The 6 Best Blade Putters in 2023

golfer putting with a blade putter

Blade putters are considered the classic golf putter. Most golfers that have been around the game for quite some time have played with a blade putter at some point. Blade putters are great on fast greens, can help players with an arc-style putting stroke, and tend to have a better feel and precision than mallet putters. 

If you are looking for the best blade putters in 2023, we have everything you need. The putter is without a doubt the most important club in the bag, and finding the best blade putter for your needs can really take your game to the next level. 

Best Blade Putters: Our Top Picks

1. Odyssey White Hot OG One Blade Putter

Best Overall
Odyssey White Hot OG One Putter

The Odyssey White Hot OG One Blade Putter features an option for the Stroke Lab Shaft, the original impressive Odyssey insert, and tremendous consistency for any golfer. 

  • Ability to include a Stroke Lab shaft for even higher performance
  • DFX rubber grip with great feel
  • All the original components that made these Odyssey Blades so impressive from the start
  • This won’t be the best choice for the golfer that struggles with alignment.
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The Odyssey putters have always stood apart from other golf putters on the market. Odyssey puts so much time and research into making sure a golf putter is high performing, has an excellent feel, and can be as consistent as possible for players. 

The original Odyssey White Hot came out more than 20 years ago, and since then, it has been considered one of the best on the market. Odyssey realized that it might not be necessary to reinvent the wheel for their latest line of putters. The brand new Odyssey White Hot OG features the same formulation in the insert. 

With the latest version of the White Hot Og, the PVD finish and fine milling help the putter look cleaner and more professional than ever before. In addition, the fact that you can order the stroke lab shaft for increased feel is just another reason to invest in the Odyssey White Hot OG blade putters. 


  • Option for a stroke lab shaft 
  • DFX Rubber grip 
  • Classic design with updated technology 


  • Stroke Lab shaft option can be a bit expensive 

2. Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport 2 Blade Putter

Best Premium
Titleist Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport 2 Putter

Scotty Cameron makes some of the most premium golf putters on the market with incredible attention paid to precision and feel; it’s hard to go wrong with a Scotty Cameron Newport in your hands. 

  • Original feel and precision of Scotty Cameron Newport
  • Special accommodations made to improve forgiveness
  • Better top-down look
  • Very stable at address and at impact
  • Milled from a solid piece of stainless steel
  • Scotty Cameron has always been considered a lower handicap players club, but it shouldn’t always be
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The Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport 2 is one of the most iconic golf putters on the market. This is not only a great feeling putter, but it is one of the most consistent on the market. If you like a performance balanced weighted design, you would love what Scotty Cameron has to offer. 

The newer models of the Special Select have a unique alignment profile that allows golfers to look straight down the shaft and line the club up a little more easily. When you can see more of the putter face, you can line that putter face to the hole. With a solid 303 stainless steel design and the continued importance of feel, Scotty Cameron will always make some of the best putters in the game. 


  • Updated version of a classic blade 
  • Better visibility at setup
  • MIlled from a soft 303 stainless steel 


  • Not the most forgiving blade putters 

3. Cleveland HB Soft #4 Blade Putter

Best Value
Cleveland HB SOFT #4 Blade Putter
  • Soft face for better feel 
  • CNC milling pattern for a more pure roll 
  • Soft feel 
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The Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft putter has a speed-optimized face and consistent ball speed. Cleveland has always done a great job with high-performance short game tools. The thing that helps them stand out is that the pricing is almost always considerably better than it is with other golf companies. 

The Huntington Beach models have been around for quite some time, and although they were good, the Huntington Beach Soft seems to have a much better feel. 

The speed optimization ensures that even if you miss the center of the face, you will still get some good ball speed, and the ball will head towards the hole. 


  • Softer feel 
  • CNC milling pattern for less friction 
  • Soft stainless steel 


  • Some golfers want something a bit more firm at impact 

4. Ping Anser Blade Putter

Best Feel
Ping Anser Blade Putter
  • Classic putter design 
  • Updated from previous Anser with new face insert
  • Great putter for distance control 
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If you want to do a deep dive into golf technology and the clubs that have shaped the game, there will be an entire chapter on the Ping Answer putter. The Ping Anser is released every few years with new technology and the same basic concept of providing impressive blade putting technology to the market. 

