: Cleveland HB Soft Premier 10.5 C

Best Looking
Cleveland HB Soft Premier #10.5C Putter

The Cleveland HB Soft Premier 10.5 C has a gray satin finish, impressive speed-optimized face, and excellent overall feel. 

  • Speed optimized face
  • Gray Satin PVD finish
  • Fair pricing
  • Not quite as much stability as TaylorMade or Scotty Cameron
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The Cleveland HB Soft Premier 10.5 C is the best-looking of the center shafted putters. We love how this putter has brought the value and the performance together to make a really impressive model that stands out from others on the market. In addition, the Gray Satin PVD finish will help give the putter a more premium feel without lifting the price point. 

Cleveland always adds features that help to ensure more accuracy, and they have done this with the Speed Optimized Face technology. Even if you miss the center of the club face, the golf ball will travel towards your target with plenty of speed and control. 

The CNC milled pattern is a bit different from putter insert technology from other manufacturers. The milled design allows for a soft feel while also increasing friction. The ball will start turning end over end as soon as it comes off the putter’s face. 

What Is A Center Shafted Putter? 

A traditional putter has a shaft that is affixed to the heel of the club. This is standard for putters and most other clubs in your bag. However, the center shafted putter moves the shaft connection point to the center of the putter head. 

This move to the center of the putter head makes the putter very stable at impact, increases overall precision, and makes it a much better choice for golfers that struggle with consistency. Center shafted putters are going to have impressive stability at impact. They are also an excellent choice for golfers with straight back and straight through putting stroke. 

Who Should Use a Center Shafted Putter? 

Center shafted putters are best for golfers that struggle with inconsistency in their putting stroke. Have you ever felt the putter rattle or feel as though you can’t get the clubface back to square at impact? If this is the case, you could greatly benefit from a center shafted putter. 

The center shafted putter won’t open or close if you don’t let it. Simply set up and keep the putter straight back and straight through, and the center shafted putter will do its part to stay square. The first thing most golfers notice when switching to a center shafted putter is that it is very consistent for short putts. 

Center shafted putters are more difficult to get used to on the longer putts. However, it is certainly not an issue if greens are running at a decent speed. Overall, center shafted putters can be great for players of all levels. 

Benefits of a Center Shafted Putter 

With all the different types of putters on the market, it is essential to know which ones fit your game. A center shafted putter will be a simple design, but that is not what all players need. Here are the most important benefits of a center shafted putter. Use these to see if this type of putter could work well for your game. 

  • Alignment aid is clearly visible and easy to work with 
  • Minimal twisting during the stroke and again at impact
  • The technology needed for straight back and straight through putting
  • Good for golfers with left eye dominance
  • Impressive feedback 
  • More control than other golf putters 

Disadvantages of a Center Shafted Putter 

The center shafted putter will not work for all playing styles; in fact, switching to a center shafted putter could be a mistake. There are a few disadvantages that are important to consider and look out for if you are planning on making this switch. 

  • Not a good choice for an arc style putting stroke 
  • Longer putts can be a bit more challenging to get the speed right
  • Lower dynamic loft can make the putter less forgiving overall 
  • Poor roll in players that are inconsistent in putting mechanics 

How To Choose The Best Center Shafted Putter

Now that you have a bit more insight into the features and benefits of a center shafted putter, it’s time to narrow down which of these could be a great fit for your game. One of the best ways to choose a putter is to test out a few different options; however, sometimes, even after product testing, it becomes difficult to choose. Here are the things to keep in mind. 

Putter Head Style

You will likely notice that most of the center shafted putters on the market have a larger mallet head design. Not only are many putters moving towards this type of technology, but the mallet putter head style also helps players who are looking for stability and consistency. 

The blade putters are typically best for those with an arc style putting stroke that opens and then closes the face of the putter during their stroke. Center shafted mallet type putters are a good fit for the player with a straight back and straight through stroke. 

The good news is that even though most of these putters are mallet head designs, there are still options for unique looks and finishes. Something like the Wilson Infinite is a small mallet head, while the Scotty Cameron Phantom is a large option. 

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Pricing on putters has gone up considerably. At this point, a great putter will likely cost between $200 and $500. There are, of course, models closer to $150 that can also be a good option to consider. 

One thing to keep in mind about the pricing of putters is that putter technology can remain relevant for years to come. Nothing is stopping you from having a putter in your bag for ten or more years. This is much different from a driver, where your club will eventually have dated technology. 

Also, consider how often you use your putter in your round. Spending a few extra dollars will be well worth it. For those on a budget, look at models that came out a year or two ago and see if they have dropped in price. In the end, even a used center shafted putter can be a good investment.

Shaft Technology 

The putter head has been changed, updated, improved, and played with for years. Golf manufacturers only recently started looking into golf shaft technology and its impact on club performance. With a proper golf shaft, the golf club’s weighting and overall performance will be much different. 

Odyssey has created the new Stroke Lab technology that combines graphite and steel to make a putter head with a unique feel and consistency. In addition to the Odyssey Shaft, TaylorMade put a tour-level stepless shaft into their Truss putter, making it more stable. The concept of improved golf shafts in a putter is worth considering. 

Something with a bit more weight and better feedback is an excellent choice for a center shafted design. 

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The grip on your putter can be a personal preference, but many manufacturers put a lot of time and money into their grip selections to ensure that they are the right size, type, and feel. Many center shafted putters come with a non-tapered grip. This no-tapered design improves the hand action in the putting stroke and provides more consistency. 


The length of a golf putter will typically be either 33, 34, or 35 inches. The tour average is 34 inches, which seems to be the correct length for many players. With a center shafted putter, you will sometimes need a slightly shorter total length to get over the ball with your eyes. 

You can adjust a putter’s length after the purchase. However, we suggest finding a putter that has the perfect length from the start. If you change the length of the putter after the fact, make sure a professional checks the weighting and the balance of the putter. 

Putting Stroke 

Most golfers that go for the center shafted putters will have a straight back and straight through putting stroke. With the arc-style putting stroke, there can be problems with trying to square off the face of the putter as you make your way through impact. 

Is a Center Shafted Putter Face-balanced?

Most center shafted putters are face-balanced. This helps improve the overall feel and consistency and ensures that the putter is weighted evenly from the heel to the toe. Remember, not all center shafted putters are face-balanced as manufacturers can play with weighting and other putter features to change this. However, always check the details of the putter before you purchase if you are looking for face-balanced technology. 

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We hope you now feel confident in your ability to choose the best center shafted putter on the market. The Odyssey Eleven is the best choice because of its impressive feel, consistency, and overall great-looking design. If you are new to the game or have been playing your whole life, the Odyssey Eleven is a solid choice.

For those looking to save money, give the Wilson Infinite a chance. Putters like this can be hard to come by for the pricing that this one is offered. After all, the pricing won’t be what matters, but the performance will.

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