The most recent version comes in a few different blade styles, and they all have the new dual durometer insert. The materials in the insert help ensure that you have distance control for the longer putts and a soft feel for the shorts putts. 


  • High performing insert
  • Made with a variety of materials to help increase MOI and optimize Center of gravity 
  • Several different styles for classic blades and more modern blades


  • Not really the same feel as an original Anser 

5. Cobra King Sport-60 Blade Putter

Best For Adjustability
Cobra KING Sport-60 Blade Putter
  • Large clubhead with big sweet spot
  • Adjustable weighting for custom fit 
  • High MOI club head 
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The category of best putter for adjustability is not something you would have read about five years ago. Adjustability in putters is just starting to take off. The idea that a putter can be fine-tuned to a player’s needs is something that more and more golfers are jumping on board with. 

The Cobra golf clubs have been known for their adjustability for quite some time, and now that technology is transferring to the Cobra King putters. The new King Sport 60 is an adjustable blade putter for golfers with an arc-style putting stroke. 

The putter’s face is an aluminum face insert that gives a high MOI and consistent launch angle and roll. In addition, the adjustable weight system helps golfers change around the stability that you get at impact. This is a wise investment for those just switching to a blade-style putter. 


  • Cobra connect grip 
  • Adjustable weights
  • Consistent launch and trajectory 


  • Can take a while to get used to the different weights and find the best fit for your needs
  • Putter head is rather large and not like a true thin blade 

6. TaylorMade TP Hydro Blast Del Monte #1 Blade Putter

Best For Forgiveness
TaylorMade TP Hydro Blast Del Monte #1 Putter
  • 303 Stainless milling
  • Other weight option to purchase 
  • Hydro blast finish for durability 
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The TaylorMade TP Hydro Blast Del Monte #1 is the best forgiving blade putter on the market. Machine milling on the face of the TP Hydro Blast ensures that the face is going to promote a perfect roll every time you strike it. 

With the TaylorMade TP Hydro Blast, there is a white pure roll insert that you will find on the Spider X putter. The thing to remember about TaylorMade putters is that the Spider is their most well-known product. However, the Spider is about as far from a blade as you can get. 

For those that want the TaylorMade Spider feel in a blade design, the Hydro Blast Del Monte could be a great choice. 


  • Very durable long lasting putter
  • Can purchase additional weights to make it a more custom fit 
  • Superior feel and a slightly larger head for increased forgiveneess 


  • Not as popular or stable as the Spider putter

What is a blade putter?

A blade putter is classic looking golf putter with a rectangular-shaped head. The face of the putter is typically narrow, and the back of the putter does not extend far out behind the face. Blade putters are known for being more traditional, classic, and better player designs. However, blade putters can work for a variety of golfers. 

Who is a blade putter for?

The blade putter is best for a golfer with an arc-style putting stroke. The arc tyle putting stroke will take the putter back slightly inside and then form an arc shape until the putter finishes on the left side of the player’s body. 

With the arc style putting stroke, golfers tend to need to fan the clubface open a bit and then close it back down; the blade putter is easy to maneuver in this way because of the weighting in the club head. 

Blade Putter vs Mallet Putter

One of the more difficult decisions that golfers have to make when it comes to putting is whether to use the blade putter or the mallet putter

Blade putters are great for golfers that have an arc-style putting stroke. In addition, blade putters tend to work quite well on fast greens, and many lower handicap players will insist that the blade putters have the best precision on the market. 

Mallet-style putters are by far the more popular putter at this point. Golf technology has changed considerably, and the mallet putters have some impressive feel, consistency, and alignment technology. The straight back straight through putting stroke seems to do well with the mallet putter. 

What To Consider When Choosing A Blade Putter

There are some critical features to consider when choosing a blade putter. Although many golf putters may look similar, the technology and specifications are typically quite different. 


The length of a golf putter will vary from around 33 inches to more than 35 inches. Typically speaking, the length of the putter should correspond with your height. Golfers taller than six feet tall will benefit from the putter with 35 or more inches of length. 

The average putter length is 34 inches, and this is the most popular length putter on the PGA Tour. However, playing with a putter that is too long for you can cause some issues with your game and should be avoided when possible. 

Face Insert 

Some golf putters have an insert; others are milled from one piece of steel. The proponents of the golf putter milled from one piece of metal can sometimes have a more stable and consistent feel. The insert leads to a softer and more technologically advanced feel. 

Years ago, some of these inserts were not nearly as high-performing as they are today. However, with modern technology, the inserts offer a level of performance that many metal putter heads cannot provide. 


The blade putter is not known for being the most forgiving putter on the market. The putter head is typically a little smaller, and therefore it can be harder to work with and get the exact performance you need. Make sure you are confident in your golf putting stroke, and then use the blade putter. 


Take a look at the backline on the blade putter. Some brands will put one small white line others will have three or four lines in the back to help you see the angle of your clubface. Blade putters don’t offer the most advanced alignment technology, but there is enough to help you succeed. 


Grips on a putter are mostly going to come down to your personal preference. The jumbo or oversized putter grips are some of the best on the market because they help eliminate the hands and wrists from the putting stroke. Golfers need to stay more stable when they have a larger putter grip. 


Blade putters are much more expensive than they ever have been. Golf putters contain more materials and higher-end materials than ever before. In addition, these putters are tested using artificial intelligence, and they are very technologically advanced. The great news about high-priced golf putters is that they will last you for many years. This is because putter technology does not change as often as driver and iron technology. 


The faster the greens you play, the more critical it is to have a heavy putter. Although heavy putters may make it difficult for you to get very long distances on the putting green, the overall weight of your golf putter should be heavy enough to give a player a great feel. If your putter gets too light for your game, you can always use a bit of lead tape on the bottom to fix it. 

How To Choose The Right Type of Putter 

Choosing a golf putter for your game means that you most closely analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your putting ability. 

The straight back straight through putting stroke tends to do well with the mallet, whereas the arc putting stroke will excel with the blade. 

However, other considerations should be taken into account about your stroke’s speed, stance, putter’s path, and more. Some golfers that are struggling with how to choose the right type of putter should schedule a putter fitting and get some expert help in choosing the perfect putter.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions about the best blade putters on the market. There is sure to be an option on this list that will work for your specific needs as a player, but sometimes asking questions can help narrow things down even further. 

Are blade putters any good?

Blade putters are great for golfers who like a classic look and those with an arc-style putting stroke. Plenty of players with straight back and straight through putting strokes will also work with a blade putter. Blade putters keep things simple on the putting green and make it easier for golfers to stay consistent with short putts. 

Do most pro golfers use blade putters?

Professional golfers change the clubs they play with quite often; although many will use blade putters, there are still plenty experimenting with the modern mallet design. The blade putters tend to give golfers great consistency and a lot of confidence on the shorter putts. 

What is the most forgiving putter on the market?

Many golfers consider the Odyssey Stroke Lab Triple Track Ten and the TaylorMade Spider X among the most forgiving golf putters on the market. Unfortunately, blade-style putters are not always the most forgiving as they tend to have a smaller putter face. 

Should I get fitted for a putter?

All golfers should go for at least one putter fitting to have some details about their specifications and talents. Once you have done a putter fitting, you can then use some of that information about length, putting stroke style, grip, and more to ensure that you get a great putter for years to come. 

What is the right length putter for me? 

The putter length that works best for your game will be a mix of your height, arm length, and your setup. Choosing the right putter length specifically based on your height may be a mistake. Take a look at our complete guide on how to choose the proper putter length for your game. 

Are Blade Putters Less Forgiving than Mallet?

Blade putters are typically slightly less forgiving than mallet putters. In addition, there are never as many blade options to choose from as there are mallets. The blade putters’ forgiveness is only marginally less than the mallet putter. You can get excellent performance with a blade putter as long as you have a somewhat consistent putting stroke. 


We hope you feel more confident about choosing the best blade putter on the market. There are some great new options out there, and it’s interesting that the Odyssey White Hot OG still stands out as the best overall choice. Putter technology does not change quite as often as it does for drivers and irons. So if you find a great putter that works for your putting stroke, you can keep it in the bag for years to come. 

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